Is this illness easily ignored during pregnancy?Women’s high fever does not think it is a cold, and urinary tract infection causes sepsis

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Urinary tract infection is one of the common diseases of women.In the past week, 3 pregnant women with acute pyelonephritis have been treated with kidney disease and rheumatology and immunology department of Changsha Central Hospital.Among them, Zhang Ying (pseudonym), who was 5 months pregnant, was diagnosed with "acute pyelonephritis, infectious shock, sepsis, hypocity", and the disease was critical.

At 7 pm on September 24th, Zhang Ying, who had been pregnant for 5 months, was transferred from the local hospital to the Changsha Central Hospital’s kidney disease and rheumatology from the local hospital for treatment.

(Patients are still hospitalized)

Wen Rui, deputy chief physician of the Department of Nephrine and Rheumatology of Changsha Middle Hospital, recalled, "When the patient was admitted to the hospital, he had a high fever one night and a temperature of 40.1 ° C.Display white blood cell count: 15.37 × 10^9/L (normal count 3.5 ~ 9.5 × 10^9/L), urine sediment detection of white blood cell 2073.6/ul, bacteria 5280.5/ul, all indicators are seriously exceeded, and the diagnosis is acute as acute as acute.Pyelonephritis, sepsis, hypokalemia. "

"I don’t know if it will be so serious. Since I have a fever, I always thought it was a cold. After I arrived at the hospital, I knew it was caused by urinary tract infection." Zhang Ying, who was receiving anti -infection treatment, said that there was no symptom before, so I didn’t know my pregnancy during pregnancy.Urinary tract infection.

Wen Rui introduced that cystitis, acute pyelonephritis and chronic pyelonephritis occur during pregnancy, collectively referred to as pregnancy with urinary tract infections.

What are the main causes of women’s urinary tract infection during pregnancy?

1. Women’s urethra mouth is located in the vulva, adjacent to the vaginal opening and anus. During pregnancy, the secretions of women’s vagina will increase accordingly, making the perineal humid.Polluted the urethral opening.

2. Uterine compression that gradually increases after pregnancy. The ureter is passively expanded. At the same time, the tension of the wall of the urethra is reduced and the peristalsis will be weakened and slowed under the action of progesterone.

3. Pregnant women’s urine contain nutrients such as glucose and amino acids, which are conducive to bacterial growth.

4. In the late pregnancy, the expansion of the uterus compress the bladder and ureter, which can cause poor urine flow and urinary retention.The remained urine is not only irritating to the mucosa of the urinary tract, but also easy to create convenient conditions for bacterial breeding.

5. Bacterial displacement.Squeezing the intestinal tube of the uterine of pregnancy causes constipation, and it is easy to invade the bacteria from the intestines from the intestinal tube through the lymphatic system into the urethra, bladder, ureter and pyelone.

Wen Rui emphasized that during the entire pregnancy, the resistance of women’s body was reduced, and the pathogenic bacteria were easily "entering".In addition to the urinary tract infection, bacteria infected in other parts can spread to the urinary system through blood circulation, which can also cause urinary tract infection.

During pregnancy, urinary tract infection is not a trivial matter. Once the infection is severe, it may cause intrauterine infection.

Therefore, Wen Rui reminded women during pregnancy to pay special attention to preventing and identifying the occurrence of urinary tract infections.Pregnant women suffer from urinary tract infection, especially after pyelonephritis, most patients will have symptoms of urinary tract stimulation such as chills, high fever, low back pain and frequent urination, urgency, and urinary pain.However, some of the patients only manifest as lumbaric acid discomfort without other symptoms, and they are often easily ignored.

"Active prevention during pregnancy can effectively prevent the occurrence of urinary tract infection." Wen Rui suggested that pregnant women should appropriately increase nutrition and enhance physical fitness; control houses; insist on cleaning the vulva daily and change their underwear; regularly go to the hospital for routine urine examination.

Even if there is no symptoms of urinary tract infection, you should check the urine routine every half a month or a month in order to discover the problem in time; if the diagnosis of urinary tract infections in the diagnosis of pregnant women, you must be actively treated under the guidance of a doctor.Condition.

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Hunan Medical Chat Special Author: Bai Liping Qin Lu, Changsha Middle Hospital

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