Is it necessary to frequently perform a birth checkup at 40 weeks of pregnancy?Four production inspections do seriously, about fetal health

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Pregnancy is happy, and it is also hard. Pregnant mothers must not only bear the pressure brought by the larger and larger belly, but also from time to time to worry about the safety of the fetus and need to be checked frequently.

Not to mention the "informal" examination in the early pregnancy, from 12 weeks of pregnancy to the birth of the baby, there are more than ten regular examinations arranged by the hospital.

Coupled with the blood drawing and B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy, the more pregnant mothers who checked them may have to do more than 20 examinations throughout pregnancy.

Especially in the late pregnancy, the checkup will become frequent. From 32 weeks, it is checked every two weeks later, and it will be checked once a week in 36 weeks. Although frequently, it can pass smoothly every time.

Some pregnant mothers will ask: Anyway, they are passed smoothly anyway.

It is recommended to have such an idea for pregnant mothers. It is best to dispel the thoughts and insist on checking to do the last paragraph of "escort" for the smooth pregnancy.

Since the hospital arranges this, it means that each examination is necessary. The checkup will help regularly test the physical condition of the pregnant mother and the development of the fetus. If there is abnormal abnormalities, it can be discovered early to ensure the safety of maternal and baby.

In the later birth checkup, doctors will determine the appropriate childbirth method based on the fetal position, size, and the pelvic condition of pregnant women.

The successful adoption of the birth check also shows that the fetus is developing well, which is also the most anticipated by expectant parents. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers do a good job on time on time.

The figure below shows the entire pregnancy checkup arrangement, including the pregnancy of the delivery, whether it is empty, the key inspection items, the purpose of the inspection, and the precautions. The expectant parents can collect it.

In these check -ups, four items are directly related to the health of the fetus, and it is also an important birth checkup that pregnant mothers are more worried about.

周 The first time: NT examination of 12 weeks of pregnancy

NT examination is the earliest abnormality examination, which mainly evaluates the risk of fetal Tang’s syndrome, and the accuracy rate is high.

The best examination time is 11-14 weeks of pregnancy, but 12 weeks of pregnancy are the first formal check-up, so general doctors also suggest that they are done with this checkup.

"NT" refers to the transparent layer of the neck, and there will be a value in the results of the checkup, but the value of this value is not as small as possible, but there is a normal range, which means that the fetus is normal.

【Reminder of Jingma】

① NT examination is not all hospitals that can be done, it is best to consult in advance;

② You need to make an appointment in advance to do NT inspections. Don’t miss the best check -up time;

③ Do not need to urinate during inspection;

④ miss the best check -up time, and do not have to worry too much, just do it on time in the Tang sieve and deformed examination on time.

6 Second time: Tang Siek examination at 16 weeks of pregnancy

Tang’s screening is to see the risk of "Tang’s syndrome". The best examination time is 15-20 weeks, which is generally a checkup at 16 weeks of pregnancy.

Some pregnant mothers can’t distinguish Tang’s screening, amniotic fluid puncture, and non -invasive DNA inspection. Which one does?

Generally, hospitals are arranged to do Tang sieves. If the results are abnormal, it will be further recommended to conduct two other investigations, but most of them are okay after review.

There are also some hospitals that directly arrange to do non -invasive, or advice on the elderly pregnant women are advised to do non -invasiveness directly.Just follow the hospital and doctors’ suggestions.

The picture below is the analysis of NT, Tang Si, sheep, and non -invasive inspections in the "Experts of Union Experts+Union Mother Circle". Pregnant mothers can refer to them.

【Reminder of Jingma】

① The critical value or high risk of Tang sieve, don’t worry too much about the pregnant mother. Most of the further screening is okay. Just listen to the doctor’s suggestion arrangement to check for check;

② As for further screening, sheep wearing is still non -invasive, it is recommended to listen to doctors’ suggestions.

20 The third time: 4D color Doppler ultrasound at 20-24 weeks of pregnancy

The "deformed examination" that pregnant mothers are most concerned about are the gestational weeks. It mainly depends on whether the fetus has brain abnormalities, limbs malformations, and fetal edema.

Some hospitals are ordinary B -ultrasound, and some hospitals are doing four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound. See the conditions of the hospital and doctors’ arrangements.They are all checking fetal malformations, but they are just different forms of examination.

【Reminder of Jingma】

① There is no need to urinate before checking, but it is best to go to the toilet in advance and empty urine;

② Because the inspection is relatively detailed, the relative examination time is long, and the pregnant mothers must be mentally prepared;

③ When checking, the fetus is required to be activity. If sleeping or less, it will affect the results of the examination.

④ Check that the pregnant mother must be peaceful before the examination, don’t be too nervous, otherwise it will affect the facial expression of the fetus;

⑤ The color ultrasound is not a panacea. Even if the inspection is very detailed, there will be some malformations, such as deafness and cataract.

2 Fourth time: Glucose tolerance test at 24 weeks of pregnancy

This test mainly checked the blood glucose level of pregnant mothers, which is the "drinking sugar water" that the pregnant mothers are afraid in the legend.

Some hospitals first make sugar sieve: 50 grams of glucose powder dissolve in 200 ml of water, drink it for 5 minutes, and take blood glucose after 1 hour.If the result is abnormal, further test the glucose tolerance test.

However, most hospitals do the glucose tolerance test: 75 grams of glucose plus in 300 ml of water, drink within 5 minutes, take blood three times, take empty abdominal blood before drinking, drink for 1 hour, 2 hours, and twice separately 2 times, respectively.As long as the three results are abnormal once, they can be diagnosed as gestational diabetes.

【Reminder of Jingma】

① Preparation before inspection: 3 days of normal diet, 8-12 hours before the inspection, an empty stomach check, you can bring some snacks such as bread, milk and other snacks in the bag, wait for the inspection;

② The doctor let the sugar water you drink must be drank within 5 minutes, and you cannot dilute it with water;

③ If you find abnormal blood sugar, you must consult a doctor. According to the doctor’s suggestion, strictly control your diet and check regularly.

How many checks do you do during pregnancy, do you pass smoothly for each check?Welcome to talk about your birth experience and suggestions for pregnant mothers ~

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