Is it good?Gynecological expert interpret

Many women have the need for contraception, but they dare not choose the method of "Shang Ring". One is to be afraid of pain, and the other is that they are afraid of side effects.In fact, Shanghuan is still very scientific and achieves the effect of contraception through local effects.So is the woman on the upper ring?

Is it good?Gynecological expert interpret

The upper ring is the popular saying in the palace in the palace.The principle is that the birthplace is implanted in the body as a foreign body, which will affect the internal environment of the uterus. The embryo cannot bed in the uterus, and the embryo cannot survive to achieve the purpose of contraception.This is the function of the women’s menstrual cycle and a pituitary ovary shaft through local action contraception without damage to women’s menstrual cycles.

The advantage of "upper ring" is that it is safe and long. Once implanted, it can be used continuously for more than 5 years.Reverse is strong. After removing the birthplace, you can immediately restore your fertility.The most important thing is that there are no obvious effects on daily life and endocrine, and will not affect breastfeeding.From this analysis, it is better than contraceptives, condoms and in vitro contraception.

Is it good?Gynecological expert interpret

Clinically, "Shanghuanshu" is a small operation, which is very safe and fast.The doctor will disinfect all the required equipment, and then use the rod sender to send the internal palace to the bottom of the uterus of the uterus, and then slowly remove the ringler. FinallyIt’s not very simple, don’t worry too much.

It should be noted that although the surgery is small, female friends should go to the regular hospital to "upper ring" to avoid small clinics disinfection, or doctors are not skilled, causing other uncomfortable symptoms.

Is it good?Gynecological expert interpret

The upper ring technique seems simple. If you do not pay attention to the details of the details, it is likely that uterine abnormal bleeding, infection, lower abdomen pain, leucorrhea, and abnormal menstrual abnormalities.Therefore, pay attention to the following issues after the ring.

1. Keep hygiene.During the on -board process, it is aseptic operation, and the vulva should be kept after surgery. Rinse it with clean warm water once a day. Do not rinse the vagina by yourself, which is easy to induce postoperative infection.

2. Rest appropriately.For a period of time, the cervix mouth is relatively loose. It is best not to perform strenuous exercise or dry physical strength, so as not to cause the breeder to fall off.

3. Pay attention to observation.3 days after surgery, a small amount of bleeding in the vagina is normal. Some patients will have slight lower abdomen discomfort and can be cured.If the symptoms last for more than 7 days, you must pay attention to it and go to the hospital to review in time.

4. Regular review.Some women are born with a loose cervix. When the menstrual flow is large, the birthpool may fall off with the discharge of menstrual blood, especially in the first three months, you need to pay special attention.It is recommended to come to the hospital for review after the first menstrual period is clean.

5. Be careful of dark pregnancy.As we all know, all contraceptive measures cannot reach 100%, and very few women will have the possibility of "pregnancy and pregnancy".There was a newborn abroad, and the birth of a "breeding device" was simply crying.Therefore, even the ring should be checked regularly.

6. When to take it out.Under normal circumstances, if there is no abnormal situation, it is also possible to wear it for life.You can also choose to take it out after menopause.If there are symptoms such as irregular vaginal bleeding and severe abdominal pain, it means that the position of the birthplace is shifted and it needs to be removed in time to avoid causing inflammation.

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