Is there a relationship with the baby in the future?There are really scientific principles behind this

Recently, a new documentary on station B was called "The First Time of Life". Last weekend, I watched the first episode "Before the First Birth of Life | Before the First Cry".: It’s so easy to cry!

This episode talks about the difficulty of mothers during childbirth: pain, anxiety, some even betting, but they are always full of expectations and longing for new life.

"Before seeing you, I have started to love you."

Among them, the last story is particularly touching. The mother who is pregnant with twins is cool. During the 27 weeks of pregnancy, the surgery that urgently needs to be performed in the heart of the heart was detected because the fetus was too small and could not be taken out of the section, otherwise there would be a high risk of hemorrhage;

In the surgery, the chances of fetal death are 30%. In short, the adventure is to face the mother and the children in the belly together.

When the child’s father, Wang Xiang, signed the surgical risk confirmation letter, and forbearance collapsed.

But under such a huge pressure, this chubby husband with a very good personality is still comforting his wife in a humorous tone, and his wife’s state is extremely brave.

It’s hard to imagine that she is thin, and she is so strong when she is lying on the bed. Why is she so strong?

The conversation between the two sons, let us find some answers-

Husband said that a wife dreamed at night and called the two names "Spring He and Jingming". The wife said: This is the name of our children in the future.From "Yueyang Tower".

Husband said: You are too culture, and even the children’s name dreamed.

The wife smiled embarrassed.

Although the atmosphere is easy, it is really distressing.

But Chunhe and Jingming are really beautiful names.

The complete sentence in "Yueyang Tower" is: "Ruochun and Jingming, the waves are not shocked, the upper and lower sky, a thousand hectares …"

I think: This mother’s heart must be thought that the children can expect that the children can be like a gentle spring light, which is not shocked, stable and bright.

The process of surgery is very nervous: During the in vitro circulation, the mother’s heartbeat stopped at one time. The doctor must strive to cine, cut off the broken valve, and a hole in the treatment of the arteries.Confirm whether the child has a heartbeat.

Fortunately, the operation finally completed smoothly, the mother’s heartbeat slowly recovered, and the two children had been rhythmic heartbeat.

The surgery was successful. At more than one o’clock in the afternoon, after the wife woke up, she could already talk to her husband with a smile.

More than a month later, the child was born in a cesarean section in the same hospital. Two healthy boys -Chunhe and Jingming.

The child’s father, weeping …

The whole process seemed to really confirm the dream of "spring and Jingming, waves of waves,", which can be described as shocking and rising.

Speaking of the baby dream, is it really amazing?In Freud’s "Analysis of Dreams", it is believed that dreams represent the subconscious of people.Dreams are also a psychological mapping of human brain for reality or future.

For fetal dreams, some people say: The baby dream is the initial conversation of the baby and mother in the stomach ~

Perhaps it was this magical dream that passed to Chun and Jingming’s mother’s great courage to calm her.

By the way, do you have any interesting fetal dreams during pregnancy?

We interviewed a large circle and found that the dream of fetal dreams is really a topic that specializes in the sharing of mothers. The daily dreams may not remember clearly, but the dream of fetal dreams is always remembered.The same is the same:

宁 There is such a beautiful and quiet and vivid vision:

I have done many dreams during the baby in Huaibao, and the most impressive thing should be dreaming during the first pregnancy protection.

In my dream, in the yard when I was a kid, there was a green hill climbing tiger on the wall. There was a small door in the inconspicuous place in the corner of the wall. Climbing from the door was a garden.There is a tree in the distance, walking over to see a flower on the tree, a small pink flower, and the stamens are yellow.There was a breeze in the dream at the time, and the whole person was very calm and particularly peaceful.

After waking up, he believes that he will have a daughter, and the fetus is kept. You don’t need to get an injection every day haha.

@ @快 ~

When I was pregnant, I dreamed that I got off the tourist bus and saw the particularly shocking Xinghe. It was suspected that the Galaxy fell for nine days. It poured down like a waterfall and flowed into the big river. The shock was unforgettable for life!

I also dreamed of sitting on the panoramic high -speed rail, and quickly passed the high -altitude of the forest in the sky, like a 3D realistic blockbuster; then got out of the car, the scene in front of the diplomatic ambassador visited abroad, just like walking into the forest of the world,Too beautiful fetal dreams, the baby is two years old, and his memory is still fresh.

@Mirror ^

折 There is also a wave of nightmares that are three -fold and suffering from losses:

I don’t know how to dream during pregnancy. I dreamed that I had a small elephant and walked into the woods. There was still a small elephant in the woods.

Lying on the ground, a lot of blood flowed, and seeing that he was about to die, I especially wanted to save him.

At this time, someone came out and asked me desperately. Is it a small male elephant or a small mother in my hand?Ask and always ask, I am particularly anxious.

I felt that the little public elephant could not be saved, and finally said in a hurry: Little mother.

After two weeks later, I knew that I was just a week of pregnancy at that time, and then I couldn’t remember dreams, but that dream remembers particularly clear.

I was a little taboo in my heart, I was afraid that the child was a boy, so I felt that I would be worried.

Do you think that the child will not grow or not, and later you know that it is a girl.

@ @

When I was pregnant, I dreamed that I had a baby, and then my mother immediately hugged the baby away happily.

I chased my stomach in the back and said, you are optimistic about my mother, don’t lose your child!

Because my mother is sloppy ~

My mother has always been very sloppy, and when I was a kid, I fell into the urine basin.

But in my heart, I might always be thinking that my mother would help me bring my baby, but I was still a little worried, so I had such a strange and a little funny dream.


特 There are also some abstract dreams of specific symbols–

For example, you will dream of snakes, dreams, and some specific images, and people will easily speculate on the gender of the fetus in the future based on them.When guessing is verified, you feel that the baby dream is very spiritual; if the result is reversed, people will say: dreams are reversed.

This type of fetal dream about gender has more components that are interesting, and there is no exact scientific basis.

The day before I was going to be born, I dreamed that the doctor gave me a B -ultrasound. I asked the doctor, I am going to give birth tomorrow.

You tell me that it is a man or a woman, and the doctor said: You look at the screen yourself.

Then there was a screen of snake.

The full -screen snakes are all entangled.

As a result, as I guess, a boy was born the next day.

@ @单

It’s not allowed, and my girlfriend dreamed of being dragged away by a big python at that time.

@ @ @

My mother said that when she was pregnant with me, she dreamed that she was sitting on a chat with my third aunt. I came in with a rose. My mother saw it and jumped up and grabbed it. I wanted it.

As a result, my mother was pregnant than her sister first, and gave birth to me. A water spirit girl with "flowers like jade" (hahaha, beating me).

The dream I made before I gave birth to my daughter was the purple grapes of the vine.At the time, some people said that they dreamed that grapes were sons, and some said they were daughters.

@ @ @

But no matter what type of fetal dreams, when the mothers talk about it, they are all dancing. After all, although it is a dream, it is the original "contact signal" with the baby in the belly ~

When talking about the shortness of the parents or discussing in the girlfriend group, I always get used to the mysterious and dreamy color of the baby’s dream.But in fact, behind the dream of fetal dreams, there is really scientific reason.

We specially consulted the popular science information of the National Sleep Foundation and shared with everyone about the small secrets of "fetal dreams".

● Many women find that they are more likely and more fierce and vivid after they are pregnant. Why?

The changing hormones lead to a stronger and more frequent dream.

Pregnant women are often prone to fatigue and more drowsiness, which can explain why they have more dreams.

Finally, pregnant women may often spend some time thinking about their children, childbirth, and new life with their children.These ideas, fantasies and fear in dreams, sometimes even showing normal in nightmares.

● Why do you remember so clearly?

It is related to changes in sleep rhythm.Pregnant women wake up at night because they are moving in the uterus or needed to go to the toilet.These awakenings may occur in the middle of the dream cycle, which leads to stronger dream memory.

● How to deal with unpleasant dreams?

The nightmare during pregnancy may be a healthy method for venting pressure and anxiety.

However, unpleasant dreams, especially nightmares during pregnancy, may be confusing.You can reduce the frequency of occurrence of their occurrence by discussing any anxiety symptoms about pregnancy, childbirth or pregnancy.

Follow the sleeping skills commonly used by pregnant women, such as avoiding too much liquid before going to bed and practicing relaxation skills.And please rest assured, no study shows that the terrible dreams during pregnancy will have any impact on your healthy baby’s health.

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