It is said that bitter gourd can reduce blood sugar, but can it really be used for the treatment of diabetes?

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As we all know, bitter gourd has a unique appearance and flavor, named after its bitterness, and it will become more and more bitter as it matures.

It is not only rich in fibrous, vitamin C and vitamin A, but also contain nutrients such as folic acid, potassium, zinc, iron, but also a good source of sorcharin, non -eaten meal acid, catechin, and chloric acidic acid.

Although many people may not like the bitterness of this bitter gourd, in fact, as long as it is treated and cooking, it is also delicious. Besides, it is also known as a kind of weight loss, cancer prevention, and hypoglycemic.Fruits with vegetable characteristics.

Therefore, in fact, with a variety of impressive health benefits (especially in sugar control), bitter gourd is very popular in many places in the world.

However, although so, many people still have doubts about bitter gourd: Can bitter gourd really lower blood sugar, for the treatment of diabetes?If it is true, why is it not approved to use bitter gourd to treat diabetes or any other diseases?

The reason why bitter gourd is related to reducing the blood sugar of the human body because bitter gourd has the characteristics of insulin, which can help cells use glucose and transfer it to liver, muscles and fat.

In addition, bitter gourd can also help your body to maintain nutrition by preventing nutrients from being converted into glucose that eventually enters the blood.In recent years, a number of studies have confirmed the role of bitter gourd in controlling blood sugar.

However, although evidence shows that bitter gourd can control blood sugar, it is not a drug that has been approved for the early stage of diabetes or diabetes.

A three -month study of 24 adult diabetes patients showed that bitter gourd administration can significantly reduce glycated hemoglobin, 2 hours of blood sugar, AUC of glucose, and various human measurement variables (weight, BMI, fat percentage and percentage of fat, andWaist) can also change insulin secretion by increasing AUC, first stage and total insulin secretion of insulin.[1]

Another research published in the "National Pharmaceutical Magazine" compared the effectiveness of bitter gourd and current diabetic drugs.

The conclusion of the study is that bitter gourd really reduces the levels of peulloseine levels of type 2 diabetes participants (beroglymine is another sign of long -term blood glucose control).However, compared with the approved drugs with lower doses, it has a poor effect [2].

The conclusion that a report commented on the COCHRANE system’s evaluation database is that more research is needed to measure the impact of bitter gourd on type 2 diabetes.It also mentioned how to study it for more nutritional therapy.[3]

All in all, there is no medical method of consumption of bitter gourd to treat diabetes.Bitter gourd can be eaten as a part of a healthy and diverse diet, but there may be risks to use bitter gourd supplements outside the dish.

After all, the human body research that supports it is limited, and larger and higher -quality research requires how bitter gourd affects the blood sugar level of the general population.

It is worth noting that moderate consumption of bitter gourd can be a supplement to healthy nutrition in daily diet.Eating a large amount of bitter gourd or taking bitter gourd supplements may cause a variety of adverse reactions.

In particular, bitter gourd is related to diarrhea, vomiting, and stomach pain. It has not been widely studied on the long -term impact of healthy health, so it is not recommended to use it for pregnant women.

In short, people who are pregnant or have hidden health hazards, or those who are taking certain drugs (especially hypoglycemic drugs), should not take a lot of bitter gourd or take bitter gourd supplements to avoid adverse reactions.

Bitter gourd contains a variety of important nutrients. It is a kind of natural healthy food for low carbohydrates and high fibers. The right amount of consumption can add deliciousness and nutrition to a healthy and balanced nutritional diet.

However, it should be noted that bitter gourd should not be eaten too much or replaced drug use (especially hypoglycemic drugs). Its application in medical nutritional therapy also requires more high -quality human research.


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