Is there a left ovarian cyst 50 days pregnant, will it affect the baby?

B -ultrasound is mainly divided into two types of ovarian cysts.

One is a physiological cyst, that is, a normal cyst, this cyst includes follicular cyst lutein cysts.

The second category is pathological cysts, and pathological cysts indicate that ovaries and fallopian tubes may have diseases.It is necessary to further diagnose and treat.

Let’s explain the physiological cysts: that is, normal cysts.

What is a follicular cyst?

Menstruation normal follicle development. Women with a menstrual cycle of 28-30 days before ovulation, the menstrual cycle can be seen at 10-14 days.1-3cm, if ovulation promotes ovulation a month, then the ovaries are more and larger in the ovaries at this time.

The characteristic of follicle cysts is that the capsule liquid is clarified, and the cyst wall is very smooth.Therefore, many women’s physical examinations are found to be ovarian cysts. Generally, it is recommended that the menstrual cycle is fifth or menstruation is cleaned immediately.

The reason for the selection of the review at this time was that the follicles were shrinking last month, and this month’s follicles have not grown.If the cyst is gone at this time, then the last time the cyst may be a physiological cyst, a follicular cyst or lutein cyst. It doesn’t matter, don’t ignore her, rest assured to sleep.

What is lutein cyst?

The luteum cyst also discharged the eggs out of the follicles, and the remaining tissue forms a luteal.

The echo is a bit complicated in the characteristics of luteum cysts, and B -ultrasound is often described as a mixed echo.If the eggs discharged out of the month are not pregnant, there is no task in the luteal cyst, and it shrinks out by itself.

If you are pregnant, luteal cysts continue to increase, secreting more progesterone to maintain pregnancy.At this time, the name of the luteum cysts turned into pregnancy luteal.

Therefore, when the B time of pregnancy is often found, the ovaries are often found. If the cyst is within 5cm, doctors generally consider pregnancy luteal cysts first.At this time, ovarian cysts belong to normal cysts. By about 70 days of pregnancy, when the luteal function is slowly replaced by the placenta, pregnancy luteal cysts complete their mission, slowly shrink and disappear.

Pathological cyst

Including ovarian tumors, ovarian chocolate cysts, attachment inflammation blocks.

These cysts are characterized by reviewing after menstruation. The cysts will not shrink, and the size is not changed.Or B -ultrasound looks messy.These cysts need timely treatment.

If I have not been pregnant in the past year, I have done a B -ultrasound and no ovarian cysts are found. Ovarian cysts are found in the early stages of pregnancy.

If I haven’t been checked before, the first time I discovered that the possibility of luteal cysts is high, but for the sake of insurance, after 3 months of pregnancy, it will be reviewed.If there is no, it is also prompted for normal cysts.

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