Is bleeding during pregnancy?With these 3 abnormalities, it may be a miscarriage

Women’s vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy is alertly alarmed aphority abortion. It is best to understand the manifestation of the signs of miscarriage. The phenomenon of vaginal bleeding will occur in threatened abortion, and abdominal pain will occur. Most women will have nausea and vomiting.For physical examination, do we know what are the symptoms of signs abortion?

1. Vaginal bleeding: vaginal bleeding is a common signal of signs of abortion. Specific bleeding or irregular bleeding may occur. Patients may have a small amount of bleeding, and a large amount of bleeding may occur. Most patients will have the feeling of waist and abdomen pain.Early pregnancy, vaginal bleeding should be alert to natural abortion.

2. Abdominal pain: When a female abortion occurs, the abdominal pain will occur. When the symptoms of vaginal hemorrhage appear, the pelvis and abdomen of women will feel in persistent pain. Women need to understand the signs of abortion. If abdominal pain occurs, there will be abdominal pain.Feeling, you need to go to the hospital for a detailed examination.

3. Vomiting severe vomiting: Patients with threatened abortion may have nausea and vomiting, or severe vomiting may also occur. Strict vomiting cannot eat, which will cause electrolyte disorders in the body, which will affect the health and life of pregnant women. Women must understand the threatened stems.The signal of miscarriage should be checked in time if there are signs of a threatened abortion.

1. Life is regular: After women have a threatened abortion, pay attention to the regular life, and breathe more fresh air. Proper exercise can promote the metabolism of the human body.At the same time, we must develop the habit of timing defecation.

2. Pay attention to personal hygiene: Pay attention to personal hygiene after threatened abortion, and replace underwear, pay attention to the cleanliness of the private parts, try to choose cotton underwear to prevent the infection of pathogenic bacteria, and to clean the private parts correctly, try to use as much as possible.Wash your underwear in your hand and put it under the sun.

3. Proper nutrition should be appropriately increased: After women’s abortion, the body’s immunity will decrease, and the physical weakness will occur. ThereforeRestore, increase protein intake after abortion, and eat more dairy products and soy products.

What are the symptoms of women’s preemptive abortion?Women’s threatened abortion will have a signal of vaginal bleeding, and there will also be a feeling of pain in the waist and abdomen. Patients with threatened abortion will have severe vomiting. Women’s threatened abortion should do a good job of body care, breathe fresh air, and need to breathe fresh air.Pay attention to the law of life.

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