Is it a male or female during pregnancy?

In the past 10 months of pregnancy, my sister came to take care of me in addition to the last month of the pregnancy. At other times, I cook and washing myself, and I had to go to work every day. When I was four months pregnant, I just participated in a TV station in winter.Can the show, do cheerleaders, can you see it?

The first one on the right is when I was three or four months pregnant

Many large -scale activities during pregnancy did not participate less. Relying on wearing thick clothes, others could not see it, and they were happy!Because of this, my pregnancy is still very full and happy!

It is getting bigger and bigger in the stomach, and it is inconvenient to go out. You can only go to the physical store to buy the clothes and toys you need to wear after your baby is born. At this time, you will encounter a lot of people.You are like a boy, and I don’t care. For me, boys and girls are their own children, and they must be born with good love.But I can’t help but say that people say this (my husband said the same).

On the tenth day of the baby’s birth, the cute little foot

Thinking in my heart: Oh boy, why do they think they are boys?Isn’t it a girl?At about six or seven months, I had a dream at night: I dreamed that the baby in my belly spoke, I asked: Baby, are you a boy or a girl?Baby answer: Girl.When I asked again, she didn’t answer me anyway, and then the dream woke up.

The next day, my husband and I said: I dreamed last night. I dreamed that my baby told me that she was a girl. My husband laughed and said you!Every day I want my daughter to be crazy, so I will have such a dream.I think about it, it’s not unreasonable.So I did not have such a dream later.

Until the first night of my cesarean section, I had another dream, and I dreamed that my death talked to me, saying that you were born with a girl.After waking up, I didn’t talk to my husband. Think about it.So many people say that my fetus is like a boy, so wait for the boy!Later, the cesarean section said that it was a girl, I’m still surprised!My mother, I have n’t dreamed of in my life. Is it really spiritual?

Later, I checked the discussion with you on the Internet. Maybe my heart was competing with others. Why do you say that a boy must be a boy, I will have a girl!Dreams may be psychological hints to play a role and do such a dream.Do you have any opinions?Or is there any similar experience?Please leave a message below!Speaking of the deduction 1, the inaccurate deduction 2, there are similar experience deductions 3.

The fat baby looks like 70 days, his face is full of tweezers

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