Is it better to ligation after giving birth to a second child?Does it hurt?Can I still get pregnant unexpectedly?

My friend Haiyan called me a lot of bitter water, because she had just given birth to a second child for a year, and now she is pregnant again.Her second child is made of cesarean section. Even if her body can be born, no one helps to bring children, and economic conditions cannot keep up.Therefore, the two husbands and wives weigh the advantages and disadvantages, and they still decide to break the child in their stomach as soon as possible.

After Haiyan was killed, the menstruation was not so regular, and often bleeding from time to time. The most important thing is always back pain.She doesn’t want to be hurt by the flow of people, so she wants to go to the ring or ligates.However, she was tangled in her heart because she heard that the Sheung Wan also had a large complication, and even the circumstances of the ring accident and accidental pregnancy occurred.

Hai Yan said that it would be possible to ligate it directly, so it can be done once and for all, but I heard that Shanghai’s physical damage to women is quite great.So her heart was struggling.After giving birth to the second child, for those couples who do not want to regenerate, contraception is really imperative, otherwise the harm is still the female itself.

Is it better to ligation after giving birth to a second child?Does it hurt?Can I still get pregnant unexpectedly?

1. Safety angle

Sheung Wan is not a forever for women, and the birth ring may cause falling off and cause accidental pregnancy.Women in Sheung Wan must have regular women’s examinations to see if there is an unexpected falling of the birthplace or the phenomenon of embedded in the uterus.

The ligation of the contraceptive effect is permanent, irreversible contraceptive measures, so the ligation generally does not have unexpected pregnancy.

2. Regenerate children’s angle

If the women on the Sheung Wan want to regenerate their children, they can take a ring for a while, and then prepare for a period of pregnancy to have a child.

If you want to regenerate your child, it is more troublesome to regenerate, and you need to perform another resume of the fallopian tube or the vas The vollar. It takes a long time to prepare for the pregnancy and the child to give birth to a child.

3, different side effects

The side effects of the Sheung Wan are that the Word of Women’s uterine endometrium has certain damage, and some women bleed their bodies in the short term after Sheung Wan.Many women have irregular menstruation, increased menstruation, and back pain and other side effects.

After ligation, the menstrual period will increase and irregular bleeding.There may be risk of abdominal infection or adhesion in the abdominal cavity after surgery.

Generally speaking, no matter after the birth of the second child, women choose to go to the ring or ligates. These two contraceptive measures will cause more or less damage to women’s bodies.After the ring, you will also get pregnant unexpectedly, but the ligation will not.But compared to the flow of people, the upper ring or ligament for women’s physical damage is much less.After giving birth to a second child, do not want to regenerate, then women still have to take contraceptive measures.

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