Is pregnant women infected with new crowns?Academician Huang Hefeng is the focus of the new crown of Chinese and Western medicine during pregnancy

In response to the implementation of the "New Ten Articles", it has continuously optimized and adjusted related epidemic prevention and control measures.How to deal with the new situation of epidemic prevention, how should the special group of special groups in pregnancy, pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation do self -protection?

In this regard, under the guidance of Huang Hefeng, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and a professor of the obstetrics and gynecology hospital affiliated to Fudan University, members of the Chinese and Western Medicine Society of Chinese and Western Medicine Institute of Reproductive Medicine Institute of Reproductive Medicine Council to check a large number of related documents, and combined with the results of clinical practice and scientific research of Chinese and Western medicine in combination with the members of the Society, Written "Tips for the Prevention of Chinese and Western Medicine in Pregnancy during pregnancy", answering the questions that everyone cares about.

1. How to protect the couple during pregnancy and reduce the risk of infection?

Positive Qi survive and avoid its evil poison:

To reduce the risk of infection, the simplest and most practical way is to gather less, wear masks, and wash your hands frequently!Pay attention to cleaning the phone screen, keep warm and ventilate, do not take health products blindly, choose safe medication.

Rest up the mind, the regular work:

Maintain regular schedules and happy mood, pay attention to rest, pay attention to monitoring body temperature and symptoms of respiratory tract infection, especially those with basic diseases, we must strengthen health management and their own protection.

Diet reasonable, sufficient qi and blood:

Arrange the diet reasonably. When the body is unwell, don’t be too anxious and nervous, drink more water.Chinese medicine foods are recommended to eat the kidney and spleen and spleen.

Aerobic exercise, physical and mental health:

Do a good job of weight management, exercise appropriately, do not smoke and drink.Recommended schemes in Chinese medicine: Tai Chi, Wuyen Opera, Eight Duanjin, and Yijin Jing.It is recommended to exercise medium aerobic exercise per week, 50 minutes a day a day or 30 minutes a day a day.

2. After the vaccine is pregnant, do you want to terminate your pregnancy?

The current evidence that can be obtained supports the new crown vaccine of women with breastfeeding women.

Whether you are pregnant after vaccination, or if you are pregnant but do not know, you are not recommended to take special medical measures (such as termination of pregnancy) due to the inoculation of the new crown vaccine. It is recommended to check and follow up during pregnancy.

For women with preparing for pregnancy, the pregnancy plan does not have to be delayed due to inoculation of the new crown vaccine.

Considering the importance of breastfeeding to the nutrition and health of infants and young children, referring to the international general practices, breastfeeding can continue breastfeeding after breastfeeding women inoculate the new crown vaccine.

3. Do pregnant women infection with new crowns, do they want to terminate pregnancy?

Pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses and should not stop pregnancy blindly.

The risk of women infected with new crowns during pregnancy is close to ordinary people. In general, the infection of the new crown has not increased more effects on the health of pregnant women, and has little impact on the production of ordinary pregnant women.

However, if pregnant women are old, overweight or obese, suffering from basic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc., they may face higher risk of new crown critical illness and strengthen self -protection.

At present, there is no evidence that the pregnant woman will spread vertically to the fetus after the pregnant woman is infected with the new coronary virus.Most pregnant women with non -basic diseases have a new non -severe new crown infection, which can be cured in the short term without harming the fetus.However, patients with severe or severe pregnancy should consider termination of pregnancy if necessary.

There are also studies that the new crown -positive pregnant women have increased risks such as infection and thrombosis during pregnancy. It may also be more likely to have other pregnancy complications during pregnancy, and production examinations need to be strengthened.

4. Do those who are not infected during pregnancy intervene in Chinese medicine?

Most of the asymptomatic infection during pregnancy can obtain different degrees of specific immunity, so there is no need to intervene in drugs, as long as "drink plenty of water, wash your hands frequently, and monitor self -healthy monitoring".

But asymptomatic infection is a concept of time, including two types of people, one is the asymptomatic infection before the yin, and the other is the infected period of the incubation period.For the latter, there is a possibility of becoming a confirmed case.

During pregnancy, it belongs to the special physiological period of women. Although some infected people do not have obvious symptoms of new crown pneumonia, there are Chinese medicine syndrome, such as sticky, abdominal distension, constipation, thick tongue coating, etc. at this timeControlling its condition changes, no symptoms, especially not converting to ordinary types; the second is to promote the early turning of nucleic acids.

5. How to jointly apply Chinese and Western medicine in the treatment of pregnant women?

For maternal mothers of light and ordinary types, first symptomatic treatment is given. When using antiviral drugs, you must fully consider the number of pregnancy weeks, choose the drug that affects the fetus as small as possible, and require the patient’s knowledge.

In addition, effective and safe support treatment, traditional Chinese medicine treatment and psychological guidance have a certain promotion effect on the return of the disease. It can be combined with Chinese and Western medicine, cure diseases and fetuses, righteousness and evils, and give full play to the advantages of two medicines.

For patients with mild symptoms, the principle of treatment is "double solution in the surface, clearing heat and detoxifying, nourishing blood and nourishing the fetus."During the treatment, you should avoid the use of pregnancy contraindications as much as possible. If the condition needs, according to the principle of "there is no reason, no 殒", it can be applied after the patient knows the consent, but the dose and time should be strictly grasped.At the same time, pay attention to the compatibility taboos in the prescription.

According to the severe disease and the fetal condition, the treatment is closely monitored during the treatment and the condition of the maternal condition and the fetal condition.

6. How does a positive pregnant woman choose the method of childbirth?

Existing evidence shows that the vertical spread of the new coronary virus is very low, and most newborn infection is derived from the infected caregivers.

Vaginal delivery does not increase the risk of new crown virus infections perinatal. Therefore, asymptomatic or mild new crown infection of pregnant women’s childbirth and childbirth methods must be determined according to obstetric indicators. It is not recommended to reduce the risk of virus transmission through cesarean section.But it is still recommended to wear a mask correctly before childbirth, during childbirth, and postpartum.

Although the new coronal virus infection does not be used as a indicator of cesarean section, pregnant women infection in the new coronal virus may increase the risk of compromise such as preliminary epilepsy/eclampsia and other obstetrics.Increase the cesarean section of pregnant women.

7. Will the new crown during pregnancy affect the health of the child?

Pregnant women are often worried about whether they will affect the health of the fetus. The good news is that the current large number of clinical evidence has not found that it will have a serious negative effect on the baby.The symptoms of newborn are mild and recovered quickly.

More importantly, the probability of malformations in fetuses does not increase significantly.

At present, there are only one report that a child born in the early pregnancy infection with the new crown has an eye deformity.The babies born in the first wave of the new crowns are 3 years old and cannot provide children’s long -term health data.

A few babies have mild neurological development at 3 months and at the age of 1, but the probability is low.However, if you develop to the new crown during pregnancy, you will indeed increase the risk of pregnancy complications, such as premature birth and death.

All in all, no need to worry about the new crown pregnant women and family, just do regular prenatal examinations and children’s health care.

8. How to combine traditional Chinese medicine for new crowns infection?

The basic pathogenesis of postpartum diseases is "dead blood and injury, internal blood stasis, and stasis stasis." After childbirth, women infected with new crowns are the category of "epidemic"., Poison, stasis and qi and blood insufficient.

Therefore, women infected with breastfeeding during breastfeeding are mostly righteous and evil. The treatment is mainly to eliminate evil, and take care of it.

In the early days, the disease was prevented from deepening the disease, and the treatment of the method of solving the evil, the aroma turbidity, the heat -clearing and detoxifying, the asthma and the phlegm, the diarrhea, and the heat;Methods such as removing, cooling the wind and cooling blood, and nourishing yin and liquid;

9. How does the infected person use the medicine during the auxiliary reproductive?

Incorrect infection patients are recommended to rest in bed during the auxiliary reproductive perimias, strengthen support treatment, maintain internal environmental stability, and monitor blood routine, urine routine, C -reactive protein, biochemical indicators, chest imaging, etc. according to the disease.

If necessary, take antibacterial medication or add antiviral treatment; use Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine or Chinese medicine with the effect of strengthening the spleen effect on those with fatigue with gastrointestinal discomfort;Yin product.Traditional Chinese medicine is used to dose and pay attention to the characteristics of pharmaceutical dynamics and the safety of medication in each phase of the pharmaceutical dynamics. It should be reasonably used under the guidance of doctors and pharmacists to effectively control the condition.

The use of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine during the auxiliary reproductive period can be used in accordance with the recommendation scheme of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine.However, please follow the doctor’s advice during pregnancy and Chinese medicine during pregnancy. Especially when a variety of Chinese medicines are used for combined drugs or combined with western medicine, avoid repeated drugs and cause excessive drugs.

10. How can women relieve anxiety during pregnancy?

The appropriate technology of traditional Chinese medicine has the characteristics of safe, effective, low cost, simple and easy to learn.

During the epidemic period, a variety of Chinese medicine appropriate technologies can be used for women during pregnancy to alleviate their anxiety.

Such as: Ear acupoint press beans (about 1 minute per acupoint each time, it is advisable to produce heat, hemp, swelling, and pain in the ear acupoint. Press 3-5 times a day and keep 3-5 days., Sanjiao);

Jingpi acupoint stimulus (once a day, 30 minutes/time, for 7 consecutive days, take the acupoints in the acupoint-outer level);

Foot medicine baths (15 grams of ramagen, 15 grams of dandelion, 10 grams of cinnamon, 20 grams of white flower snake tongue, frying feet);

The Five Elements Music of Chinese Medicine (listen to the "Chinese traditional Five Elements Music: Factory" in the palace, horn and feather tone, the volume is appropriate to be 20-40 decibels, and I feel comfortable and pleasant).

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