Is there a pelvic effusion that is not easy to conceive?Don’t worry too much, just deal with it actively

In terms of pelvic effusion, it is not easy to get pregnant. In terms of the classification, physiological pelvic effusion is not a bad thing for women, so it has no impact on women’s pregnancy.However, if women’s pelvic effusion is pathological, it is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment, otherwise it will easily affect conception.Of course, if there is a pelvic inflammatory disease, as long as you actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, it will have no impact on the right of women to be mothers.

According to the clinical medicine of gynecology, most women suffer from pelvic effusion are mainly due to inflammation. The source of this inflammation is mainly because the patient’s pelvic cavity exists in inflammatory secretions.If this inflammatory secretion is not treated and controlled when this inflammatory secretion just appears, the inflammatory secretion will accumulate more and more, and the area of infection will gradually become larger.When there are too many effusion in the pelvic cavity, it will not have too much effect with drugs for treatment, and surgery needs to be performed.The pathological pelvic effusion of women is mostly caused by the attachments in the pelvic cavity being infected with inflammation or the endometrium.

Female patients who have inflammation appear in pelvic attachments should pay more attention to personal hygiene, because most of the female patients in pelvic inflammatory disease have ignored some sanitary details, such as the sexual life of sexual life just after the menstruation ended and the gynecological surgery was not available.How long, during the menstrual period, the experience of pots of pots, and unexpected pregnancy to go to the hospital for disinfection.

What are the causes of pelvic inflammatory disease?

1. The menstrual period was not hygienic, resulting in pelvic inflammatory disease caused by bacterial invasion infections.This is because the endometrium of the uterine period during menstruation is slightly open. At this time, if a clean sanitary napkin, sexual life, and cleaning are used, pelvic inflammation will occur.

2. Improper gynecological surgery, leading to infection.During the operation of gynecological surgery, if the operation is improper, there is inflammation itself. In addition, it will cause postoperative infections and postoperative pelvic inflammatory disease.

3. The nearby organs have inflammation and infringe infection. If the organs near the reproductive organs occur, if inflammation occurs, it may also spread to the pelvic cavity, such as peritonitis and appendicitis. When these organs are inflammated, if not treated in time, pelvic inflammatory disease can also cause pelvic inflammatory disease inflammatory inflammatory inflammationEssence

If it is a physiological pelvic effusion, it will not affect pregnancy, but if it is pathological, it will affect normal conception.But in any case, it is the best way to treat in time after finding that you have gynecological diseases.

Guide expert: Zhang Yunmei, deputy dean of the Second People’s Hospital of Dunhua City, Jilin Province, director of obstetrics and gynecology.

He has been engaged in clinical work of obstetrics and obstetrics, and is proficient in the diagnosis and treatment of common diseases and diseases of obstetrics and gynecology. He has profound accomplishments in obstetric emergency, infertility, endocrine, and menopause.

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