Is it true that the pregnant mothers have miscarriage as soon as they fall?

Author: Wang Ni (the attending physician of the obstetrics and gynecology department, the popular science author)

You should be familiar with these classic bridge sections in the TV series and movies: the beautiful heroine of pregnancy fell accidentally, or as soon as he was hit, the heroine immediately sat down and bloody, DC,It was red, and then aborted or even could not have children for life.

This exaggerated method is really

The abortion routine of the court drama is even more familiar. The concubine competes for the favor. A mother or a little master has filled a bowl of sacred soup or smelled a sachet with musk.Can’t conceive children.

These exaggerated and reasonable abortion "bridge segments" deprived of the right of pregnant women as mothers in the play can be described as a bit of blood, making people feel bad.

However, I found in clinical work that many of these plot bridges really used in real life.For example, some women are afraid of their family members who are afraid of their families who know that they want to let the fetus abortion naturally through running, jumping, and beating their belly; others who run to the pharmacy to buy some prescriptions of abortion drugs and abandon them without permission.Even life has been put in.Of course, there are women who are too worried about abortion during pregnancy. When they see a little red, they cry and say whether they want to have a miscarriage.

So, is the plot of the pregnant woman being pushed down and wrestling in the TV series true?Does it mean abortion at first sight?For this reason, according to some of my clinical experience, some common misunderstandings about abortion "common sense" have been invested:

1. Wrestling, and the impact of the abdomen will definitely have a miscarriage?

In the early three months of pregnancy, the fetus is still in the pelvic cavity, and the pelvis of the mother is protected. If the pregnant woman encounters a slight touch and fall, the possibility of abortion is not high.In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus enters the abdominal cavity, and severe wrestling, falling, or suffering from positive impacts will become dangerous. If the abdomen does not have a positive impact, it will generally not cause too much impact.However, if the pregnant woman falls or the abdomen is impacted, symptoms such as stomach pain, vaginal bleeding flow fluid, and other symptoms occur immediately.

What I want to say is that I often encounter some unexpected pregnancy women who want to knock on their abdominal abortion, which is very dangerous.During the early pregnancy, an too strong abdominal impact may lead to incomplete abortion or even the uterine rupture. In severe cases, even severe complications of the pregnant mother; during the middle and late pregnancy, the direct abdominal impact may lead to premature peeling of the placenta, premature fetal membrane breakdown, etc.Early peeling of severe placenta may lead to blood -loss shock, uterine rupture, and even severe mothers and children.

2. As long as vaginal bleeding?

Many pregnant mothers have encountered a little vaginal bleeding during early pregnancy. There are many reasons for vaginal bleeding, such as ectopic pregnancy, cervical biology, vaginitis, etc., not necessarily a manifestation of abortion.

Even if there is a miscarriage, it is not a lot of bleeding at once. Most people have a process of bleeding from less and reducing.

However, vaginal bleeding needs to be vigilant during early pregnancy. As long as the amount of bleeding exceeds usual menstrual flow, it must be paid attention to and seek medical treatment in time!Most women have no major after rest and appropriate drug treatment, and only some women eventually abortion.

3. Once flowed, the doctor found the pulse?

Many women have a history of abortion, and they are unwilling to explain when they are doctor. Will the doctor find it?

I once saw a doctor in the TV series concluded that the heroine had missed several times through the pulse. I felt that it was amazing, but this was simply impossible from a medical theory.From a professional perspective, multiple abortion may lead to thin endometrium and adhesion of the uterine cavity. There may be abnormalities in the curettage or hysteroscopy.

But to be honest, if you are not frank, it is difficult for a doctor to find whether you have miscarriage or miscarriage several times.Blindly concealing the history of miscarriage may only cause some trouble to the diagnosis and treatment of doctors, and even misdiagnose or delayed treatment.Therefore, it is best to be frank to the doctor to avoid delaying treatment.

4. As long as you are infertile after abortion?

People often ask, doctors, if I have a miscarriage, will I be infertile for life?

Cases that cause lifelong infertility after abortion do exist. Most of them are due to abortion caused by endometrial injury and post -abort after abortion.

However, with the improvement of the auxiliary reproductive technology, there are fewer and less lifelong infertility after abortion, and many people have less impact on the body after natural abortion, rarely leads to infertility, so women do not have to be overly nervous.However, the damage of abortion to the body is many aspects. If you don’t plan to get pregnant, you must take contraceptive measures!

From the moment of pregnancy, I believe that pregnant mothers and family members are careful. Most of the plots of the film and television dramas are mostly exaggerated because of the plot needed for the plot.It is recommended that pregnant mothers encounter doubts during pregnancy and are mainly consulting specialists. Remember not to use the medicine without permission.I wish you all a safe baby and a healthy baby.

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