Is it to drink oil to drink oil?Does melon seed really hurt the liver?Frequent melon seeds, pay attention!

New Year’s Eve, maybe friends in the north will bring a melon seeds everywhere, pull out anytime, anywhere, sit in the sun, take a few, and talk to friends about the past. It is the easiest thing.

However, there have been rumors recently that you have to eat less melon seeds, especially patients with liver disease.

Why should patients with liver disease eat less melon seeds?Is it because the seeds hurt the liver?

There are two reasons for the melon seeds to hurt the liver. One is the high content of the eggine in the melon seeds; the other is that there are more fats in the seeds of melon seeds.

Next, we will demonstrate whether the seeds will hurt the liver from these two points.

Let’s talk about lipid first.

Excessive lipid intake will indeed put some pressure on the liver.

First of all, fat can be accumulated in liver cells, which may increase the burden on the liver, and long -term fat accumulation on the liver may also form fatty liver.

For example, among the 100 grams of sunflower seeds, the fat content is about 25%, so there is also a sip of melon seeds and half oily!

According to the "Chinese Resident Dietary Guide (2022)" criteria, the intake of oil is basically at 25 ~ 30g.The amount of oil contained in the melon seeds may exceed our intake needs.Therefore, it may be that eating a small melon seeds may be too much of the fat intake, let alone the seeds of melon.

Of course, our liver also has good metabolic ability, and it has no impact to eat melon seeds properly.However, during the Chinese New Year, big fish and big meat were originally high in fat. In addition to eating melon seeds, it may affect liver function.

Then look at the second question: what is the eggine, why does it hurt the liver?

In August last year, studies have found that the diet of high eggsine can cause disorders of liver cell arrangement and increase the gap, which will cause typical symptoms of liver injury.

So what is this eggine and why cause liver injury?

We all know that protein is an indispensable substance in normal activities of the human body, and can be said to be the cornerstone of life activities.Hemoglobin that transports oxygen; for example, it helps us to eliminate bacteria and virus antibodies; and insulin that helps us consume sugar is a kind of protein.

What is the relationship between protein and eggine?

Oteiner is a type of amino acid, and proteins are composed of amino acids, so oxine is actually a raw material that constitutes a protein.

There are about 20 kinds of amino acids in nature, and some of them can be synthesized by ourselves. About 12 species (only 11 kinds of babies can synthesize 11 species, and componentic acid babies cannot be synthesized, and adults can).These we can synthesize by themselves are called non -essential amino acids;

There are also some amino acids that we cannot synthesize and need to be obtained from the diet. About 8 species (there are 9 types of babies). These cannot be synthesized by these themselves, which are called essential amino acids.

The oxine is a kind of essential amino acid, which requires us to get it from food.

Then the eggine is obviously essential amino acid, which requires us to get it from food. Why do you still say that the diet of the uline may cause the liver damage?

In fact, this process is not complicated. Eggsine will be metabolized in the body to form same -type cysteine, and this metabolic process is done in the liver.

Cyticine, I believe that many patients with hypertension have heard of it. H high blood pressure in H -shaped HCY (HCY) has increased.

The high concentration of same cysteine is not only increased, but also the probability of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and Alzheimer’s disease, but also has a certain negative impact on the liver.

Therefore, when the ingotic acid intake is too much, it will not only cause the burden on the liver’s metabolism, but also cause the accumulation of same type of cysteine, which may damage the liver.

The entire process is like this. The diet of high eggine -picanine will cause the concentration of the same type of cysteine to increase; and the concentration of the same type of cysteine may damage the liver after the liver is damaged.Cause of cysteine to increase the concentration of the same type and increase the liver damage.

This is like a vicious circle. If it is not stopped, it may increase the liver damage step by step.

Therefore, the diet of high eggsine, or a high -fat diet does damage the liver, but it is inevitable that eating melon seeds hurt the liver, because the liver’s metabolic function is still very powerful.

Today, the food that hurts the liver has mentioned "omeminine" and lipids for everyone.I can’t repeat the lipids. I believe everyone knows that eating too much oil and bad liver.

So today, what other foods are relatively high in addition to melon seeds?Do you need to restrict your diet to prevent excessive eggs?

First of all, it is eggs, such as eggs and duck eggs, which contain about 300 ~ 600 mg of eggine per 100 grams;

Secondly, every 100g dairy products, such as milk, yogurt, etc., the content of eggine is between 900 and 1000 mg;

In the meat, especially in fish, the eggine is high, and every 100 grams of fish contains 1000 ~ 2000 mg of eggine;

Such as seaweed, or some leafy vegetables, such as spinach, shiitake mushrooms, asparagus, and taro leaves. Although the content of eggine is not as good as fish, the content is not low.

But the problem comes, and the high eggsine diet will cause damage to the liver, but the eggine itself also plays an important role in our body.Do you need to restrict your diet to restrict the intake of omeic acid?

Although it is said that the diet of high eggsine is harmful to our body.However, the eggine itself also plays an important role in our body.

Normally, an adult man can take about 900 ~ 1000 mg of omeminine from food every day.In this scope, there are no major problems in today.Even if there are many ingredine that occasionally intake, it does not have much impact on the body.

Still, our body’s spontaneous adjustment ability is very strong. As long as it is not long -term high -egg intake, there is basically no problem.

Will eating melon seeds hurt the liver?It is indeed possible that the grease and oxine in the melon seeds may cause liver damage.

But I do n’t need to care too much. Occasionally, I eat it, and the liver will soon be metabolized. As long as it is not often eaten, it is still very safe.

If the liver itself has diseases, or the state of the liver itself is not very good, it is recommended that you eat less melon seeds, as well as foods with high oil and high oxine.

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