Is the endometrial thickening cancer?Doctor: The B -ultrasound checklist you can’t understand, don’t scare yourself anymore

Many women often come into contact with gynecological ultrasound examination during medical treatment and physical examination. When they get the examination form, many people often confused: "Is this report normal? Is the endometrium thickening?Is there any uterine fibroids? Will it affect pregnancy? There are many follicles, is it a polycystic ovary syndrome? "

Let me explain the gynecological ultrasound in detail below.

Gynecological ultrasound is usually divided into two types: abdominal ultrasound and vaginal ultrasound. The common need to urinate is the abdominal ultrasound.Patients with abdominal ultrasound are suitable for women with unmarried (asexual life) or vaginal bleeding. Pregnant women who are above March and patients with huge blocks in pelvic cavity have huge blocks.

Because the sound waves must pass through the abdominal wall and bladder during examination, women who are not pregnant and less than March pregnancy need to be urinating, and sufficient liquid can fill the bladder filling and the uterus appear.

The abdominal ultrasound detection range is large, but the resolution is low.

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Vaginal ultrasound is to put ultrasonic probes into the vagina. It is only suitable for women with sexual life. Patients with less urine or smaller pelvic lesions.

Relatively speaking, the pain of inspection is small, highly resolved, and convenient and fast, but the detection range is small.In addition, for patients with asexual life history and vaginal locks, rectal ultrasound can also be adopted if necessary (similar to vaginal ultrasound, which is to put the probe in the rectal detection).

The gynecological ultrasound report regularly records the size, location, endometrium thickness, ovarian size, and description of abnormal echo and blood flow.

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The uterus of women in the childbearing age is inverted pear -shaped, 7-8 cm long, 4-5 cm wide, 2 to 3 cm thick, which can be a front or back position.

The endometrium has a periodic change under regulation of female and progesterone, and its thickness will perform different performances in different periods of menstruation.Menstrual period

The endometrium thickness is about 2 ~ 3 mm menstrual cycle 5-7 days

The thickness 5-7 mm uterine cavity line is clearly visible

During the 8th to 10th day of the menstrual cycle of pregnancy and delivery of pregnancy and delivery, the menstrual cycle

The thickness of about 9-10 mm is close to the ovulation period.High Echo Central Line) After ovulation, after ovulation

The endometrium further thickened, up to 12 to 15 mm.Menopause

Due to the decline in estrogen levels, the uterus will shrink significantly, and the endometrium of the uterus will become thinner, generally not more than 5 mm.

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If the endometrium is abnormally thickened, it indicates that endometrial hyperplasia, endometrium polyps or endometrium cancer.

Patients with endometrial hyperplasia and endometrial cancer often have clinical symptoms of irregular vaginal bleeding. Ultrasonic examinations indicate endometrial thickening.

Early endometrium cancer often has no specific appearance, and diagnostic curettage needs to be clear.When the cancer of the endometrium has been eroded to the muscle layer, the ultrasonic can indicate that the endometrium base line is unclear, the bonding echo is uneven, and the blood flow in the lesion is abundant.

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In recent years, the incidence of endometrium polyps has also increased significantly. Under ultrasound, a single or multiple medium intensity or slight echo of the uterine cavity can be seen in ultrasound.Can be diagnosed clearly.

Endocrine disorders, endometrial tuberculosis, post -abortion, and uterine cavity adhesion can lead to endometrial too thin, often manifested as low menstrual flow or even amenorrhea. It can be accompanied by infertility or embryos.Check the cause.

The increase in uterine may be the calamity caused by fibroids If the uterine body increases, there may be uterine fibroids or uterine adenocidal disease.Uterine fibroids are one of the common diseases of gynecology, and about 25%of childcare women suffer from uterine fibroids.

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Its ultrasound characteristics are enlarged and deformation of the uterine body, which can be manifested as multiple low echoes or medium echoes.Patients can often experience symptoms of menstruation, extension of menstruation, frequent urination, constipation, etc., or asymptomatic.Subcidial fibroids in uterine fibroids can affect fertility, and women of childbearing age need attention.

Uterine adenomyosis can also be manifested as an increase in uterine. Ultrasonic examinations can be seen that the uterus is spherical uniformity, the thickness of the front and rear walls is different, and the echo of the muscle layer is uneven.

When young women check ultrasound, the number of follicles is often prompted in the report. Is it necessary for the polycystic ovary syndrome?

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PolyCysticovariansyndrome (PCOS) is a ovulation disorders, with a incidence of about 5%to 10%, accounting for 75%of ovulation -free infertility.

There are often multiple follicles developing at the same time, but the follicles cannot develop mature without ovulation, manifested as after menstrual errors, less quantity, or even amenorrhea, or manifestations of irregular vaginal bleeding, often accompanied by hairy, obesity and infertility, etc.Senior ovarian increases and "necklace signs" (a piece of follicles of a cutting surface ≥ 12), and sex hormone examinations often increase in the level ofrogens.

The diagnostic guidelines of Chinese -cysts ovary syndrome emphasized that "menstrual scarcity or amenorrhea or irregular uterine bleeding is a conditional condition". Therefore, if only the number of ultrasound indicates that the number of follicles is largeCycum ovary syndrome.

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The occupying lesions in the accessories are also likely to cause patient tension.Attachment refers to the falling egg tube and ovarian.Ovarian is an important reproductive organ for women and the content that must be described in gynecological ultrasound reports.The ovary is flat oval, located on both sides of the uterus, one left and right.The ovaries of the nursery age are 3 to 4 cm long, 2 to 3 cm wide, about 1 cm thick, and the volume is about 4.1 to 5.7 cubic centimeters.

During the different periods of menstruation, the ovaries will change physiological changes such as follicles and luteum.Under normal circumstances, there are 4 to 5 follicles on the surface of the ovary around the 10th day of the menstrual cycle, of which 1 of more than 1 cm of advantageous follicles.

Ovulation may be ovulation when the advantageous follicular diameter is> 18 mm.After ovulation, it gradually forms a luteal. Ultrasonic may see low echoes on the ovaries, generally <5 cm.

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Therefore, if the gynecological ultrasound discovers a "cyst" with diameter of <5 cm in diameter, there is no need to panic, and the cycle of menstruation should be used to see if it is a physiological cyst.

Good and malignant tumors can also occur in this part.Ultrasound often gives a prompt: General benign tumors are relatively small, grow slowly, clear boundaries, mainly liquid dark areas, ultrasound often described as no echo, none of the small blood flow signal; and malignant tumors are often large, growth grows, growing upQuick, the border is unclear, the internal echo is messy or real echo, and the blood flow signal is abundant.

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Doctors will combine comprehensive judgments of clinical manifestations, tumor markers, etc., and depend on the pathological results of surgical resection tissue if necessary.

Gynecological B -ultrasound is only a means of assistance examination. The diagnosis of the disease still needs to be judged by doctors in combination with clinical symptoms, medical history, and examination and examination.Therefore, if an ultrasound is abnormal, you should not panic and go to the doctor in time.

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