It feels like this two weeks after ovulation, and I am pregnant!

My basic temperature for my second child this time is basically measured when I just wake up at the same time in the morning.My base temperature has always been relatively low and low at the lowest temperature. When it is less than 36 degrees of Huaida Bao, the highest body temperature is only 36.8, which is only 36.6 36.7 more than 36.75 or more.

Most of the high temperature period of the two treasures of the two treasures this time is 36.6 and 36.7, but there will be one to two days to 36.8 or 36.81 and the highest and highest is only 36.82.It’s pregnant.

Let’s talk about the symptoms of this cycle first.David’s ovulation test strip was the strongest at 11 am on the morning of May 10th; at 7 pm; at 9 o’clock, it was obviously weakened; there was no body temperature of 36.37 on the same day.

[Details after ovulation]

On the first day of May 11 at 2 noon, a body temperature was 36.17 at a time

The body temperature rose 36.66 on the 12th the next day

On the third day, the body temperature is 36.55 without feeling

On the fourth day, the body temperature is 36.56 without feeling

On the fifth day and 15th, the body temperature is 36.67 without feeling

On the sixth day 16, the body temperature is 36.55 without feeling

On the seventh day 17th, the body temperature is 36.47 obviously cools down, but the body does not feel obviously

Day Eighth Day 18

The body temperature rose to 36.82 and did not obviously feel that I couldn’t help but test the David ZZY white and unwilling to test the test strip with David’s ovulation. I almost died at night.

Ninth Day 19

The body temperature is 36.7 even more disappointed, but at 7 or 8 in the evening, a different feeling is that the lower abdomen has obvious acupuncture and densely appear for 1, 2 hours.At about 9 o’clock, it disappeared and then a strong aunt felt a faint pain in the lower abdomen.The previous cycle also appeared auntie, but they all appeared 4 or 5 days long ago, and there would be no on the 9th day.

Tenth Day 20

Auntie still feels faint abdomen and has been faintly discomfort 36.83

Eleventh Day 21

The lower abdomen still continues to be faint discomfort. The body temperature quickly displayed 36.87. The temperature was measured immediately. I was immediately awake.

Twelfth Day 22

The body temperature is 36.79 a bit disappointed that the little belly aunt feels worse

Day 1323

Body temperature 36.75 In addition to the aunt’s feeling, the belly has a faint muscle pulling the same as Huai Dabao for about 40 days. I wonder why this time it appeared so early. Anyway, the lower abdomen has not been comfortable these days.with hope.

Fourteen Days 24

Auntie day is the 14th day of cooling, but her aunt is 36.93 in the morning.I almost jumped up at this temperature, and I felt that I was definitely pregnant.The muscles and pains with obvious abdomen all day were very uncomfortable. The aunt was not heavy.I have a sense of sleepy and sleepy in bed at 10 o’clock in the afternoon. I am worried that I can’t stand the torture the next day to cool down the next day.

Day 15

The more obvious muscle pain in the lower abdomen, and the uterus often feels stiff and nervous.I am thinking about whether to eat progesterone to relax the uterus.At night, there is nothing to feel sleepy. The feeling of sleepy is a little bit more dizzy.

Sixteen days of body temperature 36.88

The lower abdomen has not obviously felt since last night. I didn’t feel anything today. I was afraid that I was afraid that the problem was that the David’s early pregnancy test paper was significantly deepened.The feeling of sleepy is even more obvious, but the degree of sleep that is not to sleep is just a bit of a little halo.

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