Itchy after pregnancy, do you know what is the reason?

Xiao Wang, a pregnant mother who was 32 weeks pregnant, went to the hospital for examination because of itching.It was found that there were rash on the belly, and there were some small pimples, some of which were small blisters, and most of them were concentrated near stretch marks.There are few distribution in the limbs, and the face is completely absent.In fact, this is pregnancy urticaria, a more common skin disease during pregnancy.

Pregnancy urticaria is one of the most common type of skin diseases during pregnancy, with an incidence of about 1/250.Most of the first pregnancy people generally begin to occur after 27 weeks of pregnancy.The cause of the disease is uncertain, and some scholars speculate that it may be related to the tension of the belly.

The clinical form of urticaria in pregnancy is diversified, including urticaria’s rash, pimples, plaques or small blisters.Generally, starting from the navel, along the stretch marks, gradually spread to the chest, thighs, calves and upper limbs.Pregnant mothers may feel very itchy, even itchy to affect sleep quality.

In fact, the common skin itching during pregnancy appears mostly after the middle of pregnancy. At this time, the growth of the baby is accelerated, and the tension of the belly has greater tension.If there is no extra nourishment of the belly, some pregnant mothers with dry skin will appear dry itching symptoms on the waist or abdomen.If scratching is terrible, it will cause eczema lesions.How can pregnant mothers avoid this?

1. Reduce contact with allergies.The main way to prevent or treat allergic diseases is to reduce the opportunity to contact allergens.If pregnant mothers are allergic to what or food, they must pay attention to avoid contact.

2. Adjust your diet.Pregnant women with allergies, from the fourth month of pregnancy, must adjust their diet to avoid ingesting foods that are easily causing allergies and eat more foods with more protein.[Pure light -dry sea cucumber, high protein content, excellent product for mummy to supplement nutrition during pregnancy]

3. Treating the belly to reduce belly to the belly.The cause of urticaria during pregnancy is uncertain, but it is likely to be due to the tension of the belly and the cause of the belly.Therefore, pregnant mothers can use belly bands to reduce the bearing capacity of the belly.

5. Establish good health habits.Pregnant mothers should not be too tired or stay up late, try to sleep as well as much; avoid pets in the family.Avoid smoking and in second -hand smoke and dirty air, and avoid excessive use of cleaning agents.


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