It is not suitable for placing 3 items in the bedroom after pregnancy, which will affect the development of the fetus and increase the probability of deformed

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For the first time, many expectant mothers have no experience. At the same time, they are accompanied by embarrassment and anxiety. While fantasizing the child’s birth, they are also concerned about how to prepare during pregnancy.

If you want your baby to be born with peace of mind, you need to pay more attention to the pregnant mother during pregnancy. While raising your body, you also avoid behaviors that may cause harm to the fetus, such as getting sick and taking medicine, or things that are not developed for the fetus.

One of the most profound things in my impression was that the cousin was uncomfortable when she was pregnant. At that time, I didn’t pay much attention to taking some medicines. When the child was born, I found that the child had two fingers less in his right hand.I feel that I have hurt my child.

In the same way, in addition to the impact of taking medicine, pregnant women should also pay attention to the placement of indoor items during pregnancy. Do not put some inappropriate things in the bedroom, otherwise the probability of fetal malformation may be increased.

Fangfang became a mother for the first time, and Fangfang was relatively shallow before she was pregnant. After pregnancy, her body plus psychological reasons, Fangfang often insomnia and slept, and the energy of the whole person became worse and worse.

When colleagues saw that Fangfang’s dark circles became heavier, they asked Fangfang to understand the situation. Later, the colleague recommended Fangfang to buy a aromatherapy, saying that he could not sleep well before, but the bedroom had aromatherapy.Good improvement.

In this regard, Lingling was also convinced that she put an aromatherapy in her bedroom, but after the child was born, there was a deformed situation. Fangfang’s heart was difficult to accept and why it was not clear.I only knew that because of my own fault, it brought harm to the child.

Because I have not done their homework in advance, it is not clear that the aromatherapy after pregnancy is not suitable for placing in the bedroom, and it may affect the fetus in the stomach, but it is too late when I understand it, so you should know some basic basic mothers.The knowledge of pregnancy is not only responsible for himself, but also responsible for the fetus in the stomach.

First, do not put the aroma in the bedroom of pregnant women

Many people now like to put an aroma in the bedroom. Not only does it smell well, but also a very warm family atmosphere. For some people with poor sleep, they also play a certain role in assisting sleep.

The aromatherapy on the market has a variety of chaos, and the selling point of the selling point is a bit exaggerated, but after all, women are born with beautiful things, and they can’t resist this propaganda. The living room, bedroom, and bathroom will put different flavors of aromatherapy.

But after pregnancy, do not put this kind of aromatherapy, because the aromatherapy is basically essential oil mixed with flavors and some chemical agents. Some people will stimulate their noses.It may also stimulate the respiratory tract and increase the possibility of fetal malformation.

Second, do not put mosquito coils in the bedroom of pregnant women

Now the temperature starts to warm up slowly. Summer is also a moment in a blink of an eye. When it comes to summer, the most annoying is mosquitoes. Pregnant women are more afraid of mosquitoes, so some will choose the way of mosquito coils to drive mosquitoes.

Although this method can effectively avoid mosquito bites, it is not a good thing for pregnant women, because the truth is the same, and the mosquito coils also contain a lot of chemicals, which lits in the air.Children, even affecting the normal development of the child.

During my pregnancy, I actually recommend that everyone uses mosquito nets. It is a better way to get a better physical isolation of mosquitoes. It can effectively avoid mosquito bites without using some flower dew water, and does not affect the development of the fetus.

Third, the taste of the taste is more like

Many women like flowers. In addition to smelling good smells, good -looking flowers are also conducive to regulating the mood of pregnant women, so many people like to put some flowers at home for decoration.

However, in the bedroom of the pregnant woman, it is not recommended to place the flowers with heavy smells. Some floral scents are too rushing. It tastes much more delicious. It will doze off during the day.Regulate the work of pregnant women, so try to put some flowers and plants that taste less likely.

For example, the pair of shoes of Tulip and Ye Laixiang may cause premature birth. If you do n’t understand, you can take a look at the collection and do your homework in advance to avoid regrets afterwards.

Although the above points seem to be very inconspicuous in daily life, it may indeed affect the development of the fetus. For the baby can grow better, the above points must pay more attention!

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