Is it a safe period after the holiday?Is it "front 7 and rear 8" or "front 3 and 4"?

There are some "secret formulas" on the Internet about safe contraception -"first seven, post -eight", "first three and four" … I wonder if you have heard of it, is this true?Are you accurate?

So, is the safety period on the day after the "Auntie" goes?

Women generally have a menstrual period every month. From the beginning of this menstrual period to the first day of the next menstrual period, it is called the 1 -menstrual cycle.

Theoretically, women have ovulation once a menstrual cycle.

The so -called safe -phase contraceptive method refers to a period that is relatively difficult to conceive based on women’s ovulation time, sperm, and eggs that can survive in women’s reproductive tract.

If the partner chooses to "pop up" during this time, it can greatly reduce the probability of "winning" and have the effect of successful contraception.

The safety period is divided into a pre -ovulation period and a period of safety after ovulation.

The period from the day of clean menstruation to the beginning of the ovulation period is called the pre -ovulation period of safety; from the first day after the ovulation period, the first day of the next day of menstruation is the period of safety after ovulation.Generally speaking, the safety period after ovulation is safer than before ovulation!

Because some women will lead to ovulation in advance due to environmental changes and emotional fluctuations, so that the safety period before ovulation will be shortened, and they do not know, so that the safety period before ovulation is not much safe.

This is why many people rush to the monkey in the same room as soon as they left, and wanted to make full use of the "safety period" to enjoy the pleasure of "vacuum", but found that they accidentally won the truth.

There are very few opportunities for the ovarian to have two eggs in one menstrual cycle in one menstrual cycle, that is, the second ovulation will not occur again during ovulation until the next menstrual period. Therefore, the safety period after ovulation is relatively speaking.safer.

So how to calculate the safety period?

If you want to adopt a safe period of contraception, the most important thing is to count the good days. There are usually two calculation methods.

1. General calculation formula:

① Female friends can determine the average cycle days based on the menstrual cycle of 6-12 months in the past, and budget the next date of menstruation;

② It is expected that the next day of menstruation will be reduced for 14 days, and the ovulation day will be assumed;

③ It is a dangerous period to assume that the first 5 days before and 4 days after the ovulation day (10 days) is a dangerous period. At this time, if you do not want to "win the prize", you must avoid "popping"; the remaining days are a safe period.

2. Classic improved Ogino formula:

Based on the menstrual cycle of 6-12 months in the past.The shortest weekly number of days is reduced by 21 days, and forward calculation is the front safety period; the longest period of the number of days is reduced by 10 days, and the backward calculation is the post -safety period.

For example: In the past 6 months, a female friend has the shortest menstrual cycle of 28 days and the longest is 32 days; the calculation result is 28-21 = 7, 32-10 = 22.Then, 7 days before the menstruation of the woman’s menstruation is the previous safety period, and the 8th day is the beginning of the danger period; the 22nd day is the end of the danger period, and the menstrual tide after the 22nd day is the post -safety period.

Are you get?

In the end, I also want to remind everyone: Don’t be greedy for the so -called "safety period", because there is no absolute safety period, so every time you "Papa", you still have to protect it carefully!


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