Is the navel eye pain normal during pregnancy?It is always related to these 4 reasons, 50%are caused by pregnant mothers

Introduction: Is the belly and eye occasionally pain in the third trimester?

My younger sister is now pregnant for more than 30 weeks, and sometimes I feel that my belly button hurts, and I don’t know what’s going on.When I hurt, I didn’t dare to touch it with my hands.She asked me if I had this feeling. I thought about it and had a similar feeling, but it was not very strong, and it was just fine soon.The two of us look for the reason together to see how it was caused and could it be relieved.

@D pregnant mother for more than 1:35 weeks. The navel eyes are a bit protruding these days.

@2: I am pregnant for 26 weeks+5 days, and my navel eye hurts around my belly button. I do n’t know what’s going on. It hurts for a day.

@3: Now I am 6 and a half months pregnant. Recently, the teacher’s belly button hurts. The doctor said that the child is bigger to support the uterus.

@4: I am 23 weeks of pregnancy+, whether lying down or standing up, my belly button hurts.After lying for a long time, getting up and walking like a mouth, it hurts down.

@5: In the third trimester, walking the navel eye hurts when wearing pants.

The problems of these pregnant mothers’ reactions are more typical and generally significant. Seeing that they all say so, a stone in our hearts finally let go.

In summary, the navel eye pain generally has the following situations, which are normal. You can see how to relieve it according to the situation.

1. The fetus increases and the belly is enlarged

By the time of the third trimester, the fetus reached the upsurge, and it will grow from 1 catties to about 6 pounds.The fetus has increased rapidly, and the uterus is rapidly expanding.The belly button was stretched with a large belly, and the surrounding skin became thin and fragile. If they were not careful, the navel eyes were painful.

2. Filial movement influence

By the third trimester, the fetal movement was active, and the power of fetal movement was great.When the fetus moves to a certain position, it may stand up to the navel eyes, or it will pull the skin near the navel eyes to make the navel eyes pain.

The above two cases indicate that the fetal development is normal and healthy, and don’t be anxious.As long as the navel eyes do not have the symptoms of redness and purulent water, don’t worry.Keep a pleasant mood, do a good job of production, pay attention to diet health, pay attention to personal hygiene, and wait for the rapid changes in your body.

3. Clothing

Because the skin near the navel eyes is very thin, once the part is rubbed, it will become painful.So don’t wear too tight clothes. You can wear loose cotton maternity maternity pants, strap pants, or slightly low -waist clothes to empty the navel eyes. Without clothes rubbing, the symptoms of the navel eye pain will be relieved.

4. Don’t pay attention to bathing

If you accidentally buckle your belly button when you take a bath, the navel eyes will hurt.Whether it is to take a bath or usual, do not buckle the navel eyes, accidental abdominal pain will cause abdominal pain.If you have dirty things at the navel, you can soften it with olive oil, and wipe it gently with a cotton swab to avoid excessive force.

Do not rub your belly hard when you take a bath. When interacting with your baby, pay attention to the movement lightly. Do not turn around greatly.

In short, it is normal for the abdomen and eye pain in the third trimester. Have you encountered it during pregnancy?The new second child Bao Ma, senior childcare teacher, personalized training instructor, Qingyun plan winner, was invited by multiple platforms.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.Original this article!

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