It is said that he is not worthy of Aragaki Yui?Inventory of high sweet sugar dots of the running out of shame, I will respect this CP first

IntersectionI was delayed to a pair of CP!

(Everyone knows who the scholar is talking about)

Don’t go away!

To be honest, how many people are still the "not too much" reaction?

Even if the two people walk from the play to the screen couple outside the show,

But the influence of Japanese dramas in China is not as limited than Korean dramas. It is very limited.

It is not as good as the "wife" that men and women are killed.

(Unlike Japan, "Escape" is a big explosion in the local area, cherry blossom girl: it has been in 18 years)


I really saw a lot of "unable to" emotions–

The lines in the previous play were turned out,

Korean netizens have also been launched,

Chinese netizens combined with current affairs, and marrying their wives is the high climbing.

Even if this "successful check -in" Weibo has shot out of the circle,

Few people praise her to marry the right, but lamented the fans for four years.

(Original Introduction: Actually it can be met, it is already a big blessing)

Confused, mourning, uneasy, ridiculous …

The remaining temperature of "lost his wife" continued for a few days.

But the more you look at the orange, the more you feel-

They are quite good at in various senses, right?

In terms of career, it is evenly matched.

Inner entertainment, probably similar to Liu Yifei and Hu Ge, who had a face with Zhang Huang Bo’s face, "Flower Thousand Bone" and then got married?

Aragaki Yui, a first -line actress who debuted for 15 years,

With a highly consensus -free cure smile with a high consensus,

On film pay and endorsements, they are all leaders of the younger generation.

There is no shortage of money, and a hundred air purifiers are given to the staff.

Look at Hoshino, although the domestic awareness is average,

In Japan, there are also oblique youths who love and love.

As a first -hand singer,

On the "Japanese Spring Festival Gala" red and white songs every year,

It is the fifth male Solo who opened the "Five Dome Tour".

(Can call for tens of thousands of viewers to watch their concerts in different places)

As a funny and serious actor,

As early as "Escape", the acting skills had been recognized,

He won the 37th Japanese Film Golden Awards, Daily Film Awards, etc.

More than that, he also published four books, with a cumulative sales of more than one million.

The Radio Channel I hosted by myself has also been opened for several years, and I can always go to hot search topics.

"I’m enough to match you."

That’s almost the case, right?

In life, the three views fit.

I have a sense of faith when I work,

I like to stay at home when it’s okay,

I have experienced unhappy experiences since I was a child,

Also maintain a extraordinarily gentle temperament,

Will always work hard to make others feel comfortable,

Even if sometimes you have to sacrifice your feelings …

(A popular female artist will comfort the newcomer reporters and give them three sugar)

(A singer who returned from the Ghost Gate twice, afraid of the audience worrying, so he arranged a funny paragraph)

Girls are not like the small sun with huge energy on the screen.

Real life is a bit lonely, and at the same time has a mature sister who is beyond age …

You see, are you pairing with the ideal type of boys?

Although boys like to say Huang Duanzi old driver,

But it is also affirmed by the senior in the circle, suitable for living together …

Sure enough, it is perfectly in line with the criteria for choosing a mate selection?

Gentle is stable, and is preparing to conclude:

It is Wen Tun but the feeling of adaptation!

The "reversal charm" of this relationship increased again …

hateful!It turns out that this relationship has long been planned!

Ten years ago, the boy said that his ideal type was Nigaki Yui.

Five years later, the two really collaborated on "Escape Shame but useful".

During the shooting, it suddenly showed the martial arts of the girl comics.

Even, she wrote a prose of "Love Letter" for her.

(I boast that she is an ordinary girl, but there are four or two pounds of quietness in the sea)

(Ordinary and sincere, it is a rare quality of an actor)

(Because she said she doesn’t like to be praised, but she still wants to praise, I hope she don’t see it)

"You are really a great ordinary girl."

This happens to be needed for Aragaki Yui ——

Even if he is already a national actress,

For a time, because of the inadequate vitality, it was depressed and inferior,

Listening to what he said, it seems that the burden can also be removed:

In the eyes of others, I am the flower of Gaoling with a shining light,

I can rest assured to be an ordinary person in front of you …

The boy may notice it,

Or I have learned about her once …

But, is it really tempted?

Every time the show was asked if she liked a girl,

The answers are certain.

I just thought that if the two were really together,

"There will always be a feeling of dreaming, it is also very good." …

During the filming, I will sigh by the other party’s line,

A word of "Universe First Love Award" was awarded to each other ….

(Based on this idiom)

The show was finished, but the two coincidences of their two did not stop (dog head)

Girls are lazy personality who wants to sleep,

The boy wrote "You who love to sleep lazy" in the lyrics,

"The days of rest are basically home" …

(The song name Kids can also be understood as a girl’s nickname Gakki)

There is a special decorative light ball at the girl’s house,

The boy took a picture at the light ball above his head.

(Shouldn’t it be drinking a small wine at her house?)

Girls are the best foods for the soup,

Boys want to make the opposite sex the dishes for themselves.

(I want to eat what you do)

18 years is a magical year.

The year Book of them is the same as the New Year’s Eve,

The ideal tourist destination just hit,

The boy who did not cook before, changed the normal state,

Not only start cooking, but also try DIY chocolate,

How ambiguous is this time point?

The boy just moved to the girl’s house as a neighbor …

At that time, it attracted the attention of a large number of Japanese media (eating melon)

It’s just because of the Star Community+the parties in the house,

(Boys will still be photographed to eat with male friends, and girls can basically not come out)

This scandal has no real hammer in the same frame, and finally it is left …

I call a good guy!

It looks like a mild creature without aggressive grass,

It turned out to be carnivorous animals, secretly poking for the opportunity to win you in one fell swoop?

(With "cut black" buff blessing, it feels handsome suddenly with 100 levels)

I really responded to that sentence–

"What about a snack?"

The key is the careful thinking of Hoshinoyuan,

It is not used for great greasy, suppressing degradation, and being forced to win,

(Everyone knows who I am ironic)

He always shows gabkki.

The artist officially emphasized the love time point, October 20, 20 years,

After a lapse of four years, "Escape is shameful but useful",

Only then did it officially.

The two of them were in the variety show before the filming,

It also emphasized that I have never seen it for more than a year.

Inexplicably thought of the domestic "Step by Step" CP,

The relationship was determined until two years later.

Do they also think that this is a side effect that is too deep in the drama.

Therefore, choose to be deliberately separated to suppress it?

The timeline of the second cooperation "Fanwai",

September filming, killing youth in October, and being promoted to broadcast in January …

Entering the group on the first day, the embarrassment of fans ▼

Even talked to the other party at most.

With the filming of the day and night, the sweet warm up ▼

Girls eat screws, boys cooperate with funny.

The boys laughed when they simulated the leave, and the girls did not show up, and naturally followed.

Unexpected tacit understanding often collides with a reaction without discussing.

(Hearing a "hum", he kneeling and touching the stomach with a single knee)

The romantic spark will also have a heart -hearted clip.

(Can’t touch it? Touch it again …)

The director shouted and opened the flowers immediately.

Good guy, it’s really filming a documentary!

The propaganda period is even more direct ▼

According to the official statement, the relationship has been determined at this time ~

Naturally, it has become a tens of fingers,

The boyfriend’s perspective has a unique relaxation,

The big head post is like a couple selfie …

Boys will focus on their wives.

(After being laughed, continue watching)

Paying attention to the other party’s response seems to have become a habit.

(Seeing the other party eats what you do, your eyes are not hidden)

Then subconsciously imitate the movement of girls.

(Inexplicable and a bit pretty)

What about girls, there are not many words, now there is a shield.

What do you want to answer?

Throw it to each other!

Is it inconvenient to reply to eat?

The other party will translate!

Obviously the man and other artists are "quietly waiting for the corner" style …

The host discovered this before they were public.

Even if they have been installing forcibly, they are not familiar with,

Still exposed the moment when the heart has a spirit,

I don’t know what the boy wants to do, Gakki has already been connected …

Talking about vague love in mind,

This is obviously the plot that I have seen in the top of the entertainment industry!

so what……

Although there are rumors of scum men, there are no hammers in the later gossip.

(Japanese media paparazzi loves to write small compositions)

The wrong thing is to violate the moral bottom line and hurt others,

The carnivore that likes to take the initiative is not sin.

At least, see the details that the two are currently showing,

Hoshino Yuan is the partner who makes Gakki comfortable.

Girls are cautious?

Then use freshly baked songs to express your heart.

(Everyone is born and lonely, but he can know and love with another person, and even accompany him for a lifetime. This is the incredible love.)

Girls have always protected their private life very well, almost 0 scandals?

It becomes a cosmic -level master, and never show off to chase the goddess.

(Even if the friends in the circle are the same), the same)

Do girls think that housework should be borne together after marriage?

Then "happened" to learn cooking from 18 years.

In fact, their stories are so simple-

The outside world is always questioning the object is too "ordinary",

(Although just starting from the appearance)

But there is no more delicious in the world, coffee, milk tea or spirits,

Niigaki Yui wants that glass of boiled water from beginning to end,

You can solve your thirst on the scorching sun.

This time marriage in Yui not only refers to feelings, but also

Is it a new start in career?

No pregnancy,

I will continue to work after marriage,

Signed a new contract with the company,

After that, you will move with your own style,

It seems that she really fulfilled her thoughts two years ago:

Step by step, do what you want to do,

Four or fifty years old also do that excellent ordinary woman!

Bless the relationship between them can also be like the dramas they play,

Give everyone a textbook -style value baptism …

Liberate women,

Also liberated men.

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