It is said that women will change a lot after pregnancy. Did you find it carefully?

After pregnancy, many expectant mothers feel that their facial features seem to have changed, especially for those who love beautiful mother, it may be really difficult to accept for a while, but when I think of my baby, it feels worth it.Generally speaking, what kind of changes will women have after pregnancy?The following changes are the most common.

1. Oral changes

Since pregnancy, many mothers have felt that their teeth have been loosened to varying degrees, and their gums are often edema or congestion. When brushing their teeth, gums often bleed gums.In addition, some mothers feel that her saliva has increased, and even drooling.In fact, this phenomenon is very common. Generally, it will return to normal after the end of pregnancy.However, during pregnancy, you still need to pay special attention to oral hygiene. Once oral infections occur, it may cause great harm to yourself and the fetus.

2. Disteation of changes

After pregnancy, the estrogen in the expectant mothers has changed a lot, which causes a lot of changes in the osmotic pressure. In the end, it will cause the inner ear sodium to stay, which will affect the normal hearing.A lot of facts have proved that after pregnancy, women’s hearing has declined to a certain extent, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, which will increase, and it will usually return to normal after giving birth for half a year.

3. Eye problems

After women are pregnant, eye problems are very common, such as dry eyes, corneal edema, trachoma, and refractive incorrect problems, which are quite common.Generally speaking, these are not a big problem, and expectant mothers need to worry too much.After the pregnancy is over, it can generally return to normal.

4. Vascular diastolic rhinitis

After pregnancy, the amount of estrogen secretion in women’s body increases, which will lead to an allergic reaction of the nasal mucosa, causing tissue edema and vascular dilatation, and there are various discomfort such as runny nose and nasal congestion.This symptom is called rhinitis during pregnancy, especially three months after pregnancy.When women have childbirth, this rhinitis will slowly return to normal without leaving sequelae.

Summary: After women’s pregnancy, the above symptoms are very common, and of course, don’t worry too much.As long as you do your daily care and maintain a pleasant mood, you can wait for the baby’s birth.

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