It is also pregnant.Most of these 3 reasons

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Speaking of pregnancy, I have to say that "pregnancy vomiting". I believe that when many Baoma is in early pregnancy, the pregnancy vomiting is more severe.During that time, it was really uncomfortable. The vomiting in the stomach often turned over the sea, and it was not easy to experience pregnancy early.

However, it is strange to say that some pregnant women can vomit early in pregnancy, but some pregnant women do not respond too much. For the older generation, they will judge that the pregnant who is pregnant may be pregnant.The girl who is not pregnant is a girl.

Of course, there is no scientific basis for these claims, and they are all folk rumors. So what is the reason, resulting in some pregnant women’s pregnancy?

First, it is related to hormone changes during pregnancy during pregnancy

Normally, after pregnancy, the level of estrogen in pregnant women will have relatively large changes. For a while, the pregnant woman’s body cannot bear it, and some pregnant mothers are very sensitive to some odors.

Maybe the smell that I heard very much before has become unbearable now, and some are food that I love to eat before. Now I eat it in the stomach and want to vomit.Of course, this is not fixed. It is related to the physical changes of each pregnant woman. Some sensitive pregnancy vomiting is more powerful, but some are not very sensitive, and the body does not respond too much.

Here are also reminding everyone that in the early pregnancy, try not to let pregnant women go to the kitchen, and do not let pregnant women cook to avoid pregnant women from smelling the smell of fuel smoke.

Furthermore is that the diet is more light. If you have a bad appetite, eat less meals, and you can eat more vegetables and fruits to help improve the problem of pregnancy.

Second, it is related to the emotional changes of pregnant women

After pregnancy, people around them will often be nagging and be angry and calm, otherwise they are not good for the fetus. In fact, because of changes in progesterone during pregnancy, coupled with the first pregnancy of pregnant women, it is inevitable that they are nervous, so emotional fluctuations are relatively large.

And this kind of emotional fluctuations not only bad for the fetus, but also cause pregnant women’s pregnancy reactions. Therefore, when pregnant women are at home, they must learn to adjust their mood.

Listen to music appropriately, try not to look at TV series with too much mood to fluctuate, so that the fetus can develop better and healthier, and pregnant women can be more comfortable during pregnancy.The same is also reminded that pregnant women are on the pillow of pillows to pay more attention to understanding.

Third, it is related to the dietary habits of pregnant women

In addition to the above two reasons, there is also one saying that after women, women will have a protective mechanism in the body. If some foods that pregnant mothers eat and make the fetus feel uncomfortable, this reaction will make pregnant women a pregnant womanThe feeling of pregnancy vomiting reminds pregnant mothers not to eat this mistake.

Of course, this statement has not been scientifically demonstrated and cannot be completely compared, but if you eat a food often during pregnancy, you must try to avoid eating this food as much as possible.Eat some delicious food.

We talked about the cause of pregnancy. Then let’s talk about it below to help pregnant women alleviate the method of pregnancy. The intentional pregnant mothers can collect it.

First, eat less meals

There is no way to encounter this in the early pregnancy, but pregnant women can eat less meals. I ca n’t eat too much at a time. I eat less. It was originally three meals a day, and now it is changed to five meals a day.

If the food is not eaten too much, you can also get some snacks that are rich in nutritional, not on fire and irritation, so that you can eat some occasionally. At least, the nutritional supplement in the body is still in place.

Furthermore is that irritating foods, hard -to -digest foods should not be eaten as much as possible. You can eat more fruits and foods with high nutritional content.

Second, use something to divert the pregnancy vomiting response

In life, some stimulating things, such as pepper and lemon, these pungent odors, in fact, can help pregnant mothers to divert their nausea.

I was also very good during pregnancy during pregnancy. The method that my mother -in -law was looking for gave me some peppercorns and let me smell it. Although it was not very comfortable after smelling, it was much better than the pregnancy.

Well, it’s almost the end of the sharing here. How about the pregnancy of the pregnancy during pregnancy?

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