It is common for pregnant women to leak urine. I don’t need to feel embarrassed for this.

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Women have changed their bodies from the beginning of pregnancy, not only need to face various pregnancy reactions, but also accept physical changes.

For example, pregnant mothers may have deformed figure, or due to inconvenience caused by pregnancy, and different stages of pregnancy have different responses.

Specific mothers in the early pregnancy will have sarcasm or decline in appetite, but by the third trimester, because the fetus becomes larger than compress the bladder and urethra, the pregnant mother may have urine leakage.

And many pregnant women even reduce the number of outburst because of the embarrassment of urine, because they are worried that they may have a little movement to have urinary incontinence, which is very embarrassing.

Colleagues Xiao Zhou recently talked about what she encountered on the bus. When Xiao Zhou came home from work, she saw a pregnant woman after getting on the bus, because she had to get off at the next stop, so she stood up at the back door and waited.Words.

Originally, the driver drove very steadily, but I did not expect that a electric car almost hit the car too quickly, so the driver came with an emergency brake.

During the brake, because everyone did not have time to respond, the people on the car collectively leaned forward because of inertia.

Just when everyone was still shocked, I suddenly heard someone laughing there and looked back and found that a young man in his twenties was taking a mobile phone to shoot in front of him, while shooting, and his friends next to him said, "Look at her, the pants are wet, so big and can’t hold the urine, haha … "

Although the sound is not loud, but because there are few people in the car and quiet, he can be heard by the people next to him.

After he heard him, he began to notice the pregnant woman in front. At this time, the pregnant woman’s face was ashamed, and she stood still, but the young man continued to laugh, and the mobile phone in his hand was still holding.

At this moment, the aunt on the side really couldn’t stand it anymore, very angry, and shouted loudly at the guy of the back seat: "What do you laugh? You do n’t know if you are born?Mom, look at your mother when you are pregnant with you, leakage without urine? Talking about others in public, and shooting videos in public, is this an adult?

Later, the aunt comforted the pregnant woman softly: "When it was pregnant, this was normal. I was like this at the time. Many pregnant women would encounter such a thing. There was nothing embarrassed."

The people on the car felt very reasonable after listening to the aunt, and they began to sneer at the guy’s approach, so that the young man put the phone to delete the video.The young man lowered his head ashamed and dared not talk back. After a while, he got out of the car.

Later, everyone also praised the aunt’s approach, and agreed that the approach of that guy was very moral, and the mood of pregnant women slowly calmed down.

The leakage condition is mostly in the third trimester. Some pregnant women may often feel that the toilet is like toilet. This is because the fetus is in a state of rapid development, and the body will become larger and occupied.The fetal movement has gradually become less from the beginning of the fetal movement to the later stage.

In addition, the abdomen of pregnant women in the third trimester will become larger and the weight will become higher. The fetal that is about to be born will probably compress the abdomen and bladder of the pregnant woman.At the same time, the secretions will be relatively increased, so it is easy to occur in urinary incontinence.

Therefore, if the pregnant woman feels urinating, it should be solved as soon as possible, and there is no need to feel embarrassed, because this is a pregnancy response that some pregnant women must go through.good.

Some pregnant mothers may leak urine when they walk or cough, or have a lot of trouble to the pregnant mother. If you want to improve this symptom, the pregnant mother can start with the following points:

1) Avoid urination

By the time of the third trimester, the pregnant mother will have urine in almost a while, and even a few minutes to run to the toilet, making many pregnant mothers tired and embarrassing, so they will choose to urinate.

But in fact, if there are too many urine times, it is not conducive to the health of the bladder, and if it is serious, it may also affect the health of pregnant women and babies.

Therefore, if the pregnant mother feels urinating, she must go to the bathroom to discharge quickly. Do not have the irreparable consequences because of embarrassment.

2) Use the pad

Sometimes pregnant mothers need to go out or work, so that it is impossible to run every ten minutes a day, and when it is inconvenient, pregnant women can use pads to relieve the embarrassment of leakage.

Pregnant women should also pay special attention to the choice of pads, and change them frequently to prevent bacteria from breeding and affect the health of pregnant women and fetuses. In addition, if the pregnant mother does not go out, try to use it as much as possible, or not.

3) Avoid excessive nutritional replenishment

In the third trimester, pregnant mothers will consume a lot of food because anxiety or wanting children to supplement more nutrition.

But in fact, at the third trimester of pregnancy, the doctor will inform the pregnant woman that the weight of the fetus is the weight of the fetus. If the pregnant woman finds that the weight of the fetus has reached the standard, you don’t need to deliberately supplement the nutrition.Increasing the burden, and the fetus is overweight, the bladder will be more obvious.

In addition, if you want to improve urine leakage, pregnant mothers can also eat less foods that favors diuretic effects during daily meals.

4) Potting bottom muscle training

For pregnant women or postpartum women, under the guidance of professionals, pot bottom muscle training has a certain effect on improving urine leakage.

This method of exercise can make muscles more tension, and can also reduce the chance of side -cutting in the production process.

Anal lifting training, sitting up and squatting defecation, etc., can improve the leakage of pregnant women to a certain extent, but before the corresponding exercise, you should consult a doctor or professionals. This will be relatively safer.

There will be a lot of discomfort during pregnancy. Many pregnant mothers have no experience in how to care for themselves and their babies because they are the first baby.

Therefore, pregnant mothers can ask mothers with babies or professionals around them to help their bodies uncomfortable and find ways to adjust in time.

Finally, I want to say that every family will have pregnant women, so do not build your happiness on the pain of others, and respecting each other can win the respect of others.

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