It wasn’t until the student found that she was pregnant.

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A woman entered the hospital to see a doctor and claimed to have dysmenorrhea.Accompanied by her husband, the doctor found that the woman’s belly was quite large, and it was likely to be pregnant.But the woman insisted that she could not get pregnant, and the doctor could not help it.Lian coaxed and brought into the delivery room until he pulled out a child from his stomach, the couple believed that they were pregnant.

Doctors are amazed: Do you know that you haven’t come to menstruation?The woman answered: My body is too fat, and I often do not accurate menstruation. I think it is uncoordinated menstruation.The doctor continued: Didn’t you feel the fetal movement?The man said: A few days ago, she said that something was moving in the stomach. We all thought it was gastrointestinal motility, because she ate more, and the gastrointestinal movement was quite strong.The doctor is completely convinced …

This couple summarizes in a word, not a big heart, because it is too!fat!

In real life, there are many mothers who do not know about their pregnancy for various reasons. Only you can’t think of it. No one else can’t do it.

1. Too old

In 2008, a friend internship at the hospital. A lady in her fifties went to the hospital for examination. She did not know about 6 months of pregnancy. She thought she was sick in the early pregnancy. When the fetal movement, she thought she had cancer.The child did not fall.Her husband is also in his fifties, and neither people believe that he can still have children.

2. Breakfast circulation

The two middle -aged couples, both of them are good, they just feel that something in the stomach is moving. When I go to the hospital for examination, I do n’t believe it.The eldest son is 19 years old, and he has brought a birthplace for a long time. How can you get pregnant?Besides, the eldest son has just been studying, and he is busy on a blind date recently. How can there be a second child?However, the reality is such a drama. The doctor said that the birth ring caused pregnancy to cause pregnancy.In the end, the two discussed the child, and did not know if it would affect the blind date of the eldest son.

Many people lamented that it was so easy for others to have a child. We started vomiting from our arms and vomiting until the sky was dark.Then start all kinds of fetal protection and spend a lot of money.I want to say, the sisters cherish it. At least we know that we are pregnant, and we have enough time to prepare. Like the kind of life, I know that I am pregnant. I ca n’t be surprised or scared.


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If you have these confusion,

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