Is it normal for "leakage" during pregnancy?How to avoid embarrassment in public?You can try these tricks

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Tongtong’s newly married and her husband’s relationship last year was very good. After half a year of marriage, they became pregnant. The two were very happy and looked forward to the baby’s coming.

In order to make Tongtong better raise the fetus, her husband resigned from work and kept his heart at home.My mother -in -law is also very good to Tongtong. She rushed over from her hometown to cook every day. It took good care of it. Tongtong was very moved.

Tiantong Tongtong was bored at home and wanted to go out. In order not to bother the family, he chose to go out and take the subway. This is convenient and easy.

Shortly after getting on the bus, Tongtong felt a little uncomfortable in the body, and the seat was a little humid. The intuition of the pregnant mother told her that it was likely that she was "leaking" again.

Tongtong was a little embarrassed, so he wanted to get out of the car quickly, but he did not expect that this panic was seen by a young man.Seeing the humidity on the seat, the young man laughed and even started picking up his mobile phone to videos. Tongtong was even more embarrassing.

On the side, an uncle bluntly stated, criticizing, "What are you doing, your mother?

The passengers in the same car quickly attached to harmony after hearing it, and they said that the uncle’s three views were very positive, and accused the young men of being too much.Seeing this, the young man had to get out of the car smoothly. Tongtong quickly thanked the uncle and the passengers on the car and got off at the next stop.

In life, many pregnant mothers have such encounters like Tongtong. Because of physical reasons, it is easy to occur in public places, but in fact, there is a reason for leakage during pregnancy.Uterine compression to the bladder

With the time of time during pregnancy, the fetus grows larger and larger, and the larger the fetus becomes more and more likely to compress.

Especially in the late pregnancy of pregnant women, the belly becomes larger, and the ureter and bladder are more compressed, so it is easy to cause urine leakage.

Not only that, pregnant women will also have many other discomforts, nausea and uncomfortable stomach, swelling of limbs, back pain, and so on.

There are many frequencies to the toilet, and pregnant women are lazy to urinate

Pregnant women often feel that they want to go to the toilet during pregnancy. Even if they do not drink much water every day, the number of toilets is increasing.

At first, pregnant women often go to the bathroom to urinate, but with the growth of the pregnant belly, the behavior of pregnant women has become more and more lazy. Many times, even if they have urine, they can’t go.

This will cause more and more urine in the bladder. If sneezing, cough, etc. occur, pregnant women will experience leakage.Increase hormones in the early body of pregnant women

Pregnant women will secrete a large amount of luteum hormone in the early pregnancy, but this will cause pregnant women to relax the smooth muscles, so it is difficult to control when pregnant women have urine.Pregnant women often feel that the urination is not clean and frequent.

Drink water reasonably, don’t stand it

The frequency of pregnant women will increase the frequency of going to the toilet during pregnancy, and often has urine. Therefore, many pregnant women will reduce the number of water drinking in the later stages. Even if they feel thirsty, they will not drink water.

This behavior of pregnant women can cause less water in the body, the skin is cracked and skin -skinned, and it is not conducive to the development of the fetus.Pregnant women should ensure sufficient drinking water during the day. If you are worried that you often get up at night, you can stop drinking water within one to two hours before going to bed.Don’t urinate, adversely affect great impact

Pregnant women’s urination is not only unfavorable to their own health, but also affects the baby’s development.Pregnant women’s urine can cause urine to stay in the bladder for a long time, which can easily lead to urine infection in pregnant women.

In addition, urination also has a certain impact on the bladder. Urinary urination will cause the bladder to be stretched. If it is not discharged for a long time, the elasticity of the bladder will weaken and muscles become relaxed.If pregnant women have inflammation due to urination, it is easy to cause uterine contraction and abortion.

Reduce food for diuretic diure

In the early and late pregnancy of pregnant women, the number of frequent urination increased, but drinking water every day cannot be reduced, so diuretic food should be eaten less.Winter melon, kelp, corn, tomato and other vegetables are diuretic artifacts. Pregnant women should eat less of these foods during pregnancy.

But when eating these vegetables, pregnant women can eat more other vegetables to ensure the nutritional elements needed in the body.Pregnant women can eat more dairy products, soy products and fish foods during pregnancy, which is very good for the baby’s development.Go to the bathroom, just in case

In the middle and late pregnancy of pregnant women, because the uterus becomes larger and compresses the big bladder, there will be frequent urination. This is a very normal phenomenon.

But in order to avoid embarrassment, pregnant women can often go to the bathroom to urinate, and they can go once every half an hour. In this way, the pressure of the bladder will become smaller and the oppression is not strong.

Some pregnant women laughed a few times, sneezed, and spoken hard, but if they often went to the bathroom, they would reduce the occurrence of such things.

Special cushion or sanitary napkin for pregnant women

Although pregnant women do not have menstruation during pregnancy, in order to prevent pregnant women from embarrassing, they can apply for pregnant women with special pads or sanitary napkins in the middle and late pregnancy.

In this way, even if the pregnant woman has a leakage, it can suck in time.At the same time, it is best for pregnant women to change the pads every two to three hours to avoid the breeding of bacteria and cause infection to the body of pregnant women.

When buying a pad or sanitary napkin, it is best for pregnant women to go to mother and infant stores, or buy large shopping malls to avoid purchasing for pseudo -inferior and counterfeiting products, which is not good for physical health.Do the bodimal gymnastics of the pot, exercise the muscles

The muscles of the body during pregnancy will become relaxed, so in the middle and late pregnancy, the bladder is oppressed by the uterus, and it is easy to be embarrassed.

Therefore, in order to avoid this kind of thing, pregnant women can do some pots of pots and gymnastics in normal pots to exercise the muscles at the bottom of the pot.In addition, when pregnant women exercise appropriately during pregnancy, they can also enhance their physique, and they will be smoother during delivery, and the probability of difficulty will decrease.Pay attention to the sitting posture when you are sitting and standing

Pregnant women will also leak urine during pregnancy and improper sitting posture, so pregnant women should ensure that the sitting position and standing posture should be correct, reducing the pressure on the bladder.

The correct posture can relieve the muscles at the bladder, reduce the pressure, and relax, so that the situation where pregnant women often urinate can also be relieved.

Mother Alpaca Tip:

It is normal for pregnant women to have a leakage of urine in pregnancy. Do not have psychological burdens on pregnant women. They usually eat reasonably, exercise well, change pads or sanitary napkins to reduce their inconvenience to others.If you feel embarrassed, you can tell your situation with the elderly at home, let your family enlighten themselves, and listen to their suggestions to see how they solve this problem when they are pregnant.

How do you think of the problem of leakage of urine in pregnant women?What are the ways to prevent or relieve it?Welcome to leave a message to discuss together.

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