Is it true that it is true that pregnant women walk around at home?

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Guide: After pregnancy, after pregnancy, due to physical discomfort or the problem of increased pregnancy, daily activity exercise will also become much less. Most of the time is lying on the bed or sitting.time.And we are often told by people around me during pregnancy, we must walk more after pregnancy, so that we are good for our body and fetus.

Moreover, by the third trimester, many elders will ask pregnant women to move around at home and try to make their physical activity as much as possible, so that they will have a better child when delivery.So, is this true?

Exercise during pregnancy is indispensable, and we also emphasize that the pregnant mother should maintain a certain amount of exercise within the scope of ability, which will help the health of the health and the development of the fetus.In this regard, there are mainly the following benefits:

1. Help control weight

The decline in exercise during pregnancy and the increase in daily diet intake can easily lead to the problem of excessive weight growth. There are more than one pregnant mother around the editor.The rising.Instead of weight control, it is easy to bring difficulty risks, so walking properly to exercise will help us better control weight growth and reduce the risk of gaining weight.

2. Improve the physical fitness of pregnant women

Regardless of whether it is a childbirth or postpartum confinement or breastfeeding in the future, these are things that consume a lot of physical fitness of mothers, especially when delivery is the key to ensuring smooth production.Among them, whether the physical fitness of pregnant mothers can maintain long -term consumption is particularly critical, and the lack of exercise will lead to a decline in physical fitness. Adhering to proper exercise during pregnancy can help strengthen and maintain physical fitness.

3. Improve the problem of poor gastrointestinal stomach during pregnancy

After pregnancy, due to the changes in body hormones and the impact of the growth of the fetus, it will cause the intestinal peristalsis to slow down, and then the gastrointestinal problems such as flatulence, accumulation, constipation, etc.And proper exercise can promote the peristalsis of the intestinal tract, slow down these adverse problems, so that we can easier to defecate, reduce flatulence, and maintain the balanced operation of the stomach.

Therefore, when pregnant women walk at home, it is naturally conducive to subsequent delivery. Pregnant mothers who often exercise and lack of exercise will also have a big difference in physical fitness.Therefore, during the pregnancy, conditional pregnant mothers still need to maintain a certain exercise exercise appropriately. In the exercise during pregnancy, in addition to simply walking, you can also choose other types of sports, such as::

Walking, climbing stairs, swimming, fitness exercises, etc. These lightweight exercises are helpful to improve the cardiopulmonary function of pregnant mothers, while promoting the body’s metabolic cycle.When you are free, you can also do some simple stretching and stretching movements, which helps to release tired and tight muscles and maintain the flexibility of the body.

Of course, although exercise is good, there are many issues that need attention:

· When there are threatened abortion, pseudo contractions, etc., it is not suitable for exercise.

If the pregnant mother has already experienced the above situation, then it is not suitable for continuing exercise again, because frequent exercise will cause aggravation of symptoms and bring irreparable consequences.In this case, pregnant mothers should rest more in bed, allowing the fetus to survive the dangerous period. When necessary, they must seek medical treatment in time.

· During pregnancy, it is not suitable for high -intensity and large exercise

Pregnancy really needs to maintain proper exercise, but not all exercises are suitable. Due to the particularity of pregnancy, pregnant women are more suitable for low -weight motion with low strength.For some running, playing, diving, skiing, and most of their strength training, they are not suitable for mothers during pregnancy.

· Model exercise must be appropriate, so as not to cause physical fatigue or even harm

In the daily exercise process, pregnant mothers must also do their best, do not exercise excessively, because a large number of exercise exercise can cause physical fatigue and even cause some harm. This is not conducive to our health and fetal fetuseIt’s right.Moderate principles are the most scientific way of exercise.

Important tips: Moving more during pregnancy is conducive to childbirth, and exercise during pregnancy can better assist in controlling weight, improving physical fitness, and alleviating gastrointestinal problems during pregnancy.However, the choice of exercise also needs to be lightweight. If there is a threatened abortion and pseudo contractions, it is not suitable for exercise. At the same time, exercise during pregnancy should avoid high intensity and large exercise, and pay attention to moderate exercise.

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