Is semen liquefied?Will it affect fertility?

The importance of sperm on fertility is self -evident. No liquefied semen can see sperm condensed into a group under a microscope. Can’t move or just move slowly. Does the semen affect fertility?The answer is yes.

Men’s sperm is an important part of determining the ability of fertility. If there is no sperm, they cannot talk about fertility.Sperm liquefaction is a necessary step that promotes the combination of sperm and women’s eggs, so it is essential.If sperm does not liquefy, it will cause the combination of sperm and female eggs, which will lead to the appearance of male infertility.

The normal semen is liquefied when it is ejected, but immediately solidifies it into jelly or coagulation -shaped, and is liquefied into water -like liquid through about 10 to 20 minutes. This process is called the liquefaction of semen, which is a normal physiological phenomenon.If the semen is excreted, it is still jelly -like for more than 60 minutes, which is a pathological condition, called sperm non -liquefaction.

Experts point out that if male friends find that their sperm is not liquefied, they must go to the hospital for treatment in time to avoid delaying the best time for treatment.

■ 1. Infection leads to sperm does not liquefy

The acute and chronic inflammation of the reproductive tract or reproductive glands will reduce the motion ability of the sperm.The impact on sperm vitality is also many aspects.

■ 2, semen liquefaction abnormalities

Her semen does not liquefy and high viscosity is an important cause of male infertility. Generally, it will cause male infertility by affecting the movement of sperm.

■ 3, chromosomal abnormalities are also one of the causes.

Achicated chromosomes, and sex chromosomes can not only affect the sperm, but also affect the survival rate of sperm and the ability to move forward movement.

■ 4. Sacrifice varicose veins can also cause sperm non -liquefaction.

This symptom can go through a variety of channels, causing male infertility instead of not only the production of sperm, and a certain chance also reduces sperm vitality.

① Far away from harmful substances:

In daily life, stay away from the impact of harmful substances, common rays, chemicals, radiation, etc. to prevent semen from liquefaction

② Reasonable diet:

Diet should be diversified and balanced, and the lack of trace elements that are lacking in zinc and magnesium are conducive to semen liquefaction.

③ Avoid the impact of other diseases:

If you have prostatitis and seminal vesiculitis, you must go to a regular hospital for professional treatment in time to avoid inducing semen without liquefaction.

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