Is the fetal hiccup a fetal movement? What the expectant mother wants to know

Taozi has been pregnant for 30 weeks. She obviously felt that her baby had obvious fetal movements in her belly recently, which made her usually add the fun of interacting with the baby in her belly. This change made her very happy.But recently, she can always feel that her baby suddenly jumps in her belly. She can feel the bulging place with her hands stroking. Sometimes this time is half a minute, and sometimes it can last a few times.In minutes or even ten minutes, Taozi was worried about whether the baby was uncomfortable in the stomach, and then sent a signal for help from his mother, so Taozi hurried to the hospital for diagnosis. The doctor told Taozi that this is actually the fetus is hiccups.Normal phenomenon, don’t worry.Let’s take a look at some of the situations about snoring.

1. The cause of the fetal hiccup

Fetal snoring is mainly because the lungs used by the fetus for breathing have not grown. The fetus needs to continue to swallow the amniotic fluid to perform respiratory training. During the swallowing process, the alveoli also develops.Cause.

2. Is the fetal hiccup harmful to the body?

Hiccumber is a normal physiological phenomenon, which is a reason to hiccups with our normal adults, but the fetal lungs have not been fully developed. They need to exercise breathing ability through swallowing amniotic fluid.It will stimulate the phenomenon of snoring, which is not harmful to the body.

3. Does the fetal hiccup have something to do with the mother?

Many people speculate that the fetal hiccups are because the mother eats too much, which causes the fetus to absorb excess nutrition, and it is similar to eating it. In fact, this statement is completely scientific.Direct relationship is just a phenomenon in self -development.

4. What can I know through the hiccup of the fetus

Many expectant mothers will care about the fetal position, especially the mothers who want to give birth. The fetal position is not positive will directly lead to changes in the production method. The normal fetal position should be facing the fetal head, the position of the fetal snoring should be on the left or right abdomen.The position of snoring can detect whether the fetal position is normal.

Pregnancy is a very special and beautiful experience of each mother. As the fetus grows grows, her interaction with her mother will gradually become more and very interesting, including the matter of snoring.Touching your belly with your hands can be clearly felt. This is like having a way to get close to the baby at close range, feel his existence, and feel the vigorous vitality of this little life.Hicccurning is a way of self -breathing training, and it is also a normal physiological reaction. If the expectant mother feels that the baby is snoring, she can gently stomach and talk to her gently. Maybe the baby can feel that the mother treats himWhat about love.

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