Is bleeding in early pregnancy?Don’t panic!How can you tell you how to judge and deal with it

In the process of conceiving in October, pregnant mothers are really not easy. In addition to responding to various pregnancy reactions, they must also worry about various accidents.

For example, many pregnant mothers are frightened and suffering from vaginal bleeding.

Especially in many film and television dramas, they love to act as "once ‘" bleeding below’ is a miscarriage "bridge, which makes many pregnant mothers panic when they occasionally have vaginal bleeding. Worried that bleeding means that the baby is" gone "…Elastic

In fact, this kind of plot is not very scientific!The vaginal bleeding in the early pregnancy does not necessarily mean a miscarriage. We have to analyze and deal with it according to different situations. After reading the science below, I believe that pregnant mothers can know it.

For the early pregnancy vaginal bleeding, we must first pay attention to the blood volume, color and form of bleeding.

If the vagina is only a small amount, short -term bleeding, without blood clots, without abdominal pain and other discomfort symptoms, pregnant mothers do not need to be too nervous.

One possible reason for this situation is fertilized eggs in bed.

In the process of fertilized eggs, the fertilized eggs need to be implanted into the endometrium after reaching the uterus. At the same time, the deepest part of the implantation must be turned into a placenta to obtain nutrition from the mother.It may cause some small blood vessels in the endometrium to rupture, resulting in a small amount of bleeding.

But as long as the fetal heart is normal and the placenta is stable, the amount of bleeding in this little bit will not hurt the baby, so pregnant mothers can rest assured.

There may also be a small amount of vaginal bleeding in vaginal and cervical inflammation.

But when the amount of bleeding is large, the situation is not so simple.

When vaginal hemorrhage is accompanied by any severe abdominal pain, such as the pain in the middle of the lower abdomen and the pain on both sides of the abdomen, it cannot be relieved after rest, and even spasm, a lot of bleeding, condensed blood clots, or tissue discharge.Consultation.

There are a large amount of vaginal bleeding, and there are generally several cases:

01 threatened abortion

Vaginal hemorrhage is the most direct symptom of threatened abortion.

Especially when the amount of bleeding is more than the menstrual volume and is accompanied by the discharge of tissue fabrics, pregnant mothers need to be alert to whether the abortion caused by the natural elimination of fertilized eggs.

Before 8 weeks of pregnancy, the stage of fertilized eggs and implanted uterus.If the embryo has problems such as chromosomal abnormalities, inadequate beds, and insufficient blood supply to the placenta, the development of chorine membranes is immature, and it is not solid to the mother’s body.

Once the pregnant mother encounters aura bleeding, she must first observe her bleeding and abdominal pain. If there are many bleeding and severe abdominal pain, they must go to the hospital for examination as soon as possible.If there are tissue discharge, you need to take it to the hospital.

Tip: The probability of fetal protection after early pregnancy occurs

When it comes to threatened abortion, many pregnant mothers are concerned about the problem of protecting the fetus. If there are still fetal buds, you can still try to protect the fetus.

Some pregnant mothers also have early pregnancy bleeding, but they actively cooperate with treatment, and the fetus is also very good in the end.

But if there is no fetal bud, or the mother’s own disease is not diagnosed and handled, the chance of natural miscarriage is still relatively high.

We say that all pregnancy is about 1/8 to 1/10 that ends with natural miscarriage, that is, the embryos that pregnant mothers are most afraid of stopping, but pregnant mothers must knowBecause there is a problem with fertilized eggs itself, once they appear, pregnant mothers don’t have to panic or blame themselves, and let it go.

And it is normal for a woman to experience the early days of early pregnancy, but some people think that it is delayed menstruation and do not know.

Note: Do not blindly use lutenone needles or drugs to keep your fetus

In addition, when a pioneering abortion appears, many pregnant mothers choose to take lutenone needles or eat progesterone to keep their tires.

But excessive attention to luteum ketone is actually a misunderstanding. Pregnant mothers must figure out whether they do have a pioneering abortion due to lack of progesterone.Pregnant mother placenta function formation or recovery is normal.

Let ’s continue to tell you about other situations where vaginal bleeding may occur.

02 ectopic pregnancy

Ectopic pregnancy, that is, fertilized eggs develop in the outside of the uterine cavity. The most common position is the belly of the tubal tube.

This kind of pregnancy outside the uterine cavity generally cannot develop normally, and once the embryo dies, irregular vaginal bleeding will occur, and the amount of bleeding will not exceed the menstrual flow;It is prone to fallopian tube rupture, which can cause acute internal bleeding of the abdominal cavity, which can cause blood loss shock and endanger the life of pregnant mothers.

Therefore, we should note that if menstruation is delayed for a long time and abdominal spasm, pain and vaginal bleeding occur, there is a possibility of ectopic pregnancy. At this time, we should consult as soon as possible to determine the position of pregnancy.

03 Cervical disease

Cervical diseases include cervic inflammation, polyps, erosion, tumors, etc.

Early vagina may inflow with hematopoietic secretions or existing sexual intercourse, accompanied by the increase of leucorrhea, and if it becomes severe, it may cause increased bleeding.

In this case, you must go to the hospital for a gynecological examination to further clarify.

04 Port

Another situation is that the pregnant mother has a benign lesion of nourishing cells. In the period of 2 to 3 months or longer, the pregnant mother will have irregular vaginal bleeding. If the large blood vessels ruptureA large amount of bleeding will occur. Sometimes it can be found in the blood in the blood. In some cases, the uterine abnormalities will increase and lower abdomen pain.

If the pregnant mother is diagnosed with a hydatidifier, she must be hospitalized immediately and removes foreign objects in the uterus.

Moreover, you should not get pregnant within two years after the treatment of hydatidosa treatment. He should go to the hospital for examination on a regular basis, but after two years, most people can still get pregnant normally.

If you really encounter the above abnormalities, pregnant mothers should not panic. You should go to the hospital immediately. Doctors will decide the next processing plan based on your actual situation.

In the end, I sincerely wish that each pregnant mother can spend the pregnancy in peace and sound, and meet with your "little angel" smoothly!

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