Is the oyster oyster?Its nutrition is particularly prominent

Oyster is one of the important breeding shellfish in my country. It is commonly known as oyster yellow, oysters, and oysters. It is generally believed that oysters and oysters are the same creatures. They are mostly called oysters in the south of my country. A classification of oysters.

There are many types of oysters. Because the form of shell changes greatly with the habitat, it is easy to lead to classification of category by relying on the morphological characteristics of shells. At present, the types of oysters are analyzed in combination with the morphological characteristics of oysters and molecular marks. There are 36 kinds of oysters. There are currently no national surveys in my country. Only investigations in coastal areas such as Fujian and Guangdong have found 5-6 kinds of oysters.

1. Oyster contains zinc content

Oyster is rich in protein, which is 10.9%, and the fat content is only 1.5%. It is a veritable high -protein and low -fat food.Oyster also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals, of which zinc content is particularly prominent. Each 100 grams of oysters can reach 71.2 mg.

Zinc is an essential trace element for the human body, which constitutes a variety of enzymes and metal proteins in the body. It participates in a series of important physiological processes, especially for male sexual function and children’s growth and development.

It should be noted that trace elements are beneficial to human health under the appropriate amount, and often excessive damage to health.Adult male zinc recommends 12.5 mg daily intake. The zinc intake of two or two oysters is far beyond the required amount of the human body. Therefore, it is not recommended to eat too much oyster. It is not recommended to eat every day.

2. N way of eating oysters

Eating raw: Recommended index ★★★

In terms of taste, raw eating should be the first choice. This is the most authentic way of eating.Wash the oyster shell and pry open. Dip the oyster meat dipped in sauce or add some lemon juice.

However, raw eating has high requirements for the growth of oysters and its own quality. The breeding environment must be strictly controlled. There is no pollution of pathogenic bacteria. Oysters in some producing areas are indeed suitable for raw eating, but it is difficult for us to eat oysters to meet this requirement.EssenceFrom a healthy perspective, oysters are delicious, and they should be cautious.

Steame: Recommended index ★★★★★★

Wash the oysters clean, pry open, leave one side of the shell, and steam it on the boiling pot for 5 minutes. Use soy sauce, vinegar, mustard and other dipping stapts according to your taste.You can also adjust the seasoning such as garlic juice and steam on the oyster meat in advance, and there is no need to dip the sauce.Stepy oysters are tender and smooth, and are convenient for saving. It is recommended to eat healthy ways.

Bake: Recommended index ★★★★★★

Pry open the oyster, leave one side of the shell, wash and drain the water for later use; cut minced garlic, mix of pepper, mix with edible oil, add salt and mix well; put the oysters on the charcoal fire, bake it while baking, add the adjusted juice, or bakePour the juice first, put it in the oven and bake.Baked oysters spray fragrance and are very popular.In addition to garlic fragrance, you can also make roasted oysters with original flavors such as original and fragrant flavors.

Make porridge: Recommended index ★★★★★★

Take out the oyster meat, blanch it with boiling water (do not need to be cooked), and cut it for later use, use japonica rice to porridge, and finally add oysters, minced Artemisiah, ginger and ginger for 5 minutes, and sprinkle a little shallots.Oyster porridge is easy to digest and is very suitable for children and the elderly.

In addition to the above -mentioned ways of eating, you can also fried oysters, oysters, fried oysters, etc., which can be described as all kinds of ways of eating. Everyone can play.

3. Precautions for eating oysters

Choose the fresh oysters with a closed oyster shell to go home and pry open by yourself, and eat it as soon as possible.If you go to the shell, or go to a barbecue restaurant to eat oysters, you have to take a closer look at whether you smell fresh.

Many people like to eat raw, thinking that this is the tenderness of the most delicious oysters.However, oysters are filter -feed shellfish, which is easy to enrich the pathogenic microorganisms in the body, especially Nuo Ru Virus and Portal Hemorrhea. There are many incidents that cause food poisoning due to eating oysters every year.

Therefore, the delicious and valuable price is more valuable, and the health price is higher. If the quality of the oysters is not sure, you should avoid eating oysters and the cooking should be heated in place.Can’t save you.

Affected by the pollution of marine environment, many seafood faces the problem of over -standard pollutants such as heavy metals.If the oyster grows in the polluted waters, it may contain more metals in the body. Occasionally, you can taste it. It is not advisable to eat it every day.

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