Is the high incidence of cancer in my country caused by oyster sauce?Can MSG, chicken essence, soy sauce, can you eat it?

There is nothing in many people, the only thing that is missing is the defense of cancer.

According to relevant surveys, the number of cancers in my country is nearly 4.62 million, which is a huge number. This means that more than 10,000 patients in my country will have cancer every day.

Cancer is like a devil that is not forgiven. Once it is stained with the body, it will cause devastating blows, which will cause the family to be affected to some extent and the patient’s body will suffer greater pain.


The nutritional ingredients of oyster sauce

Oyster sauce is the most common condiment in kitchen. Its nutritional value is also extremely rich. There are many nutrients such as fat, protein, inorganic salts, and sugar.Dark brown.

Oyster sauce itself is a composite condiment made of oysters or oysters as its own ingredients. After boiling and concentrated processing, it contains more than 18 amino acids in itselfA kind of amino acid component.

Amino acid is a unique ingredient in oyster sauce, and it also contains organic matter such as alcohol, organic acid, and ester.Oyster sauce itself is a kind of element needed by mammals. If it is lacking, it will affect the normal development of the body.


Is the high incidence of cancer in my country caused by oyster sauce?Can MSG, chicken essence, soy sauce, can you eat it?

Cancer is actually a type of lesions, mainly refers to the abnormal hyperplasia of local tissue cells under the action of various retention factors of the body and forming a local mass.

Generally, according to the pathological form of tumors, the degree of maturity grows, and the degree of harm to patients can be divided into two types: benign tumors and malignant tumors. Natural tumors are called tumors, and malignant tumors are called cancer.

This kind of cancer is mainly a malignant tumor that originated from epithelial tissue. Sabialarous is a malignant tumor that originated from tissue tissue. In fact, cancer in people’s popular sense actually refers to all malignant tumor problems.

Some people say that oyster sauce is carcinogenic, mainly because it comes from sodium glutamate. The carcinogenic risk is the same as its MSG chicken essence. It also contains a certain amount of sodium glutamate.

However, for the ingredients of sodium glutamate, it is also a safe food additive within the scope of the state, which can add food to the umami flavor. After hearing that sodium glutamate is heated, it will produce a carcinogen.Sodium, so oyster sauce is carcinogenic.

In fact, people’s views are only half -answered, so when the temperature rises to 120 ° C, sodium glutamate can release this kind of sodium caramel.The ingredients lost a delicious taste.

The saying that oyster sauce is carcinogenic is a rumor, but it may also have a certain risk of carcinogenic occurrence after the oyster sauce is stored at room temperature.


Can MSG, chicken essence, soy sauce, can you eat it?

—— MSG, chicken essence

In fact, MSG and chicken essence belong to the two kinds of flavors of the same homogeneity. Chicken essence is added on the basis of MSG, edible flavors and other ingredients. Compared with MSG chicken essence, it is better.

The reason why cancer treats cancer is mainly because it contains sodium glutamate. After heating the monosodium glutamate or chicken essence during cooking, it may be accompanied by sodium glutamate. HoweverLet the ingredients lose their own taste and do not need to worry about love.

If you want to keep the chicken essence and monosodium glutamate seasoning, then you should add it when you are out of the pot at 15, so as to avoid the temperature heating to 100 ° C, and at the same time, it can avoid its umami flavor.

–soy sauce

Soy sauce has also been buckled with carcinogenic hats. This is mainly because it contains a 4-metimimazole component, which is also buckled with 2B carcinogenic substances by the World Health Organization.

There are certain research on the human body and animals later, but there is no clear evidence that soy sauce can cause cancer.

However, the WHO Food Additives Joint Expert Committee, when evaluating the safety of 4-methylimzole, only has a very small amount of 4-metimimazole components in the caramel pigments in the food, which will not cause safety problems.

Soy sauce itself is a condiments with rich sodium content. After adding soy sauce when cooking and making soup, you must appropriately reduce the intake of salt.

The World Health Organization has actually listed alcohol as a carcinogen. Even if human beings have a clear carcinogenic substance, the metabolic products ethanol and acetic acid will destroy the DNA in the body after entering the human body.The decomposition occurs abnormal and causes risk of carcinogenic occurrence.


Use condiments, pay attention to eat healthy at 3 o’clock

Seasoning is an indispensable food in life. In daily life, everyone must do these things well to make them eat healthier.

For different condiments, their own way of preservation is different, such as fermented tempeh, shrimp sauce, bean curd, egg yolk sauce, peanut butter, chili sauce, etc.It is stored in the refrigerator to avoid the breeding of bacteria.


When many people are making food, they like to amplify a amount of seasoning to cover up the taste of the food itself. The unit price of condiments must be appropriate. Do not too much, otherwise it will affect the nutritional value of the food itself.

Pay attention to the shelf life

When your condiments are in Kaifeng, the microorganisms in the environment may enter the interior of the real thing when you open it, which will cause it to oxidize harmful substances, which may continue to breed during this period.

When using condiments, everyone must pay more attention to their own shelf life. When expired, they must be thrown away in time, and do not use it anymore.

Pay attention to use

Oyster sauce fish dew chicken essence and other condiments. You can add it when you rent a pot at 15 pieces. This can avoid the loss of nutrients and adjust the taste of the food itself.

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