It is distressed that the pregnant woman was reluctant to go to the hospital for three days, and her husband was like a crowd!

Xiao Wu is 28 years old and has no target. Occasionally, a friend party met. When he met his current husband, he was in love at first sight. Her husband was not attentive to Xiao Wu.

Later, after many cooperation between friends, her husband found that Xiao Wu was good. It was suitable for life, so he asked Xiao Wu to propose. In the end, the two fixed them.

Unexpectedly, after getting married, Xiao Wu really played the words suitable for life to the extreme.

Xiao Wu was pregnant after getting married. Although she was pregnant after pregnancy, she always insisted on working. As a result, she suddenly became

Xiao Wu’s husband did not say that he took her to the hospital to see, but went back to his hometown to see his mother go, leaving Xiao Wu alone at home.

Later, colleagues couldn’t stand it, and they advised her to go to the hospital quickly. In case the child was gone, wouldn’t he feel ashamed?As a result, Xiao Wu asked for a long time and came to work the next day. Colleagues felt incredible.

Little Wu’s husband never cooks and wash clothes at home. Even if she is pregnant, her husband is still the same. Remember that Xiao Wu had a meal at eight o’clock.meal.

Then he hurried back and made three dishes and one soup for her husband. Her husband ate dinner at 9 o’clock in the evening.

Even more strange things, Xiao Wu is famous for packaging in the company. At the company’s annual meeting, she not only packed her table for her table, but also packed the food at other people’s tables.

The company usually sends afternoon tea and has fruit yogurt. She is never willing to eat. She always says that they should take them home to eat with her husband.

One more speechless was that Xiao Wu ate outside and packed the meal back to her. She was glad to accept it, and she didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

Xiao Wu’s family is four kilometers away from the company, but Xiao Wu went to work by ride a battery car before he was pregnant. It was inconvenient after pregnancy. He walked to work for one hour every day, or took a colleague from his colleagues. Everyone asked her to ask her.Why not take the bus? As a result, she came: It’s not cost -effective to take the bus, everyone is speechless.

It is estimated that many people are curious. Whether Xiao Wu’s family is very poor, or Xiao Wu’s mortgage is under pressure, so she is very frugal.

It was found that she was not. She and her husband had more than 10,000 a month in Hefei. Except for more than 2,000 house loans, she made enough money to spend enough money.

However, Xiao Wu was born with a frugal personality. When he was a child, he had a habit of poor days, which led to earning money at work. He was reluctant to spend at all.

Therefore, she never meals outside, never buy snacks, make money, save it, and save it. Even if she is pregnant, she wants to eat cherry, and she will endure it.

Many people say that Xiao Wu’s husband will definitely save her in her last life, so that Xiao Wu can repay her like this.Judging from various trivial matters, this husband does not love her, but is just an age and wants to find someone to get married. That’s all.

In marriage, the personality was most afraid of paying personality. One day suddenly woke up and found that the people around her were not good for her, and it was difficult for marriage to be maintained.

Therefore, maintaining a marriage relationship must not be unilaterally paid by someone, and you need to go in both ways to get long -term happiness!

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