It is "the king of autumn"!A few every day, nourishing the kidney, strengthening the spleen, strengthening the muscles and bones, and the whole body is even more powerful!But type 2 people eat less

As the autumn wind gradually rises, the sugar fried chestnuts on the roadside have been sold on time. The sweet aroma, soft and glutinous taste, and the hot touch on the hands make many people eat while peeling.Down …

However, eating chestnuts is particular. If you don’t eat it right, your body may be "suffering"!


Eating chestnuts, you must pay attention to this

Although the chestnuts are nuts, it is a big difference from melon seeds, cashews, walnuts, etc. -the main component of chestnuts is not fat, but carbohydrates.

According to statistics, the carbon content of chestnuts is as high as 42.2%, which is slightly lower than steamed buns (47%), but it is much higher than rice (25.9%).

In other aspects, the protein content of chestnuts (4.2g/100g) is between steamed buns (7g/100g) and rice (2.6g/100g);It is obviously better than steamed buns and rice.

Therefore, in general, it is more suitable to use chestnut as a "staple food".When eating it in the afternoon or dish, remember to reduce the consumption of the staple food appropriately; occasionally using it to replace rice noodle steamed buns, it is also a good choice.

In addition, there are two types of people who are particularly careful when eating chestnuts.


Two people to eat chestnuts, beware of

1 diabetes

Generally speaking, 7-8 medium -sized chestnuts are almost the amount of a food staple food.Especially for sugar fried chestnuts, a large amount of sugar and oil are usually added when making, and the calories are higher.For people with diabetes, they need to control the amount when eating, so as not to cause blood sugar fluctuations.

2 People with bad stomach and stomach

Chestnuts contain more crude fibers, and also contain cotton sugar that cannot be digested. After entering the human body, they will produce a lot of gas, which can easily cause problems such as bloating and acid reflux.Especially the chestnuts and cold chestnuts are even less difficult to digest.

People with poor gastrointestinal, such as people with indigestion, reflux of stomach and esophagus, and prone to bloating and acidic acid, if they consume a lot of chestnuts, they may not only cause nausea, vomiting, bloating, stomach pain, but even stomach bleeding.Eat; especially pay attention to avoid raw chestnuts, and cooked chestnuts are hot as hot as possible. Cold chestnuts can stew soup and eat hot meat.

In fact, chestnut itself is a very good ingredient.From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it can "pass the kidney and benefit the qi and the stomach", which has the effects of nourishing the kidneys, strengthening the spleen, and strengthening the muscles."Fruit".Now the weather is getting colder, the human body’s blood begins to converge, the essence needs to be hidden, and it is appropriate to eat chestnut tonic.

Moreover, as the saying goes, "Eating buds in spring, eating melon in summer, eating fruit in autumn, and eating roots in winter", chestnuts have the beauty of the "king of autumn fruit". Isn’t it a pity not to eat now?


Eat chestnuts like this

1 fire chestnut chestnut, nourish the kidneys

Method: Put the corn stick on the fire to black, spread tin foil in the pot, put the burned corn stick on the tin foil, and sprinkle the appropriate amount of salt.Open the surface of the chestnut, put it on the corn stick, cover the pot lid and shake well, and open the low heat for about 10 minutes.

2 chestnut porridge, nourish qi and nourish blood

Method: Take 100g of japonica rice and wash it for 30 minutes; peel off the shell of 200g of chestnuts and soak it in cold water for 3 hours.

Put the rice and chestnuts in the pot, add 1000ml of water, boil over high heat and turn to low heat. After 45 minutes of cooking, add 15g cinnamon meat, 10 jujubes to be opened, appropriate amount of white sugar, cook for about 10 minutes, wait for porridge to wait for porridge, wait for porridge to wait for porridge, wait for porridge to wait for porridge, wait for porridge to wait for porridge, wait for porridge to wait for porridge.Just stick to it.

3 chestnut stewed chicken, nourish the spleen moisturizing

Method: Put the whole chicken and appropriate amount of chestnut meat into the pot, and simmer for half an hour with cold water.Then add 10G angelica, continue to cook for half an hour, and finally add 3g tangers to cook for 10 minutes to get out of the pot.

People who need to clear the fire can replace angelica with a small amount of Dendrobium; people with frequent urination and emergency symptoms can add 5-10 grains of wolfberry to relieve kidney deficiency; the spleen and stomach are too hot, and those who are easy to get angry should not be consumed.


Learn three tips, pick out sweet and good chestnuts

1 see the appearance

When choosing chestnuts, it is best to choose the color of the shell, more fluffy, and not very shiny. Such chestnuts are usually more fresh and mature.Lao chestnut, tastes good.

Moreover, chestnuts should pick a flat, round, semi -circular, and more sweet and delicious; do not buy chestnuts with very flat chestnuts on both sides.

2 Pick up the color

If you buy the peeled chestnut kernels, remember not to blindly pursue golden or white color, this is likely to be chemically treated; it is natural to pick the color naturally.

In addition, the chestnuts who bought it home became brown after a long or cooked, and don’t worry.This is a browning reaction in the enzyme contained in chestnuts. If there is no odor, it will still be a good chestnut ~

3 gently shake

Pick up the chestnuts and shake it. If you can hear the obvious shaking sound, it means that the chestnut kernels inside are relatively dry and the quality is not good. If you can’t hear any sound, it means that the inside is full and you can buy it.

Pay attention when buying processed sugar fried chestnuts:

Do not buy the roadside stir -fry, it is easy to contaminate pollutants;

Wipe the chestnut shell with a paper towel. Do not buy oil stains. It may be brightened with industrial paraffin oil;

It is sweet to taste that it may add sugar to violating the rules. Do not buy it.

(I am a big doctor official)

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