Is the abdominal pain during ovulation normal?

Women are called ovulation during a few days a month.So, is it normal to occur during ovulation?

Women are called ovulation periods a few days a month, which is the time period of ovarian excretion of eggs.For a few days, women will have uncomfortable problems, such as a strong pain in the lower abdomen position.Is it normal for someone to ask for a normal abdominal pain during ovulation? Women should come to understand so that they can observe the changes in the body so that they can better maintain their bodies.

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Is the abdominal pain during ovulation normal?

Normally, this situation is physiological and does not need to worry too much.Generally speaking, the pain experience disappeared by itself in two or three days.Of course, if you find that the pain is particularly strong, and it lasts for a long time, if it has not ended or slows down, you must consider your body to get sick at this time. Please go to a doctor immediately.

Women, ovulation is very important, should be maintained in time to avoid some accidents, otherwise the body is prone to injury and is not good for health.Of course, if you want to do maintenance in the ovulation period in time, you need to judge the ovulation period in order to achieve good results.These phenomena appeared, it proved that the ovulation period was here:

1. Don’t want to eat

Women who have ovulation will change significantly.In other words, in a month, there are inexplicable people who do not want to eat for several days, and there is no appetite for three meals a day.

2. High eroticism

Women also have lust, especially during ovulation, the lust will be particularly high. This is a strong signal for women’s bodies to want to get pregnant.

3. It is easier to feel hot in the afternoon

In the ovulation period, women’s body temperature will rise a bit, so women are more likely to feel hot.Among them, in the afternoon, women can feel that their bodies are a little hot.

4. More susceptible to getting sick

During the ovulation period, the mucus of women’s nasal cavity will decrease. In this case, it is easier for germs to enter the body from the nasal cavity, which will affect the body circulation system and increase the opportunity of women’s illness.

How to maintain ovulation during ovulation

1. Drink more warm water

Drinking more warm water can help warm your body, avoid cold, and help prevent colds.Of course, if you want to prevent colds, you can also take more vitamin C. This nutritional component can help fight the cold virus.

2. Rest a lot

The resistance during ovulation is relatively low, so you need to rest more, don’t overwhelm it, otherwise it is more likely to get sick after being tired.

3. Clean in time

During the ovulation period, the substances secreted by women’s lower bodies will increase (that is, the amount of leucorrhea is increased), so that their lower body often feels wet and produces discomfort.This will cause the vulva to be wrapped in wet underwear every day. Not only is it not ventilated, but it is also wet, which is easy to accumulate bacteria.Therefore, women should be cleaned in time at this time to avoid surrounding bacteria.

When cleaning, the method of cleaning can be scrubbed in addition to rinse with a nozzle from top to bottom when the shower is rinsed from top to bottom.When scrubbing at that time, the towels must be ensured that the towels are clean and soft, and they must be washed with both hands. The direction of scrubbing must be from top to bottom, otherwise it is easy to bring bacteria, but let the lower body stick more bacteria.

In addition, after cleaning, remember to dry it and not wait for it to dry it by itself.Because after washing, you usually put on underwear in time. If you do n’t dry it, then the underwear will not wet? There is no comfort to wear wet underwear, and it will induce bacteria.Therefore, this detail must be done and cannot be ignored.

4, indoor ventilation

Because the nasal mucus will be reduced during ovulation, the nose is more likely to invade bacteria.In this regard, women who are often waiting indoors should open the windows to avoid turbidity in the indoor air and keep the air fresh.In this way, when women breathe with their noses, they will not be so uncomfortable.

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