Is it really the same for boys and women?After 30 years, I will be clearly felt: the gap is not a little bit

After pregnancy, most Baoma urgently wants to know the baby’s gender, so as to give children names, prenatal education, and prepare baby clothes.In fact, for young parents, it is not so important to be a boy or a girl in the stomach, but the grandparents are different. Their heavy male and female thoughts are more serious.I want to have a grandson in my heart, I just don’t want to make my daughter -in -law have psychological pressure.Many people say that there are the same boys and women. Is it really true?You can feel it in 30 years: The gap is not a little bit!

First of all, as far as Bao Ma’s standpoint is concerned, although he does not have the idea of being a male light and woman, he still wants to have a boy in his heart and let the old man feel at ease. He also calculates the task.If the first child is a girl, when the second child is born, the elderly will be more urgent to hope that the son is the son. At this time, the daughter -in -law will have a lot of pressure.

Secondly, the way to raise boys and girls is also very different.Due to the different physiological structures of boys and girls, parents ‘education methods are also very different. Generally speaking, boys are vigorous, disobedient, and more "abandoned mothers". Girls’ language development is better than boys, and her emotions are more delicate.

Again, there is a big difference in marriage costs.If the family is a girl, there is no pressure to marry a girl. Parents’ lives are not affluent and can not marry, but the boy is not the same. It is definitely a bad injury to buy a good car without a house.It is difficult to marry a daughter -in -law and look at the families of two or even three boys in real life. Dad usually dare not rest with two jobs, and he is tired of his body.

Of course, this is just the feeling of raising boys and girls from the position of parents.Let’s talk about the difference between boys and girls when children grow up.

First, the gap between occupational development.Although women’s progress in education is significant, the gap between men and women in the workplace still exists.The constraints of gender discrimination and traditional concepts still restrict women’s career development opportunities.Men are more likely to get higher positions and higher income, while women are often regarded as the main caregivers of the family.This gap not only leads to limited development of women in career, but also makes women’s resources in society not fully play.However, with the advancement of social concepts and the improvement of women’s status, more and more women have begun to break the traditional constraints, actively strive for their rights and interests, and gradually reduce the gap between men and women in professional development.

Second, division of labor in family and social roles.Although modern society advocates equality between men and women, the dual pressure of women in family and workplace still exists.Women often need to take care of their occupations and families at the same time, while men bear more economic responsibility.This division of labor has led to imbalances in the family, and also makes women face more challenges and difficulties in the workplace.However, in recent years, more and more fathers have begun to participate in family affairs, balance the responsibilities of family and occupations, and further narrow the gap between men and women in family roles.

The gap between men and women still exists in modern society, although this gap has been partially reduced in recent years.The progress of women in the field of education, the gap between men and women in occupational development, and division of labor in family and social roles are all factor affecting the gap between men and women.However, over time and the update of social concepts, the gap between men and women will be further reduced to achieve a more equal society.

In the end, one thing I want to say is that the family happiness brought by boys and girls is different. The girl is a little cotton jacket for parents, the boy is a leather jacket, and the girl is more delicate when growing up.Can give parents more, or go shopping with the mother, but boys are not the same. Boys are generally relatively large. Even if they live under the same roof with their parents, the relationship between mother -in -law and mother -in -law is also contradictory. On the issue of pension, boys are even moreIt is rational. If you do n’t take good care of your parents yourself, you might as well send your parents to the nursing home.Seeing this, some parents may feel cold, but they don’t need to care too much. As long as the children are doing well, it doesn’t matter. What do you think of boys and girls?

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