Is the effusion beside the gestational sac?

During pregnancy, especially in the early pregnancy, the ultrasound will find a liquid dark area around the gestational sac. The results of the report indicate that there is a effusion around the pregnancy sac.Blood.Most of them are implanted bleeding.It shows that the gestational sac is unstable in planting in the uterus, and there is accumulation in the gap between the gestational sac and the palace wall.The pregnancy sac and the uterine wall are somewhat separated, and the amount of effusion usually changes with the amount of bleeding.Most of the small amount of gestational sac blood accumulation is absorbed by its own auto -body. If the blood accumulation is not absorbed, it can be discharged by the vagina.

If the B -ultrasound is found to have a effusion around the gestational sac, it is accompanied by vaginal hemorrhage, or even symptoms of abdominal pain and discomfort, it may indicate the possibility of threatened abortion.

If the B -ultrasound is found to have a effusion around the gestational sac, but there is no vaginal bleeding, and there is no abdominal pain discomfort. As long as the B -ultrasound is prompted to survive the embryo, there is generally no need to be excessive. In most casesAs the vagina excretes old blood, it becomes smaller.Most of the gestational sacs will not affect the growth and development of pregnancy and fetus, and will not directly cause fetal stopping.

There is a effusion next to the pregnancy sac and gradually increases, indicating that there may be signs of abortion. The common cause is: caused by poor sperm or poor follicle quality, insufficient luteal function, which causes low progesterone, abnormal embryonic quality, abnormality of thyroid function, and thyroid functionwait.

There is accumulation next to the pregnancy sac. It is generally recommended to choose natural progesterone for tires. Commonly used drugs include split ketone tablets, progesterone capsules, and luteum injection.Pay attention to the detection of changes in blood progesterone and embryonic development during treatment.In the early days, it can be indirectly judged by watching blood HCG and progesterone values. If the blood HCG doubles, the progesterone value decreases, and the bleeding situation can be treated by supplementing progesterone tires.If the amount of bleeding gradually reduces the body’s self -absorption, most of them have no problems. If there is still blood in the surroundings of the gestational sac, there is still a continued bleeding, and the risk of abortion will increase, which will trigger an inevitable abortion.

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