It will be more than 2 months of pregnancy. The four reasons are related to the expectant mothers themselves.

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I received a private message from a pregnant mother yesterday. She was the first child. She had a serious pregnancy reaction in just 2 months. She couldn’t eat meals every day.Fruits with hunger.

Moreover, the belly is swollen like a balloon, which has been arms in only 2 months, which is much larger than before.But the weight not only did not increase, but also a few pounds. She was a little puzzled. Did all nutrition give the fetus?

In fact, many pregnant mothers are like this. When they are two or three months pregnant, they will show up in advance, making others mistakenly think that she is pregnant for five or six months.

Generally speaking, pregnant women will not show up until about 4 months, but due to different constitutions, they will be different in time.Some people are delayed in advance, but they will not be too different from it.

Well -known British writer Holly Smith wrote many nursing books for pregnancy and infantile periods welcomed by global pregnant mothers. She also said in the book: "Women" are generally 16 weeks of pregnancy, and their stomachs slowly become larger.The arc will become obvious.

Zhang Liju, a famous gynecologist in my country, also said that from the moment of pregnancy, the stomach will gradually rise at the moment of pregnancy.

It can be seen that the 4 -month show is recognized, and there are too many differences in front and back.

At 2 months of pregnancy, the fetus is only a small embryo, about 1.2cm long, and weighs about 6g.

Such a "small" is impossible to support the mother’s belly. At this time, the uterus is only the size of an apple. It is difficult to see what is different from before.

If the stomach is obvious before 4 months, it is likely to be caused by these four reasons below. It is related to the expectant mother itself.

Reason 1. Internal flatulence

With the baby, the progesterone secretion of expectant mothers increased, but bowel movements slowed down.

The food that is eaten is not as easy to digest as before, but in the intestine accumulation. After a long time, it will ferment and produce sour gas. If the gas is not discharged in time in the intestine, the abdomen will be swollen and bulging.

The appearance looks like the stomach becomes larger, but it is actually too much flatulence, not too big the fetus.

The treasure mother mentioned earlier is the reason, so there will be a situation where weight does not increase.

Reason 2. Lisidity of the abdominal wall

Other second -child mothers will have this situation, usually because the first child does not fit a good fitness recovery after giving birth, and the abdominal wall is relaxed.

Therefore, when you are pregnant again, the uterus will increase slightly, and the abdomen will have obvious protrusions.

Reason 3. Too little exercise

Some pregnant mothers do not like exercise, and there are a lot of fat on the belly before pregnancy, but they cannot be seen under the restraint of tights.

After wearing a baby, there is a small fetus in the belly, which requires a lot of nutritional energy.In order to better transport nutrition, blood flow will increase.

Therefore, pregnant mothers often feel that they are very tired without doing anything. They just want to lie down or sit, and they don’t like sports anymore.In this way, it is caught in a vicious circle, and the abdomen that is most likely to accumulate fat is the most likely to grow some small meat.

Reasons 4. Increased rice volume

After pregnancy, some expectant mothers have a bad appetite and can not eat, but there are many expectant mothers who have a slight reaction early, appetite better than before pregnancy. They are often hungry, and they must eat when they are hungry. They are also high -nutrition and high -calorie foods.

Eat too much like this, less exercise, and sleeping more, it will definitely get fat.

If you want to give birth to health, you must deal with it scientifically, otherwise it will be difficult to lose weight after giving birth.

Although the fetus has been stable in the abdomen for two months, it has not yet survived the high incidence of deformed deformity. Moms of expectant mothers should prevent the factors that reduce unstable.First of all, you must not forget the birth checkup

The first check-up time after pregnancy is between the 7th-8 weeks. At this stage, the growth status of the pregnancy sac, fetal buds and fetal hearts is mainly to check whether the position of pregnancy is normal.

Earlier, you will see a small, less than a centimeter of fetal buds in the 7th week, and the 8th week later is normal.Second, supplement folic acid in an appropriate amount

Eating folic acid is to enable the fetus’s nerve tube to develop normally. Pregnant women need to add 400UG per day.

If your constitution is not suitable for eating folic acid, you should also eat more green leafy vegetables, fruits, etc. Do not pick up eaters. You can supplement 200g folic acid every 200g of green vegetables.

Finally, be cautious

No matter what you do, you must think of a baby in your stomach, be careful to protect yourself.Do not do severe exercise, do not live in a severe pollution environment, do not mention heavy objects, do not bend over or squat often.

Of course, you don’t have to have a good sound, maintain a good mood, and pay more attention to it.

It is necessary to exercise more. Pay attention to nutritional balance is also important. Secondly, the baby will grow healthily in time to avoid adverse situations.

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