It turns out that dogs are like this before childbirth!After giving birth, you have to rest for a while

Dear shit officers, ask you a small question, if the dogs at home are pregnant, what kind of mood will you feel, will there be a feeling of being a grandparents?Will you look forward to the advent of a small life?Will it be excited and nervous, and can’t sleep for several days?If it was me, I would definitely follow my dog’s buttocks every day, for fear of missing something.

Many friends who raise dogs for the first time, the biggest feeling for the first pregnancy of the dog should be helpless. I look forward to the birth of a small life every day, but I am afraid of their arrival.The dog’s reaction before giving birth, you can learn from it.

1. The due date of the general bitch is about two to three months. When the general pregnancy time is nearly 60 days, the signs of production will gradually become obvious.Although some may be inaccurate, you can follow this time to facilitate observing your dogs.

2. When the bitch is giving birth, the belly will swell very bulging, probably pink, and its breasts will be full and full. Some dogs will overflow the milk for a period of time before giving birth.In addition, it should be mentioned that abdominal distension may also occur, but the color of the belly will be dull and even dark red. Please distinguish it according to this.

3. Due to abdominal pain before giving birth, the dog may have a great appetite and will not eat in severe cases.

4. Generally, dogs enter the labor period, and the physical temperature will gradually decrease, and the closer to the property, the lower the temperature will decrease.Within 24 hours, the body temperature will basically be close to 36 degrees Celsius.

5. In addition, in addition to the dogs that are raised, it will become relatively lively before the delivery, because exercise before giving birth can help production.Because if you have less activity during pregnancy, you are likely to cause death.

After understanding the signs of the dog’s property, what do we need to pay attention to after delivery?

1. When the dog mother is born 2-3 days after giving birth, it can be slightly reduced to some feeding. At this time, it is recommended to give some high calories and easy to digest, such as meat and eggs.

2. If the dog’s mother lacks milk, you can mix some brown sugar in its food, or feed some catfish soup.

3. You need to strengthen the cleaning of the dog. It is best to wipe the towel first, especially around the breast to prevent puppies from eating unclean things.

4. For a period of time after giving birth, it is recommended to go out to take a walk quantitatively, but do not do strenuous exercise.

5. Keep the dog’s mood happy.

If you want to take it to the hospital, it is best to take it out with an out -out bag so that it can protect it without being affected.And this portable backpack space cabin is fully transparent, large space, strong and durable, can be folded, and will not occupy space when not in use.

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It is hoped that the above mentioned can be helpful to pets.In addition to we need to pay attention, in fact, it is more important to cooperate with doctors’ suggestions.

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