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A few months ago, Ms. Li got up every morning and felt disgusting. She had no usual energy at work.The days of pregnancy gradually grew, and her nausea and vomiting became more and more serious. What to eat and vomited, sometimes even bile spit it out. The pain of vomiting made Ms. Li overwhelmed.People were also thin. When they went to the hospital, they found that the urine was positive. The doctor suggested that the hospitalization infusion was observed.

At the outpatient clinic of the Municipal Women and Children’s Healthcare Center, many pregnant mothers have suffered the pain of pregnancy reactions. They are generally about 40 days of pregnancy to within three months.Do not eat, vomit is food, gastric juice, bile, and even blood. Long -term severe vomiting and hunger cause dehydration, electrolyte balance disorders, metabolic acid poisoning, and even hospitalization observation.

Don’t vomit if you don’t eat it?

Some pregnant mothers are afraid of eating and vomiting because they vomit too much, and they are gradually afraid of eating. In order not to vomit, they simply do not eat.Chen Jie, deputy chief physician of the Municipal Women and Child Health Care Center, said that this is a big misunderstanding. Being a mother needs perseverance. Although the experience of vomiting is painful, he still must adhere to eating and pay attention to nutritional balance.

3 months before pregnancy, it is not only the heaviest period of early pregnancy reactions, but also the critical period for the formation of various organs of embryo. At this time, pay attention to the nutritional needs of pregnant women and embryos. Generally, slight anorexia and vomiting will not have a great impact on the fetus.However, if the pregnant woman’s physique and poor nutrition before pregnancy, anorexia and vomiting can not only affect the nutritional needs of the pregnant woman themselves, but also affect the intake of nutrients required for embryonic development, especially affecting the intake of protein, folic acid and some trace elements.Essence

At this time, pregnant mothers can "be appropriate" in their diets. When they can eat, eat more things they want to eat, try to satisfy the appetite of pregnant women as much as possible. At the same time, they should also find the law of vomiting and change their eating habits.Most of the pregnancy reaction is to get up in the morning or after breakfast. Therefore, you can eat a little grilled buns and salty biscuits before getting up. The phenomenon of reaction in the afternoon is generally reduced.It is better to eat less food.

my country’s people have always used acidic foods to ease the practice of vomiting during pregnancy, and even use acidic drugs to stop vomiting. These methods are not advisable. Do not take anti -vomiting drugs if you have pregnancy reactions to avoid causing fetal malformations. Left and right, preferably not eat or eat acidic foods or acidic drugs (such as vitamin C, aspirin, etc.).Those with severe vomiting should go to the hospital early to ask doctors for necessary treatment to prevent adverse effects on the health of pregnant women and the development of embryos.

Happy mood is the key

Director Chen introduced that pregnant women with unstable neurological function and tension are more common in vomiting. Vomiting is related to autonomous nerve dysfunction. It is important to maintain a relaxed mood. It is important to avoid staying up late and excessive tension. Fresh air can reduce the feeling of nausea.Therefore, it is very beneficial to the air circulation of good air outdoor walking and maintaining air circulation in the room.

Twitter Tips

1. Take a vitamin B6 under the guidance of a doctor.

2. Change the dietary habits:

(A) Eat in a small amount of meals and eat every 2 to 3 hours. Do not overeating.Avoid foods that are greasy, fried, and artificially fragrant.Foods containing protein or carbohydrates will not make the stomach excessively swell and eat more fruits and vegetables.

(b) Try to avoid lying as much as possible after eating. It should maintain an upright posture for a period of time (about 20 minutes) to avoid nausea caused by gastric acid reverse flow.

(C) After getting up in the morning, eating a small amount of bread, milk, soda, or gauze can improve the nausea.

3. Pregnant women’s sense of smell is more sensitive, and try to stay away from the smell of oil fume in the kitchen.

4. Avoid touching the pharynx when brushing your teeth.

5. Keep a relaxed mood, avoid staying up late and excessive tension.

6. Ginger soup is a kind of food that is used to treat nausea and vomiting. This is a good choice for pregnant women who are not afraid of ginger flavor.

Article Source Q: Doctor website Wuhan Women and Children’s Healthcare Center

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