Is it a taboo for pregnant women to apply mask?Second -child skin care old churros, take you to counterattack the exquisite beautiful mother

It is a taboo for pregnant women to apply mask. I don’t know?Not only can you not skin care, you can’t make up, you can’t wear beautiful shoes, and you can’t wear beautiful clothes, you can only match the sloppy, unkempt, otherwise it will not be in line with my image of a pregnant woman!

Tell out!At the beginning, I am worried that some sisters will come to hit me along the network!But what I said is indeed the fact that the facts exist in reality.Whether it is the teachings of the elders in the family, or the "rumors" that cause the fetus teratogenic caused by various mask allergies, we are discouraged. Think about it. There is no need to have a theory.So the streets and alleys are mothers, all of which are bloodless and dull.

but!"Woman behind Wang Yibo" is absolutely unable to admit defeat. As a pregnancy, I will tell you that the mask during pregnancy must be turned up when you become a "hot mom"!IntersectionIntersection

Don’t you want to be me like this ▼

I really do n’t boast that the pregnant mother who can maintain this skin condition during pregnancy is not much. The skin does not collapse during pregnancy. The effect of the mask in it has 80%full!

Therefore, the mask should be applied during pregnancy, and the glorious people will be brightened if they are not careful ~

Everything is ugly. It is said that the pregnant mother can apply the mask, but not all masks have "qualifications" on the sensitive skin that can only appear during pregnancy.We can keep in mind:

1. Is it really necessary for pregnant women to apply a mask?

Some skin care experts have proposed that they are ten years old after the skin care during pregnancy, and the mask is an indispensable part of the skin care, so the pregnant mother of the mask can be used.

Reason 1: The skin is missing water and is easy to dry.

Many pregnant mothers have to be in an air -conditioning environment for a long time in summer. (Season or is dry skin) The skin is prone to dry water and dehydration.Dry skin will become sensitive, and various problems such as dry lines will occur.

In addition, because of pregnancy, the changes in hormone secretion in the body during pregnancy, the acceleration of metabolism, and more water in the body will flow to the fetus. The result is that the skin is severe.The lack of water brought by the characteristics, so at this time, it depends on the help of the outside world.

So the skin of the pregnant mother needs the help of the mask at this time!

Reason 2: Dull complexion during pregnancy

After pregnancy, I can obviously feel that I have been hacked a few degrees.This is due to the large amount of female hormones such as emotional and lutein during pregnancy. Among them, emotional hormones can promote the mobility of melanocytes, so it is prone to melanin precipitation.If the melanin changes, the moles on the body will become more and the color will be deeper, and even the part of the original without mole before pregnancy may appear.In addition, there will also be a pregnancy spots on the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck, so everyone is familiar with it -melasma!

This is probably the most afraid of the sisters. Once appearing, it will really make the whole person look older, and the complexion will be very dim!If you do n’t take the corresponding prevention measures quickly, it ’s too late to wait until it’ s really long.

Reasons 3: The face is easy to take oil and acne

During pregnancy, due to changes in hormones in the body, some pregnant mothers’ face skin secretion will increase, and then skin problems such as acne or acne start to grow.In addition, the mental stress during pregnancy is relatively large. If the basic cleaning and water replenishment of the skin’s basic cleaning and moisture will cause the skin to be seriously imbalanced and eventually make the skin a "severe disaster area."

After reading the above three major pregnant women, can pregnant women use the mask at ease?Nonono!IntersectionIntersection

The mask applied by pregnant women is completely different from the mask we usually apply!IntersectionIntersection

2. What kind of mask is suitable for pregnant women?

Safe mask!

Try to choose a special or natural water supplement mask for pregnant women, do not use whitening or other functional masks, because these masks have strong permeability and strong irritation. Although it cannot affect the fetus, it will cause a burden on the pregnancy muscles.Used for a long time, closed acne, etc. all come to the door!

Although there are many types of masks in the market, it is better to understand the mask of the mask of these ingredients:

① preservative

② Efficacy

There are many ingredients that need to be avoided by pregnant mothers. I will not list them one by one.

(The map comes from the evaluation of Dad!)

There is a mask at home or a pregnant mother who is applying the mask. You can compare the ingredients behind the mask. If there is no these ingredients, congratulations, you can use this mask with confidence.

In addition, the fragrance, fluorescent agent ingredients (whitening agent) and other ingredients contained in the mask are all harmful to the health of pregnant mothers. You must avoid these ingredients when selecting the mask.

Simplified skin care during pregnancy is the best strategy. Choosing the mask should be moisturized, mainly safe and gentle.

What are the masks suitable for pregnant women?

Kangaroo Mom Black Filial Moles Mask Mask

For pregnant women’s special brands, their brands are famous on the top ten domestic skin care list.

The membrane cloth uses the filament membrane cloth. The poor point of this membrane cloth is that the water absorption is not good (that is, the essence of the carrier is less, and the water cannot be kept), and there is no flexibility. Fortunately, the face is still convincing.The hydration effect is relatively normal. The basic hydration and moisturizing are no problem, and it does not give me a stunning feeling.For pregnant mothers with a large pregnancy reaction (pregnancy), it is important to note that its mask will have some fragrance, not a fragrance mask.I used it at the stage of pregnancy, and I felt tall at that time.

Two parts of Nenfu folic acid essence mask

It is a professional brand of pregnant women in Germany. It is understood that its supplier is still quite powerful. It is the Royal Dutch Emman Group. The quality of raw materials is absolutely reliable.

The brand is one aspect, and the ingredients must be seen.Go to the Meixiu to check the safety score of up to 5 points (the highest is 5 points), no preservatives, no fragrance and alcohol, and no so -called fluorescent agents. The full component is very safe. Pregnant mothers can be used with ease.

For the ingredients contained in the product, pregnant mothers should know (anti -teratogenic nutritional ingredients that are often consumed during pregnancy). The ingredients are very safe. The extraction of various plant extraction materials can effectively repair sensitive muscles., Mainly for sensitive muscle pregnant mothers.

And if you look at the name, this mask is taken in two steps. The first step is to apply essence milk (first give the skin to the skin to help the skin and conducive to absorption), the second step to apply the mask:

His film cloth should be the best one in the mask during pregnancy. It is good to say that the mask is elastic, and the water content is high.The upper face is particularly fitted with your facial skin, which will not give people a sense of dullness (later you will know that the membrane cloth is a patented cotton organic cotton).The texture is like the essence of water, and the face will not have a greasy feeling. I generally like to use it for first aid, because the permeability is good, hydrating and moisturizing can quickly meet the skin needs, and it can achieve the effect of fast penetration and hydration. I am. I am.Just serve Nenfu.

Jingqi Hyaluronic acid Sleep Mask

It is also a mask that pregnant women can use, pigment -free, alcohol -free and no preservatives, because it contains a risk ingredient -propylene glycol (a few people can use tingling and burning sensation)

The membrane cloth is not the same as the other home. It is not cotton. It belongs to the fibrous silk.Although there are many essences, the upper face is not very convincing, and it is not as good as rumors.The advantage is that the hydration effect is good, and there is no greasy feeling.

An Maer seaweed hydrating and moisturizing mask

The imported pregnant women’s special mask 0 add ingredients, safe and reliable pregnant mothers can use it with confidence.

The outer packaging of the mask is quite high, and it is very hearty.After opening, there is no fragrance at all, which is very suitable for pregnant mothers with high pregnancy reactions.The membrane cloth feels very soft and the water content is very high, so that the upper face is particularly convincing, that is, the absorption is not very high. Although the skin is moist and comfortable after using it, it is a pity that there are many essences left on the mask.Because of its simplicity, it meets the requirements of hydrating and moisturizing the foundation of pregnant mothers.

Children’s Mask Mask Mask

This mask is also used for first aid in summer, and it is usually used when the skin is particularly dry.The fragrance -free and anti -corrosion ingredients are safer and can be used with confidence.

The mask uses the silk material, which can fit the facial skin very well, and the mask contains more moisture, and the upper face will not have a dull or sticky feeling.After use, the skin is very moist, and every time I feel that the skin of the mask is shiny.The disadvantage is that the mask paper is not in place, and the experience is poor

Keyan Amazon White Mud Mask

If you do n’t pay attention to keratinomy problems, it is useless to apply a lot of mask, so the white mud mask of Keyan’s is also a commonplace.Although it is not used frequently, it is still necessary to clean the pores from time to time.

Different from other mask styles, it is a smear of mud -shaped mask. There is no need to consider the problem of the mask material.Although the texture is heavy, it will not have a dull feeling on the face. At the beginning, the skin will feel a little hot. It is said that this is the time of "sending merit"!And after doing it, there will be no tight feeling, which is well handled by merchants.

For cleaning masks, I have made a suggestion: be sure to pay attention to moisturizing after applying it, otherwise the skin is easy to lose moisture and pores to increase the pores, and it is good to use it about twice a week to prevent excessive cleaning and cause stratum corneum damage!

Fourth, apply mask tips

It is not easy to bring a baby with a baby, and it is a great comfort to me ~ I ask the young sisters!IntersectionIntersection

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