Is there a ugly black line on the belly during pregnancy?Different from stretch marks, this is the true face of the black line

Text 丨 Fulin Mummy

Maybe the prospective dad does not understand that the change of pregnancy to women’s bodies is not just the belly becomes larger, but also the terrible stretch marks, the skin becomes dull, the neck and other local skin tone becomes black, and the belly has an inexplicable black line.

For pregnant mothers who love beauty, although these problems can usually be hidden, we still make us quite mind.

In the process of I was pregnant with Dabao, there were always other Baoma said that I was lucky. Not only did she not have stretch marks, but her skin condition was better, but there was a black line in the middle of my belly, which made me always feel worried.When communicating with other pregnant mothers, I found that some of the "black lines" are long and short, and some are deep and shallow. Some people say that this is related to the boy who is pregnant with a girl.

Later, through learning, I learned about the true face of this black line.

The black line that appears on the stomach during pregnancy is called a pregnancy line. It is actually an important anatomical symbol of the human body. It grows in the middle of the human.Essence

In fact, this is not only available after pregnancy, but it has always been there, but the color is very shallow. It is a "white line" and the skin is no different. It is during the pregnancy.Obviously.

Many Baoma knows that the secretion of estrogen androgen is unbalanced during pregnancy. This imbalance will cause the bottom layer of the skin to deposit, and the pigment is easy to worsen."Turned into a black line.

Most women will grow this line after pregnancy, but since the cause of the occurrence is related to the level of hormones, the hormone levels of each pregnant mother are different, and the basic metabolic conditions are different. ThereforeSome are shallow, some can extend to the chest, and some are relatively short. This is normal, usually more hair, and the deeper the pregnancy line with more pigment precipitation.

The pregnancy line is generally formed in the early stages of pregnancy, that is, between 2 and 4 months, and some pregnant mothers also appeared after 5 months of pregnancy. It is worth a happy that within one year after giving birth, as the hormone level decreases, during pregnancy, during pregnancy, the pregnancy period is during pregnancy.The abnormal pigmentation will gradually fade, and this pregnancy line will gradually disappear, so pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much.

Some Baoma thought of stretch marks as soon as she saw this pregnancy line, worried that it would affect her perception and nervous.

The production of stretch marks is that the skin elasticity of the skin is not enough to support the gradual abdominal circumference and the legs of the legs and the muscle fiber break. This break is generally irreplaceable, so it is difficult to disappear by stretch marks, which will last long affect the beauty.But as mentioned above, most Baoma’s pregnancy lines will disappear within one year after giving birth. In the face of the pregnancy line, you don’t have to be as nervous as in the face of stretch marks.

1. The deeper the pregnancy line shows the boy?

There is such a saying that "female beautiful mother, male ugly mother" means that if the boy is pregnant, then the increase in therogens during pregnancy will make the pregnant mother ugly. If it is a girl, then it is an increase in estrogen.It will make the mother’s skin better.

This is really a rumor with "scientific truth".

Regardless of the gender of the fetus, female hormones have increased a lot of estrogen levels, and the level ofrogen levels increase slightly, instead of taking therogens for granted, and girls increase estrogen.

2. The pregnancy line shows that the boy is pregnant?

The pregnancy line is left to the left or right, which is also normal, mainly because each pregnant mother is unbalanced secretion of the level of estrogen androgen, and the fetal fetus may be tilted left and right."Middle division", which does not show the gender of the fetus, and does not affect the health of the fetus.

In short, this pregnancy line has nothing to do with the gender of the fetus, and the impact on the beauty value of the pregnant mother is only temporary. After the end of pregnancy, it will gradually return to normal. The expectant mothers don’t have to worry about it!What needs to be relaxed during pregnancy is a better choice for yourself and your baby.

If you are worried that the other half of the other half that you feel is ugly, then such a mentality is not healthy enough. First of all, the truth of life is like this.It brings some impacts, even the stretch marks that are difficult to eliminate, from another perspective, it is a unique medal for mothers. Do not let these affect our mood, but also have confidence in the other half!

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