Is it normal for the belly that the belly is itchy during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, it is really a variety of tossing. Some pregnant mothers will always feel that the belly is itchy. Of course, many people can’t figure it out. Why does the belly itchy?Only by finding the reason can we effectively alleviate the itching of the belly. Let me tell you about it.

Is the belly itching during pregnancy normal?

This is actually a normal manifestation, because the belly is constantly stretching, the constant bulging belly will make the pregnant mother feel itchy.Sometimes, pregnant mothers also feel itchy palms, feet and chest.Due to changes in hormones and skin, if it feels more serious, you should look at the doctor.

When will the belly feel itchy?

Itchy belly is generally in the middle of pregnancy.Between 13 and 28 weeks.In the case of twin, itching is more prominent because the elasticity of the skin will increase.

What causes itchy belly?

During pregnancy, it is normal for pregnant mothers to feel slightly itching.There are generally the following reasons:

The stomach becomes larger, and the belly is itchy due to the growth of the uterus.

Due to the expansion of the skin, it will lose water, so it feels itching.

The changes in hormones, especially the rise in estrogen levels, are another reason for itching.

Will this itch be dangerous?

At some point, itchy belly may also be a severe signs of disease. If itching is difficult to control, rash may occur.

1. Pregnancy itching urticaria pimples and pregnancy spots

Pregnancy itching urticaria pimples are characterized by red lumps and large -area honeycomb on the stomach of pregnancy. The incidence rate is about 1/200.Typical features are red, itching blocks are distributed along the tension line along the abdomen, usually in the middle and late pregnancy.Natural relief within a few weeks after giving birth will not affect the health of mothers and babies.

Studies have shown that the average onset time is 36 weeks of pregnancy. The most common onset time is 39 weeks of pregnancy, and those who are pregnant are more likely to suffer from their own diseases.Sometimes, you can extend to other parts of your body, such as thighs, hips, backs, arms and legs, but generally do not spread to the face, neck and hands.This disease disappears after childbirth without harm to unborn babies.

2. Precision Nuru

The cause of itching in pregnancy may be related to the high estrogen content in the blood of pregnant women, and the second is related to the accumulation of choleneus.Researchers believe that due to the extension of the gallbladder emptying time of pregnant women, the bile embossed expansion and the tension decreased, resulting in the formation of bile stasis. The content of bile acid and bile salt increased, resulting in itching of the skin.

3. Millaries during pregnancy

The American Obstetrics and Gynecologist Association (ACOG) pointed out that Pemphigoid Gestitionis during pregnancy is a skin disease that appears in the abdomen. In the worst case, it will spread to a larger body.It is also called herpes virus.It is easy to occur in the second or third stage of pregnancy, even one to two weeks after childbirth.It is more serious than that of itching urticaria. It is known that it will cause problems before childbirth and fetal growth.

Basic damage is a sterile pustules on the basis of erythema, which is often accompanied by severe systemic symptoms.Most of them occur 3 months after pregnancy, gradually relieve after childbirth, and then recur.Although this disease is rare, it is more serious, and it can even endanger life.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother appears itching, it is not careless, but you don’t have to panic. You can observe first, and seek medical treatment immediately if you seriously.

Daily care of itching during pregnancy

Don’t grab it with your hands, you can apply skin dew: When the belly is itchy, gently rub it with your hands, don’t catch it hard, no, use a little moisturizing dew, it can alleviate!Specific mothers can choose emulsion, olive oil, massage cream, etc. suitable for physical fitness. You must choose mild and low -sensitive moisturizing products to ensure that there is no stimulus to yourself and your baby.

Eat more moisturizing foods: Try to avoid excessive sweets and fried foods during pregnancy.You can eat more foods that are powerful for collagen fibers, like trotters.Eat more fruits and vegetables, and insist on a cup of skim milk every day.

Clean the skin to avoid too often: If there is a skin itching, it is best not to use the cleaner too much, because most of the skin and hair cleaners are alkaline.However, human skin requires a slightly acidic environment. If it is alkaline, it will feel itching.Once itching occurs, do not use high temperatures when bathing, because the water temperature is too high itching, the more serious it will be.

Control weight: The increase in weight during pregnancy is too fast, resulting in too fast the abdomen, which will also cause excessive skin tissue to crack and cause itching.Quite a lot of pregnant women stay at home during pregnancy and do not do housework.It is recommended that pregnant women need to maintain an appropriate amount of exercise every day, walking, and doing a small amount of housework, which can not only consume excess fat, but also prevent the pelvic incorrectness.

Do not look down on the condition of itching of the belly of pregnant women, and do not talk about the changes in the disease because of this.If the symptoms affect daily routine, do not take medicine without authorization. Be preventing the drugs caused by fetal malformations or drug dermatitis. You still have to go to a regular hospital for treatment in time.

Several safe natural therapies are recommended here, pregnant mothers can try:

1. Oat bath

Adding a cup of oatmeal to warm water and adding a cup of oatmeal in bath water can help relieve skin allergies and reduce itching.

2. Sedura bath

Pour half a cup of soda in warm water, because soda water is more effectively alleviating itching and inflammation of the skin.

You can also make a mix of soda and water, apply it to the stomach and other itchy parts.

3. Aloe vera gel

Shortly after the shower, the use of aloe vera gel to itch and inflammation can relieve and reduce inflammation.

4. Ice application method

Apply a cold compress cloth on the stomach to reduce itching.

5. Moisturize the skin

Lightly apply some non -irritating and tasteless moisturizing creams. This method often uses this method to temporarily relieve itching.

6. Coconut oil

During pregnancy, apply oil to the stomach to reduce dryness and itching.

7, apple cider vinegar

You can put some apple cider vinegar on the itchy belly, which can relieve pain and dryness.

Although itching cannot be prevented, the above methods can be taken to relieve itching or prevent itching.

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