It is also pregnant. Why does anyone spit and some people have no response?It has something to do with the fetus

Many pregnant women said that the most memorable experience in pregnancy is pregnancy.

Whether it is seen from the film and television drama or the people around you, the fixed thinking of pregnancy is to be pregnant.After all, many people have learned that they are pregnant after they have a pregnancy reaction.

This experience is really hard for pregnant mothers. No matter how long, when I think about it again, I will make myself feel uncomfortable.There are even a lot of Baoma threatened that she will never endure such pain.

Lin Hao and Chen Fei are a good girlfriend. The two chose to get married in similar days tacitly. Although they couldn’t be each other’s bridesmaids, they felt very happy to think of their sisters to get happiness.

In addition to the same days of great joy, even their pregnancy time is the same, only 2 months before and after, but the pregnancy between the two people is very different. Chen Fei who is pregnant later is spitting.Three months before pregnancy, she lost several laps.

Instead, Lin, who was pregnant first, had no reaction. She could eat and drink every day. She had a weight increased by 20 pounds in the early pregnancy. If she did n’t know, she thought she was 6 months pregnant!It is precisely because Lin Hao had no pregnancy. When she saw her sisters so painful, she couldn’t help anything.

Fortunately, at 4 months of pregnancy, Chen Fei’s pregnancy disappeared gradually, and her appetite came back. She had a big appetite and wanted to make up all the food she had not eaten before.I owe children before.

First of all, what is the cause of pregnancy vomiting

Early pregnancy, the essential substances where fetal fetuses live in the mother’s body are not various nutrients such as protein and vitamins, but TSH and HCG hormones.For these two hormones, pregnant mothers should be very familiar with the latter. After all, each of the projects that take blood during pregnancy will check the double situation of HCG.

If it doubles, it means that the more suitable for the fetus, the more suitable for their growth.Don’t underestimate the indicator of this hormone!

And TSH is also an essential item during pregnancy.If in the blood of the pregnant mother, the TSH value is very high, and basically it can be judged that the mother will have a pregnancy reaction, and the value is too high. Doctors should also use medicine to relieve the pregnancy of pregnant women.

Secondly, the physical fitness of pregnant women is different, and the level of acceptance of these two hormones is different

In real life, many pregnant women have doubled HCG, and the value of TSH is not low, but there is no pregnancy, let alone nausea and discomfort. Instead, it is like there is nothing.

After such a situation, the family will have some prejudices, whether the child grows unhealthy, or feel that the body of a pregnant woman is not suitable for breeding children. In the invisible, the pregnant woman has put a lot of pressure to torture pregnant women.

In fact, depending on the physical fitness of each pregnant woman, the regulation and acceptance of these two hormones are different, and some lucky pregnant women can actively regulate her rising hormone in the process of ensuring the healthy growth of the fetus, so that she can make her whole whole.There is no feeling of discomfort during pregnancy.

Finally, the mother is severe in early pregnancy and will not affect the fetus

Many pregnant women who have severe pregnancy have fallen rapidly during the critical period of the first three months, making many thin pregnant mothers more thin and thinner.This will make the elders deeply worry, will this not affect the child?

The answer is not. Before the baby appears in the early pregnancy, the baby is very small, whether it is weight or body. By three months, but only the size of lemon, their demand for daily nutrition is very low.

It is enough to rely on the nutrition of the mother’s own reserves. It can also let a lot of pregnant mothers know this truth. In the early pregnancy, you do n’t have to eat wildly in early pregnancy to supplement nutrition and ensure that your physical and mental comfort is the most important.

When you are pregnant, are you pregnant seriously?Welcome to share your thoughts with us!

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