Is papaya good for diabetes?

Diabetes refers to the state that the body cannot produce sufficient insulin or does not produce insulin, or insulin is not used in the way due to due.Insulin is a hormone that helps glucose into human cells.If your body cannot make or use insulin correctly, sugar may accumulate in your blood.

Some people take drugs to control blood sugar, while others control blood sugar through exercise and healthy diet.Although fruits are usually part of a healthy diet, the natural sugar content in some fruits is high, so excessive diet is not good for blood sugar.You may ask, can I eat papaya if I have diabetes?

The following is the information about papaya and diabetes you need to understand, including whether it can be eaten.

Fruit contains natural sugar. Because consumption of sugar affects blood glucose levels, some people may think that fruits are taboo.But fruits are actually part of a healthy diet, and it is also possible to eat appropriate amounts.

If you have diabetes, papaya can be eaten safely.It is said that a cup of fresh papaya contains about 11 grams of sugar.

In addition, the blood glucose index (GI) of Papaya (GI) is 60 (glucose is 100), so it will not raise blood sugar too quickly.The value of the blood glucose index of different foods is different. This value indicates that the given food increases the speed of blood sugar.

Low GI food scores between 20 and 49, China GI food scores between 50 and 69, high GI food scores between 70 and 100, papaya belongs to the middle GI food.

Because papaya has medium GI, it is not only a good choice for patients with diabetes, but also reduces blood sugar.

According to some reports, papaya may produce blood sugar, because papaya contains flavonoids, and flavonoids are natural antioxidants, which can help regulate blood sugar.

According to the relevant survey, a small bowl of fresh papaya has about 67 calories.Other nutritional values include: fiber 2.67 grams, accounting for 10 % potassium 286 mg of normal intake, accounting for 6.08 % vitamin C 95.6 mg of daily normal intake, accounting for daily normal daily normalThe intake of 106.2 % magnesium 33 mg, accounting for 8 % calcium 31 mg of daily normal intake, accounting for 3.1 % of the daily normal intake

Although the GI of Papaya is medium, you may need other fruits with lower blood sugar index.The following kinds of fruits are available:

Apple, apricot, blueberry, cranberry, grapefruit, plums, orange, blackberry, pear, strawberry, raspberry.

Moderate is the key. It is recommended to eat only one or two fruits a day.

As for fruits with high blood glucose index, it is easy to cause blood sugar to rise. These fruits include:

Watermelon, banana, pineapple, dried dates

A healthy diet plan can help control blood sugar, which can also reduce risk -risk diabetes complications, including cardiovascular disease, nerve injury, and kidney damage.

Diabetes diet requires a balanced and healthy diet plan. However, healthy diet will not only benefit diabetic patients, but also benefit from non -diabetic patients.

Recommended healthy foods containing carbohydrates include:

Fruit, vegetables, whole valleys, beans, low -fat dairy products

Because many healthy carbohydrates are rich in fiber, eating these foods also help reduce blood sugar.Even if papaya and some fruits are healthy foods, pay attention to the scores on the blood sugar index of these fruits.If possible, select foods with low scores or medium to avoid rising blood sugar.

A healthy diet also includes lean protein, such as:

Chicken, fish, shells, eggs, lean beef, lean pork.

In addition, you can choose to eat healthy fat, such as olive oil, avocado and nuts.Foods that avoid foods including processed food and artificial butter containing anti -fat products (including lard and butter).It is also important to limit the sodium intake to not more than 2300 mg per day.

In addition, eating and having less meals is also an important technique for diabetes and healthy diet, not three meals a day.

Unprecedented diabetes can lead to severe complications, such as cardiovascular disease, kidney disease, and nerve damage.Therefore, be sure to take diabetic drugs and diet health according to the doctor’s order, and conduct a lot of physical exercise.

A 30 -minute physical exercise every day helps keep blood sugar within the health range.If you have a balanced diet, exercise and taking medicine, but the blood sugar is still high, please consult your supervisor, your doctor will give the plan, or recommend you to a nutritionist or certified diabetes care and education expert.

These professionals can help you better manage diabetes.This includes providing education, weight loss strategies for healthy diet, and guidelines on how to use diabetes equipment.

Diabetes is a chronic disease. However, through treatment, healthy blood sugar can be maintained.Fruits are part of a healthy diet, and papaya may even have a blood sugar effect on the human body.However, restraint is the key. Daily restrictions on fruit intake are limited to one to two copies. If you encounter difficulties in controlling blood sugar, please contact your supervisor in time.

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