Irregular vaginal bleeding?Paying attention to the body’s own warning, you need to be vigilant!

Vaginal hemorrhage is one of the most common symptoms of female genital diseases. The cause is multiple aspects. In addition to normal menstruation, vaginal bleeding may occur when inflammatory, pregnancy, endocrine diseases, and tumors.Below, teach you a simple and quick distinction between various bleeding.

What are the cases of irregular vaginal bleeding?

——1. Little amount, endless, and dark.Obviously bleeding from normal menstruation, exclude menstrual periods. According to age, young women may consider signs of abortion, biochemical pregnancy, and even ectopic pregnancy. Therefore, young women need to exclude pregnancy factors.It is necessary to test the blood HCG in the hospital; after menopause women, the problem of endometrial endometrium is that the endometrium polyps, cervical polyps, and even uterine endometrial cancer. Therefore, after menopause, women must go to the hospital gynecology as soon as possible for examination.

——2. Menstruation is unclean or bleeding during menstruation.When confirming that there is no pregnancy, if the previous menstruation is very regular, the menstrual period is shortened, and 7 days or more than 10 days in advance can be temporarily observed.

Why can you observe first?Because menstrual abnormalities will be affected by many factors, such as fatigue, mental stress, environmental changes, and dietary motion changes. These changes may affect our endocrine and cause menstrual abnormalities.

In addition, there may be bleeding during meridian bleeding during ovulation.If the menstrual rules are usually served at about 1 week after menstruation, there is another situation of leucorrhea mixed with bloodshot or a small amount of bleeding.This phenomenon can also be observed for a 2 -month cycle.

Examination needs to exclude uterine fibroids, endometrium polyps, adenomy muscle disease, cesarean section scar diverticulum, endometrial hyperplasia, and even endometrial cancer.

——3. After the same room, condoms are covered with blood, or after a bath afterwards, you find that there are blood.Such as cervicitis, cervical polyps, or pre -cervical cancer.This is to see a doctor. Gynecologists do a test to see that the blood comes from the cervix or vagina.Women with sexual life must do gynecological cancer screening.

—— 4. Bleeding is large.In any case, you need to seek medical treatment immediately!If you have dizziness and fast heart rate, you cannot delay. After admission, you need to stop bleeding, find out the cause, and even be hospitalized.

Therefore, if female friends have vaginal bleeding, they should go to the hospital for treatment and find out the cause of bleeding.After arriving at the hospital, except ultrasound, doctors often need to check the blood routine, and continue to check that the level of sex hormone (commonly known as the six items of sex gonads) may be checked, the prolactin is checked, and whether there are polycystic ovary syndrome and whether the thyroid function is abnormal.

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