Is the best time to get pregnant during ovulation during ovulation?Shandong provincial maternal and child experts give the answer

Reporter Wang Xiaomeng correspondent Sun Fanglei Sun Shuo

As we all know, the same room will increase the chance of conception during the ovulation period. Many couples will frequently do the same room in the ovulation during the ovulation.The effect of achieving half the effort!

In this regard, experts from the Shandong Maternal and Child Health Hospital said: The same day before ovulation is relatively good for pregnancy!This is related to sperm, egg survival time and sperm’s "long symbolic journey".

According to reports, the sperm starts from the vagina and reaches the fallopian tube after the difficulty. It takes time. The strong sperm can only swim about 4 mm in one minute. It takes 45 minutes to run the entire fallopian tube.The road takes 3 days.In general, sperm can survive for 48-72 hours, but the eggs can only survive for 12-24 hours.If the sperm runs slowly on the day of ovulation day, the sperm runs slowly again, then the eggs may not wait to leave … So, theoretically, the same day on the day before ovulation, sperm "gentleman", first run to actively welcome the eggs, soIt may be easier to conceive.

Theoretically, the order of pregnancy during ovulation during ovulation is: one day before ovulation> On the day of ovulation> one day after ovulation.Of course, this is only theoretical speculation and analysis, not absolute. It is most important to find "ovulation" before or before ovulation.

First determine the ovulation someday, and find it the day before ovulation.

Monitoring ovulation can monitor ovulation through ovulation test strips and B -ultrasound:

When you see two bars in the ovulation test paper, it indicates that ovulation is ovulated after 24–36 hours, so when you see two bars, you can arrange the same room.

If you choose to use B -ultrasound to monitor ovulation, you can go to the hospital’s reproductive center to monitor the development of follicles on the tenth day of menstruation. Doctors will tell you about ovulation one day. You can arrange the same room according to ovulation day.

You can also choose to observe leucorrhea traits and predict ovulation. If the leucorrhea becomes thin, translucent, clear, and the amount will increase, ovulation may occur.If the menstrual cycle is regular, you can also see the ovulation software to indicate the ovulation day.

What needs to be reminded is that only the above methods, only B ultrasound can help you predict the ovulation day and whether you have ovulated.

In addition: changes in mood, such as during the epidemic, women may have emotional fluctuations and affect the occurrence of ovulation. Therefore, keep a pleasant and peaceful mood, wait for the eggs as scheduled.arrival!I wish you good luck, and wish you a good pregnancy!

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