Is it the best time to separate Xiaosan to separate Primary Three?Learn these three methods to solve extramarital affairs

San San’s pregnancy may become the advantage of Primary Three.

However, the original matching operation can also be the best time to separate the primary three.

Don’t be discouraged, as long as you firmly believe that you can solve the problem, you will definitely get your wish.

If you want to solve Primary Three during the pregnancy, learn to use these three methods.

The first method is to combat Xiao San’s psychology and let Xiaosan take the initiative to withdraw.

The emotions of people during pregnancy are easy to excite, and the same is true for primary three.

In this period, Xiaosan is a period of fragile psychology.

Then after pregnancy, it is basically broken when you touch it.

how to spell?The best way is to make Xiao San feel that the derailed man doesn’t care about her at all.

Nothing is more derailed by a derailed man. The derailed man is only playing with Xiao San, and it can defeat Xiao San.

Therefore, what the original match needs to do is to make the derailed men can’t find a primary three,

Xiaosan must be accompanied at this time, as well as production inspections and the like, all need to derail men together.

In this regard, you work hard in this regard. You let your children leave the derailment man and let the derailed men’s parents leave derailment men.

If you want to die, do not let the derailed men go, once or twice, the derailed man may also explain to Xiao San.

How many times?San San was three months pregnant, and the derailed man did not see the figure for a week.

Maybe a few minutes of call with Xiaosan, and suddenly had to hang up, saying very busy.

What do Xiao San think?Even if it is a normal husband and wife, women can’t stand it, and they will think about it.

Xiaosan was originally insecure, and she was pregnant, and naturally became even more painful.

Sijia used this method before and took about a month.

The original match was helped to solve the Primary Three, and the original match was not targeted at Primary Three.

It is to use derailment men to stimulate Primary Three. When a small three finds it, the derailed man does not go.

Xiao San went directly to the hospital and didn’t want a child. The derailed man knew that he didn’t feel bad about Xiao San, and quarreled with Xiao San.

The final result can be imagined that Xiao San took the initiative to break up and directly broke the relationship.

The second method is to put the derailed men’s economic pressure and make derailed men not want to live with the young three children.

Many derailed men don’t actually know. Xiao San gave birth to a child and an illegitimate child, which means to him.

Because in many marriage, derailed men have no concept to raising children.

They have a limited care of their children, that is, occasionally finding a time to tease the child.

The child can take the initiative to call his father, and then grow up slowly.

Derailed men will feel that raising children is not difficult at all.

So Xiaosan wants to have a child, and the derailed man will feel that what is it, he doesn’t need to pay anyway.

What the original distribution needs is to make the derailed man realized what the younger three meant a child.

For example, to stop the shopkeeper and strike for a week, let the derailed men feel the "fun" of raising children.

Another example is to calculate the account with a derailed man, concentrate on a certain week, and constantly talk about money with the derailed men.

Children’s insurance needs to pay 10,000, and the child’s tuition class costs to be paid, and another 100,000.

Children also have interest classes, they also need to renew, pay more than 10,000, and buy clothes and the like.

You give the derailed men on the man, making him feel that the child is too much money.

When the derailed man really feels that raising children is tired and costs money.

He was unwilling to ask for a child of the third, because the derailed men were very selfish.

They will be derailed to prove this. They do not want to divorce and marry a younger three.

A selfish man suddenly found that with an illegitimate child, he would be tired and economic pressure.

Is he still willing to have a child with a young three?It must be the first to jump out, forcing Xiaosan to not be a child.

The third method is to control the economy and make Xiaosan get money.

It takes a lot of money during pregnancy, and food, food, housing and transportation may consume a lot.

If Xiaosan does not have a job, or the conditions for derailed men are better, Xiaosan wants to relieve his fetus, and he will not work.

Then Primary Three needs to be derailed to keep giving money, and the original match can start with economical.

As long as you pay attention to the derailed men’s wallet and prevent derailment men from giving money, Xiaosan can’t persist for too long.

If the original pipe cannot be held, then you will retreat and you can find a way to give the derailed men less money.

After most of the young three, after pregnancy, they will definitely become very greedy.

If you want it, you will become more. For example, when you are not pregnant, the derailed man can give him 5,000 a month,

With a child, a small three may feel that the derailed man should give her 10,000 or even more.

I thought I was pregnant, I could have more money, but I didn’t expect it to be much.

Xiaosan can’t accept it, and they will make trouble with the derailed men.

Any relationship is sad, if you quarrel all day for money.

Not only hurts feelings, both sides will not give up in order to protect their own interests.

The contradiction will only be more noisy and upgrade until the relationship is broken.

To completely solve a period of extramarital affairs, derailed men and the internal and external relationships of men are the best situation of U.

In the end, Sijia wanted to say that in fact, Xiaosan’s pregnancy is the time for the original match to solve extramarital affairs.

Because once Xiao San has a child, he will have some ideas, and they will become greedy.

Whether you want more money or want to divorce the derailed man, it is easy to conflict with the derailed man.

At this time, the original match did not make trouble, but instead encouraged the derailed men and Xiao San to make trouble, and the two were easy to make trouble.

So many times, when the original match feels painful, it is also the time to solve Xiao San.

If you encounter an extramarital affairs and don’t know what to do, you can pay attention to Sijia and talk about your situation privately.

I am Yin Sijia, your exclusive emotional mentor, share emotional dry goods, and analyze hundreds of marriage.

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