It takes only a few minutes of abortion, but the process is very "cruel". Please take care of it after reading it.

I believe that every woman is more sensitive to the word "abortion". Pregnancy is originally a very happy thing. It is a joy that should meet the arrival of new life.

According to a data survey in my country, my country’s artificial abortion was as high as 135 million in 2018.Among them, more than 30%of women who have sex before marriage have been willing to pregnancy.

The age of artificial abortion is getting younger and younger, of which are mainly concentrated between 17-27 years old. Behind 135 million are the departure of life.

When some unexpected pregnancy, or when the fetal development in the abdomen occurs during pregnancy, the pregnant mother can only endure pain to choose an artificial abortion to kill the child.

Many people say that women who have been aborted should return home to be a small confinement.But the process of abortion is not as slow as production.The real artificial abortion process is very short in time, and it only takes 3 to 5 minutes during the operation.

In such a short time, a cute little angel disappeared from this world.So in these 3 ~ 5 minutes, what kind of process may be looking at the world with the opportunity to live in this world?

In the early pregnancy, both hospitals and pregnant mothers choose to abortion by abortion.

What is drug abortion

After taking a few pills for pregnant mothers, the pregnant mothers were broken through these pills to contact the nutrient supply between the fetus and the mother.Let the baby no longer accept the nutritional supply of pregnant mothers. After taking medicine, the pregnant mother’s uterus will cause severe spasm pain.

Generally, the drug abortion is usually selected. The fetus is not yet available in the body of the pregnant mother, and there is only one embryonic shape.Through the role of drugs, after the embryo cannot obtain nutrition, the small embryo will die in the abdomen of the pregnant mother.He died, and he would flow out with the excretion of the pregnant mother.

Form: White cysts

When the pregnant mother’s pregnancy cycle is in the middle of pregnancy, the purpose of abortion cannot be achieved through the drug.At this stage, it mainly relies on the external force of the doctor to "discharge" the fetus in the abdomen of the pregnant mother. Therefore, this artificial abortion method has a greater damage to the fetus in the abdomen of the pregnant mother.

In the fetus in the middle of pregnancy, the tissue of the body has begun to develop.For some larger fetuses, it is no longer possible to rely on doctors to force "excretion". At this time, the method of extracting amniotic fluid must be used to suffocate the baby in the abdomen.

In some of the large fetal fetuses, during the process of abortion, doctors will use pliers to decompose the body’s body into several pieces in turn.After the doctor breaks down, remove the decomposition from the pregnant mother in order.In the process of decomposition, there will be a fetus’s body residue. At this time, the doctor will use a spoon to help the pregnant mother clean up.

Form: After being decomposed, it is no longer a complete form.

By the end of pregnancy, the fetus’s body and various tissues have basically taken shape. At this time, artificial abortion is performed. Whether it is the fetus in the abdomen or the mother itself.

Before an artificial abortion surgery, the doctor will use a long needle to inject the mother, and let the baby in the abdomen die in the abdomen.At this time, the body of the fetus in the pregnant mother’s abdomen has developed a lot, and he can only use the method of induction to discharge him out of the body.In this process, it is the same as the natural delivery of pregnant women. It is only a child who has no life after childbirth.

However, not all childbirth can be done smoothly.If the maternal cannot be delivered smoothly, the fetus in the abdomen will be tragically dismembered by doctors with special medical equipment, and then they will be sandwiched outside the body.

These three processes, Sugar Mom will feel pain when thinking about it.Although artificial abortion is different in different pregnancy cycles, the method of abortion is different.

However, the fetus in the abdomen of the pregnant mother was the same time. They couldn’t shout, and they couldn’t see the mother who gave birth to themselves, and they left the world forever.

Although we can’t personally experience the pain that the fetus suffers during the abortion of the abdomen, we all know that artificial abortion is a cruel process.

Sugar mom wants to say that women must learn to protect their bodies. When there is no baby planning, husbands and wives should also take protection measures.In the face of life, we should not have a fluke, while being responsible to life, but also the responsibility of women’s bodies.

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