Is menstruation the first signal of pregnancy?Do you know what the first signal of pregnancy is?

In fact, the process of conception is the process of combining sperm and eggs into fertilized eggs, and fertilized eggs successfully bed in the uterus.So some women want to know, will the body feel when fertilized eggs are bed?Indeed, when the fertilized eggs are in bed, the woman’s body will have some wonderful feelings. If these three feelings you have, it means that the fertilized eggs are successfully bed. Congratulations to your pregnancy.

First of all, let’s take a look at the whole process of the fertilized eggs in bed. Someone in the same room during ovulation, sperm enters the vagina of women. Some sperm will die in the acidic environment of women’s vagina during the process of entering.The sperm can successfully enter the human body.One of the most powerful sperm has the opportunity to combine with the eggs, and it will form fertilized eggs.

1. Men stop menstruation

Some pregnant women have such a question: Is discontinuation the first signal of pregnancy?In fact, for most women, menopause is the most obvious pregnancy signal, but it is not the first signal of pregnancy.But this is also for women with a regular menstrual law. If your menstruation is over a week or ten days, you need to consider whether you are pregnant with your baby.However, some women with irregular menstruation may be due to the postponing vacation or because of pregnancy. At this time, it is best to detect it.

2. Cold in bed

Do you know what the first signal of pregnancy is?In fact, just cool down in bed!Generally speaking, in the same room during ovulation, fertilized eggs will usually be imposed around 8-10 days.So about 8 days after the same room during pregnancy, if you find that your body temperature drops suddenly, and the next day, the body temperature will rise significantly, this sudden cooling indicates that the fertilized eggs are successfully bed.In general, the body temperature changes will be around 0.5 ° C.

3. Breast swelling and pain

About a week after the same room during pregnancy, if you feel that your breasts have become tingling and softened, this may be the signal of fertilized eggs.This is because the hormones in the body change after pregnancy, which causes chest discomfort.When the body adapts to this change, the pain will disappear.

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