Is the ovulation period on the day after menstruation?Teach you to calculate the ovulation period, hurry up and see if you prepare for pregnancy

Many women are unsuccessful because they are not allowed to ovulate during ovulation.I don’t know if they enter the ovulation period a few days after menstruation, resulting in the life of husband and wife after menstruation clean, unsuccessful pregnancy preparation may cause women’s diseases.

For couples who are preparing for pregnancy, if you want to increase the pregnancy preparation rate, you must grasp the ovulation period and make full preparations if you succeed in pregnancy, so that the chance of successful pregnancy will be much higher.

When will the women enter the ovulation period after the menstruation is over?

Generally, women’s ovulation periods are calculated based on the menstrual cycle.For example, around the 14th day before menstruation, the ovulation day is about the five days before this day and the four days after this day. This ten days is the ovulation period, but this calculation method is only suitable for women with the laws of menstrual cycle.

Therefore, for women with stable and regular menstrual cycles, they usually enter the ovulation period 7 days after menstruation.If it is a woman with irregular menstruation, you can use ovulation test strips for detection.

In fact, when the ovulation period comes, some characteristics will appear in the body. If you understand these characteristics, you will also help you judge that it may be the ovulation period as soon as possible, and you can seize the timing of conception.

What signals will appear in the body during ovulation?

1. The most obvious, increased secretions

During ovulation, women’s body secretions increase.Generally, when the menstruation is just over, the secretion will be very small. After a few days, it is found that there is an increase in leucorrhea, and this secretion is like egg white.

This shows that it has entered the ovulation period, and the secretions of cervical mucus increase. At this time, leucorrhea will also increase accordingly, it is the body is preparing for ovulation.You can grasp this feature, make the same room, and increase the chance of pregnancy.

2. Small abdominal pain

The two ovaries of women are ovulation alternately. Only one side of the ovaries on the ovaries every month will discharge eggs, and next month will ovulation.

When the ovaries are discharged from the ovaries, when the eggs are mature, they will break through the foam and then enter the fallopian tube. At the moment of breaking through the filter, the abdomen will feel pain.

People with a sensitive body can easily capture this phenomenon.If women are about a week after their menstruation is over, if you feel that the lower abdomen has slight tearing pain, this may be the signal of ovulation, so pay attention to grab this signal.

3. The body temperature has increased

Under normal circumstances, our body temperature is maintained in a balanced state, but the physical temperature of women’s ovulation will rise.

If it is a woman who prepares during pregnancy, you can record your body temperature by measuring daily. If you find that the body temperature rises in a few days after the monthly passes, it may be that the ovulation period will come when the body temperature rises and the elevation is about 0.5.

4. Trace bleeding phenomenon

Because the ovaries can also secrete hormones, hormones in women in women can fluctuate and change before and after ovulation, which will cause a small amount of bleeding in the uterus. This is also the daily ovulation bleeding.

If bleeding during ovulation is only a small amount, it is normal. Women do not have to worry about it. If the amount of bleeding is large, it is just a menstrual period.

Therefore, if you are preparing for a pregnancy, find the chance of ovulation through multiple methods or signals that appear in the body, which can increase the chance of your conception.I hope that women during pregnancy are pregnant.

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